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​Player owned house update


​Player owned house update

Our player owned house really need some update - we just got a aquarium over these years. Player owned house could really increase the bonding the players (Think of The sims).

A large scale rework probably won't happen, but I think there is some minor update that can encourage players to visit their PoH and feel that they have a cozy room for their avatar (Now we just sleep next to bank to heal...)

First ninja type:

Make the god book refund when we use the book to the bookselves. (I accidentally take the original god book, and found that i have no way to make it into the illuminated one, so 100k gone)

Minor update:

1) Fireplace: fire place gives extra lp bonus and lengthening the time of effect; the highest tier fireplace provide protection against wvyern coldest effect.

Example: clay fire place: 50% extra bon fire lp boost (e.g 5% -> 7.5%); 50% extra time.

2) Altar: Altar gives added a temporal prayer related benefit (e.g. reduce prayer drain rate, boost maximium prayer level) The effect can be modified by the tier of altar and burner (higher tier -> stronger effect, longer time), Also allow us to swab curse/prayer at poh altar.

3) Kitchen: a existing range/high level range (80+ construction, cost ~600k range) which provide the same benefit as the one in arc (extra portion of food).

4) Bedroom: restore stats and lp to normal (passive effect when entering the room, or interact with bed).

5) Skill hall: new hotspot: "phoenix in cage" - 100 phoenix feather, 10 steel bar; same as the desert phoenix but won't fail (elite desert also affect this).

6) Formal garden: The fountain recharge dragonstone jewellery (after completion of respective quest).

7) Portal chamber: portal nexus in OSRS is a good example!

8) Study: allow us to swap spellbook (can use the globe, which has no known function.

9) Quest room: new hot spot to allow reclaim of the task set armor (wilderness sword require gp though).

Major update (new room):

Bath: allow bath similar to ooglog to be built. (after completion of respective quest)

Farm: allow an extra patch for allotment, herb, flower and fruit tree.

Apothecary: a temporary boost of combat effectiveness. (additive to potion)

Breweries: an extra slot to make brew (also shorten the time to make ales to 3 hours)

Resources collection center: Allow claiming of daily resources (from task set, skilling set) all at this room, remote access of some shops.

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