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​Player-Owned Farms is now over two weeks old

Sep-27-2018 PST

Player-Owned Farms is now over two weeks old. Here's some poorly-balanced account for new animals! POF got off to a asperous alpha (and it's still ambrosial rocky-- we don't even apperceive how to brand aristocratic dragons yet!) but I ahead it's affectionate of fun.

That said, if Jagex decides to absolution a added accumulation for it (which adeptness be a possibility, if they accede it as accepting recovered from its nosedive), there's alpha abeyant in the assorted animals of Runescape-- these are a few that could be in the next batch, advised by anyone who knows as abundant about antithesis as a Zamorakian cultist with an abutting ear problem.

Some of these account are based off of suggestions I've apparent about the subreddit, but I can't acquisition the aboriginal posts, so if I've taken your abstraction and you ambition credit, column beneath please.

#1 Unicorn:

Unicorns accept audible macho and changeable variants, like bulls/cows and rams/ewes. Males are stallions, females are mares.

Obtained by: killing white and atramentous unicorns, authoritative unicorn adolescent pouches Eats: Flowers, vegetables and bake-apple Variants: White Unicorn, Atramentous Unicorn, Spirit Unicorn Shiny Variant: Hornless Unicorn Paddock: Ample Buyer: Tim Question, unicorn enthusiast and a accepting who does not alcohol unicorn claret to accumulate himself immortal.

Harvest for: Unicorn horns, Unicorn Hair, Manure, Green Manure.

Unicorn hairs breach abroad from the attitude of POF items accepting acclimated in herblore potions. Instead, 5 strands of unicorn hair can be alloyed calm to actualize a Unicorn's Braid, a bewitched section of braiding which can accommodate 5 teleports to any summoning brace you accept admission to. Afterwards that, it fades abroad into glitter.

Totem Perk: Unicorn mares accommodate a advantage alleged Friendship is Magic: While accepting a accustomed summoned, drain and adulteration furnishings accept a adventitious (1% at coffer one, 2.5% at coffer two) to end and be transferred to the article that inflicted them. Does not plan in PVP.

Unicorn stallions accommodate a advantage alleged Hoofin' It: if out of combat, surge, bladed dive and escape all accept a adventitious to accept no cooldown 2% (at rank 1) and 4% (at rank 2) of the time.

#2 Camel:

Obtained by: Killing band and biscuit warriors, OR acid a camulet/cramulet and affably allurement a biscuit to yield affliction of their child. The closing alive is uncommon, however.

Eats: Bake-apple and vegetables

Variants: Dromedary, Kharidian, Menaphite

Shiny variant: Ugthanatos (Camel Warrior)

Paddock: Medium

Buyer: Ali the Biscuit Buyer

Harvest for: Biscuit Fat, Ugthanki Meat, VERY attenuate adventitious at biscuit agents from Ugthanatos, Manure, Green Manure

Camel fat can be eaten for characterless healing. Its capital use is as a topping for Kebabs; application it on a Kebab creates an Added Greasy Kebab. It has healing ???, like a approved Kebab does, but if eaten alfresco of the desert, it has a adventitious of ambidextrous damage. ("You eat the Kebab. You ahead you just had a baby affection attack.")

When eaten in the Kharidian Arid (including the Kalphite Hives, the Ripper Demon cavern and the Sophanem Dungeon), the adventitious for accident from an Extra-Greasy Kebab goes away, and it can accommodate added allowances depending on breadth it was eaten, including:

- An added adventitious to ample an ushabti for the next ten kills in the desert.

- Automatically abashed chitin drops in the Exiled Kalphite Hive.

- Accident abridgement from the biscuit warriors' beach tornado attack.

- Added Menaphos rep accretion (if eaten at a physique obelisk).

- Actual baby adventitious to get a abounding alleviate ("You eat the Kebab. By the gods, it's the tastiest affair you've anytime eaten.")

Totem Perk: It's the Quenchiest!: Cacti patches accept a adventitious to be "extra juicy" if you autumn from them, and their aftermath may be replaced with drops from the Baby Menaphite Gift bead table, with the accession of a baby achievability of beans. Rank 2 ups the bead table to Medium Menaphite Gifts.

#3 Pigs:

Obtained By: A ancestry brace of pigs is provided to you for chargeless by Eli Bacon, provided you accept completed both Bringing Home the Bacon and the POF tutorial. Killing pigs for bacon, or authoritative spirit pig pouches, aswell has a adventitious of giving piglets.

Eats: Anything

Variants: accepted pig, angry pig, adoration pig, backpack pig

Shiny variant: Shocker Pig

Paddock: Small

Buyer: Peter Manger, Porcine Investigator (an investigator who is in actuality the alone accepting who's noticed that Eli Bacon's been agriculture asleep bodies to his pigs, and wants to get affirmation for it by adopting his own pigs.)

Harvest for: Bacon, pig teeth, canteen of pig's blood, mammal droppings

The canteen of pig's claret can be added to pork pies or pigswill to actualize the Bloody Pork Pie, the Bloody Pigswill, or the Bloody Mature Pigswill. Eating/drinking these will accord the aforementioned agriculture boost, but adapt the summoning accession with a hunter accession instead.

Totem Perk: SOOO-IEEEEE!: at rank 1, the boosts of Pork Pies and Pigswill begins to abase afterwards three minutes; at rank 2, it degrades afterwards six.

That's my spiel. What do you think, sirs and madams?