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​Premier Club Exclusives are a disappointment

Oct-24-2018 PST

Last year, abounding humans bought the arch club amalgamation for the promised 4 "exclusive" arch club content.

While the Hellion Ambience is ok, it pales in allegory to the antecedent years Pantheon Aura. Not to acknowledgment that this year, there was no summer aura, clashing the antecedent years enlightenment/illumination auras (this could accept been a able "exclusive" to awning btw). Despite this, the affiance of the 4 "exclusives" seemed to be absorbing and agitative to attending advanced to. This is a way for humans to buy and abide their membership, and it was a success, business-wise.

On the arch affiliate side, we were apprehension the promised "exclusives" all year and it wasn't until September, the 9th ages of the year, that we get the first, with the added 3 to follow. From this point alone, it shows that the arch "exclusives" were put off for so continued and afresh rushed.

As a result, not abundant anticipation was gone into authoritative them. In addition, the "exclusives" were fabricated accessible to players who purchased the 6 ages summer packages, acceptation that they aren't in actuality "exclusive" at all anymore.

Now assimilate the "exclusives" themselves. The aboriginal one is a Jacky override with POF absolution and 500 beggarly beans. While the beans admonition you alpha off at the Farm RuneScape gold, it in actuality wasn't abundant compared to the benefit you get from Granny for accepting 99/120/200m. The aerial is able to override familiars and even has an emote, so that's affectionate of about authoritative it as an "exclusive."

However, all the animals on the acreage accept agleam versions that attending nice. It feels like there was a absent befalling for a accolade on the farm, agnate to how you can alleviate Trevor, you could acquirement the advantage to alleviate all the added agleam versions of the animals as overrides (with a Royal Dragon searching altered than just a KBD). I've apparent posts of humans absent that, such as the angelic yak. Anyway, the point is that the Jacky pet/override could accept been afar this way.

The additional "exclusive" is a Tiny War bobblehead, annihilation else. It is a addict pet, that you cannot collaborate with, does not override familiars, and does not accept an emote. Not abiding how a re-skinned bobblehead, which we accept so abounding of already, counts as "exclusive."

The chest does not even accord you accuse for your attenuated atom (the atom itself could've been a able absolute due to its boosts btw). Watching a beck for the boodle box for accuse to admonition with the accident is in actuality bigger than the additional chest.

The third "exclusive" is appropriate about the corner. I apprehend nothing, but I apperceive I will still be aghast at this rate.

TL;DR: Arch "exclusives" are lackluster, rushed, and disappointing. They were a huge affairs point of the package, yet bootless to deliver. Instead we get pets that a lot of humans never use as overrides (which you can't with Tiny War anyways). The two absent opportunities for absolute "exclusives" could accept been a reintroduction of a summer aura, fabricated "EXCLUSIVE" to arch members, or the attenuated atom itself, which has allowances for the Halloween event.