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​Proposed Rune Accessory Fix Instead of Complete Nerf


​Proposed Rune Accessory Fix Instead of Complete Nerf

This amend has been continued accessible by abounding players and is such an amazing QoL amend and this goes for every action style, not just mage.

The a lot of account amplitude this amend saves in a preset is 2-3 spaces and is that in actuality such a big accord with how bad switchscape has gotten recently?

Also meleers and rMaddens can currently accompany absorber dome+spellbook swap+disruption shield, and already the 100% accurateness sigil comes out can accompany spellbook swap+vuln as well.

So these assorted rune pouches save EVERY action appearance account space.

The 2 capital issues humans assume to accept with it, and appropriately so, are that the convulsion can still abandoned authority one blazon of ammo and the baby rune accessory is now useless.

The aboriginal proposed fix is what anybody abroad has been mentioning, just amend the convulsion to authority assorted types of ammo maybe if simple tasks complete, authority 1 type, boilerplate tasks complete authority 2 types, harder assignment 3 types, aristocratic tasks 4 types.

For the baby rune accessory I accept 1 of 3 proposed changes:

1. Allow baby rune accessory to be accumulated with a ample rune accessory to become a behemothic rune accessory that holds 5 runes

2. Accord the baby rune accessory some blazon of acquiescent carbon like a adoration account or maybe a slight accurateness buff, just something over the ample rune accessory that makes it applicable for accouterment (the convulsion gives a adoration bonus)

3. Accord the baby rune accessory some blazon of rune acquiescent extenuative effect, maybe every 3-4 casts agreement no runes are acclimated or something forth those lines.

Obviously annihilation proposed aloft would allegation testing and acclimation I just feel that there are things that can be done to accompany ambit into band with mage and hardly buffing the baby rune accessory to achieve it not in actuality abortive afterwards in actuality reverting an amend abounding see as one of the bigger QoL fixes of the year.

That is all, acknowledge you.

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