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​Pay-to-play Cooking Guide- How to Level up Faster

Nov-02-2022 PST

In RuneScape 3, cooking is an artisan skill that enables you to cook raw food into delicious dishes. You can consume those dishes to restore health points or receive temporary stat bonuses. If you are a pay-to-play player in RS3 and want to level up your cooking skill in no time, here is the ultimate cooking guide rs3 with suggestions for equipment to increase leveling speed.

Best Cooking Equipment

When it comes to leveling up certain skills in RuneScape, equipment is more important than you can imagine and the right equipment can finish your leveling journey quickly. Some of the best cooking equipment that you can take on your cooking adventure is given below.

Cooking Gauntlets

New chefs have to deal with the burnt food problem a lot and cooking gauntlets will save the day in such situations. This is a good item for low-level players and they can complete the family crest quest to get it.

Cooking Brawling gloves

If you cook dishes while wearing brawling gloves, you will get 50% more experience points for each dish. Kill revenants or the chaos elemental to get your hands on the cooking brawling gloves.

Torstol Incense Sticks

Torstol incense sticks provide a half percent bonus on base experience points but you can increase it to level four for maximum effect.

Cooking potions

For a player with a minimum cooking level of 82, cooking potions provide a boost of 17 levels every time they consume them.

Cooking Guide

Below is the step-by-step training guide to quickly maximize the cooking skill in RS3. The price tag of this method varies depending on what fish you decide to cook but this guide is for players who are willing to spend money on the game. Avoid burning your dish at all costs or else you will lose both time and money. 

Level 1-15

To start your cooking leveling journey, don’t focus on one dish only instead cook all the available dishes. For the first 10 cooking levels, there are no favorite dishes as they require a small number of experience points. The real grinding starts after you reach level fifteen.

Level 15-30

Cook seafood including trout fish, cod, pike, and salmon to reach level 30. The reason to cook fish is that you can get them effortlessly. The biggest benefit of this method is that you will receive fishing experience points when you catch these fish.

Level 28-52

After hitting level twenty-eight, start cooking sweet corn on fire and consume it to recover from the damage done by monsters. Pro players recommend that you should farm sweetcorn from day one to have enough of it for cooking otherwise you have to purchase it from the grand exchange. To reach level sixty, you need to cook a minimum of thousand sweet corn dishes.

Level 52-60

For leveling from cooking level fifty-two to level sixty, the desert sole is the best dish because you can get its raw material at half the price. Go to the menaphos port district to catch some desert soles there. Just like the sweetcorn, you need to cook more than one thousand desert soles for level sixty.

Level 60-80

Catfish is the dish of the day for leveling up your cooking skill from level sixty to level eighty. Compared to desert soles, catfish provides you with more experience points at the same price. If you are good with cooking catfish, you can continue cooking them to reach cooking level 99.

Level 80-90

Before starting this phase of cooking leveling, you should work on getting some gauntlets. Your best option for this phase is beltfish but the only problem with this fish is that you have to be careful while cooking it as it can burn easily. This is where the gauntlet kicks in and saves your dish from burning on fire.

Level 90-93

At this point, training will look like a very difficult task as you need thousands of experience points to reach the next level. You have the option to buy sharks from other players or can fish them from deep waters by yourself. You will need a minimum of eight thousand five hundred sharks to reach level ninety-three.

Level 93-95

Cook rock tail fish carefully without burning it to level up your cooking skill in RuneScape. If you have got some money in your pocket, buy them from the grand exchange instead of wasting your time catching them.

Level 95-99

Blue blubber jellyfish is the best option for this phase of leveling as its chances of burning are very low. To reach level ninety-nine, you need to cook more than twenty thousand blue blubber jellyfish dishes.

Level Level 99+

At this point, you will be able to cook the sailfish which will give you the necessary experience points. Wear the cooking cape and the gauntlet to avoid burning the sailfish as you have to start from the first step.

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