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​OSRS Woodcutting Guild Overview

Feb-28-2022 PST


Woodcutting Guild is only accessible to P2P (Play-to-play) players, and the area is located in the southwestern part of Hosidius. To enter the guild, you need to have 60+ Woodcutting, along with 75% Hosidius house favour.

Within the guild, you are offered with +7 level boost in the Woodcutting skill; however, the boost is not visible to the naked eye. This boosts stacks with any existing boost that you’re on. For instance, if you’re using the Dragon Axe’s special attack that offers a +3 boost, you’ll receive a total of +10 boost within the guild. It’s worth noting that you cannot perform an action that is above your base Woodcutting level.

Entering the guild is also a task to be completed in the Kourend & Kebos Diary (Hard).

How to get there?

You can use a Skills Necklace to directly teleport outside the Woodcutting Guild. You can use a House Teleport if you’re P.O.H is in Hosidius or use a House Teleport Tablet and redirect it to a Hosidius Teleport with the help of a Scroll of Redirection. You can use Xeric’s Talisman to get to Xeric’s Lookout and then head south from there. You can use a full-grown Spirit Tree to teleport northeast of the guild (Requirement: 83 Farming).

You can cast the Kourend Castle Teleport and run south to read the guild (Requirement: Transportation Incantations). You can use the Lovakengj Minecart Network which is beneath Great Kourend (Requirement: 65% Lovakengj Favour). You can use Rada’s Blessing to get to Kourend Woodland, and then walk northeast from there. You can use the Minigame Group Finder Teleport to reach Pest Control, take the boat to Port Sarim, use Veos’ boat to get to Land’s End, and run northeast. Finally, you can use the Tithe Farm teleport and run west.

Types of trees

There are a total of seven types of available trees within the Woodcutting Guild. 11 Normal Trees, 4 Oak Trees, 7 Willow Trees, 13 Maple Trees, 17 Yew Trees, 8 Magic Trees, and 2 Redwood Trees.


You can find the Woodcutting Guild dungeon below the guild, and it can be accessed through the entrance nearby the sawmill area. You’ll come across 22 Ents within the dungeon, and it is the only location outside the Wilderness where you can woodcut the Ent remains. However, unlike the Ents found in the Wilderness, these Ents only drop one noted log.

You also have the chance to receive bird nets from these Ents. Other than that, there’s a bank located in the southwest part of the dungeon. You need at least 60 Woodcutting to enter it (boost-able).


You can also use the sawmill located within the guild. It’s much closer to the bank compared to the sawmill that is located in the Lumberyard (northeast of Varrock).


There’s a shop called Perry’s Chop-Chop Shop that is located at the entrance of the guild. It’s the only shop in all of RuneScape that sells Rune Axes. There’s also a Bank Deposit Box in the shop that is not visible on the mini-map. It’s quite convenient if you’re focusing on Yew Trees that are north and west of the shop.


Outside the entrance to the dungeon, there’s a shrine, which is in the form of a large bird’s nest. You can offer Bird Eggs to it and receive 100 Prayer exp or a Bird Nest that contains a fruit tree or tree seed in it. Besides that, there’s also a 1 in 300 chance to receive a piece of the Evil Chicken Outfit for each egg that is offered to the shrine.


You’ll find the following NPCs within the guild – Berry, Guild Master Lars, Murfet, Nesty, Kai, Forester, Perry, and Imps


The music that is played upon entering the Woodcutting Guild has changed several times over the years. In 2016, the main theme of house Hosidius was Country Jig, but with complaints that the music didn’t suit the guild, the entire theme was changed to The Fortorn Homestead. The theme was changed again in 2019, and it is now called A Walk in the Woods.

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