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​Question about xp outfits


​Question about xp outfits

For the assorted apparel that accord +5% xp, is it consistently a acceptable abstraction to aim for accepting these as anon as possible? While some of them are a breeze (First-age set for adoration for instance, with ectofuntus accepting a fast adjustment of training already), others appear from minigames that accolade little xp (Sous chef and botanist's set for instance) or accept an awfully low bead bulk (Black Ibis set).

In these cases, will the added xp from accepting the set pay for all the time spent accepting the set in the aboriginal place?

I don't feel like autograph up the accomplished affair again, so here's the abbreviate adaptation (assuming you're alone traveling for 99, appealing abiding all except maybe Black Ibis are annual it for 120/200m):

- Nimble - yes

- Architect - yes

- Sous chef - maybe (I had abhorrent luck accepting it, but added humans say yes so idk)

- Artisan - no (even if you get the credibility from the Traveling Merchant, they're bigger spent on annual XP if you aren't traveling accomplished 99)

- Diviner - yes

- Farmer - yes

- Fishing - yes (use Alt-1's Fish Flingers app)

- Fletcher - no (see Artisan)

- Botanist - maybe (probably not annual it just for the XP, but the add-on can save you millions abnormally if you alpha authoritative aggregate potions)

- Hunter - no (it's harder to do the Arc finer unless you're already at 90+ Hunter)

- Golden mining - maybe (probably not annual it just for the XP, but you accept to alleviate it afore you can get the Imcando pickaxe which you adeptness ambition for the M&S rework)

- Aboriginal age - yes

- Adept runecrafter - yes (buy with Traveling Merchant credibility if you're not training via Runespan anyway)

- Blacksmith - yes (but accumulate in apperception the adjustment of accepting it is traveling to change hardly with the M&S rework)

- Shaman - yes

- Black ibis - no (it's a nice annual if you ambition to do Pyramid Plunder anyway, but the bead bulk is so low you apparently will not even alleviate all the pieces pre-99 unless you can buy them from Nic)

- Lumberjack - yes

Do you think so? Thank you for reading!

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