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​OSRS Varrock Diary (Hard and Elite)

Mar-28-2020 PST

Welcome to the Old School Runescape guide on completing your varrock diary, in this section I will focus on just the easy and medium levels to it. The diary contains tasks centred around the city of Varrock and its surrounding areas, including Edgeville and the Barbarian Village. To receive your rewards on completion of each level you should visit and speak to Toby, he can be found south east of Varrock square, next to the general store. This is the second part of the Varrock Diary guide and will cover the hard and elite diaries, which offer much tougher tasks than the earlier levels.


Trade dashing kebbit furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a Spottier cape and equip it: no quest requirements but you will need 66 hunter, which cannot be boosted (although if you are an ironman and need to catch the dashing kebbit yourself you will need 69 hunter which can be boosted). Bring the dress seller two dashing kebbit furs and 800 gp, after purchase, wear it to pass this task.

Speak to Orlando Smith when you have achieved 153 Kudos: several quest requirements for the full points, both f2p and members quest, a complete list can be found on the osrs wiki page for the Varrock museum, no skill requirements.

Make a Waka canoe near Edgeville: no quest requirements but you will need 57 woodcutting. Any axe will do. Speak to Hari in Edgeville to make a canoe and also borrow his hatchet if you want one, it will be returned to him automatically when you leave. The waka canoe is useful as it's the only canoe to take you to the wilderness but it should be noted you cannot return from here back down the river lum.

Teleport to Paddewwa: Desert Treasure quest must be completed and you will need 54 magic. You may not use the Paddewwa teleport tab, instead use the spell. The spell requires the following runes: 1 air, 1 fire and 2 law and you must be on the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

Teleport to Barbarian Village with a skull sceptre: no quest or skill requirements. Th skull sceptre is built from items dropped in the stronghold of security. The items you will need are: right skull half (dropped by minotaurs), left skull half (dropped by ankou), top of sceptre (dropped by catablepon) and bottom of sceptre (dropped by flesh crawlers). To assemble it use the left skull half on the right skull half, use the top of sceptre on bottom of sceptre and finally use the two created items on each other.

Chop some yew logs in Varrock and burn them at the top of the Varrock church: no quest requirements but you will need 60 woodcutting and 60 firemaking. The church is located behind Varrock Palace, you must chop the yew trees that are located by it.

Have the Varrock estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone: no quest requirements but you must have 50 construction. Purchase the fancy stone decoration from the varrock estate agent for 25k gp, also make sure to finish the dialogue with the estate agent for the task to complete.

Collect at least 2 yew roots from the tree patch in Varrock Palace: no quests but you will need 68 farming and 60 woodcutting, both of which can be boosted although if you want to boost farming you should do it when digging up the tree to retrieve the roots and not when planting it.

Pray at the altar in Varrock Palace with Smite active: no quest requirements, 52 prayer. With the level 52 smite prayer active go up the staircase in the kitchen of the Varrock Palace and pray at the altar.

Squeeze through the obstacle pipe in Edgeville Dungeon: no quests for this task but you will need 52 agility. The pip is on the east side of the dungeon that leads to the are containing moss giants and the Varrock sewers. Low combat/ defence levels should be a little cautious in the dungeon.

Your rewards for finishing the hard diary are as follow: Varrock armour 3, 1 antique lamp which gives 15k experience, Zaff will now sell 60 battlestaves to you each day for 7k gp each, access to the bank in the Cooks' Guild and the skull sceptre will now hold 11 charges.


Create a super combat potion in Varrock west bank: you must have completed the Druidic Ritual quest and have 90 herblore. To create the super combat potion you will need to combine the following items: super attack (4), super strength (4), super defence (4) and torstol.

Use Lunar magic to make 20 mahogany planks in the Varrock Lumber Yard: the Dream mentor quest must be completed and you should also have 86 magic. You will need to cast the plank make spell along with the following items: 20 nature runes, 40 astral runes, 300 earth runes, 21000 coins and mahogany logs. The plank make spell is on the Lunar Spellbook, which is unlocked after completion of the Dream Mentor quest.

Bake a summer pie in the Cooking Guild: no quests but 95 cooking is required. The cooking guild is located west of Varrock. You will need to use a raw summer pie on the range of the first floor of the cooking guild. To enter the guild you will either need to be wearing a chefs hat, Varrock armour 3 or a cooking cape.

Smith and fletch ten rune darts within Varrock: completion of the Tourist Trap is required as well as 89 smithing and 81 fletching. You will need 1 runeite bar, a hammer and 10 feathers. You cannot buy the rune dart tip it must be created using the smithing skill. The anvil can be found just sound of the western Varrock bank. Make a rune dart tip and then combine that with a feather to create a rune dart.

Craft 100 or more earth runes simultaneously: no quests required, you will need 78 runecrafting though. Bring either 25 rune essence or 25 pure essence. You can do this at the altar, and you will need 78 runecrafting as the 100 runes must all be created in one action.

The rewards from the elite diary are as follow: Varrock armour 4, 1 antique lamp which gives 50k experience, Zaff will now sell you 120 battlestaves everyday for 7k gp each and the skull sceptre will now hold up to 13 charges.

Thanks for reading this, the concluding section to the Varrock achievement diary, I hope it has been easy to follow and the rewards from each diary level are beneficial to you. Stick around for more great guides on all subjects related to Old School Runescape. Related article: OSRS Varrock Diary (Easy and Medium), and the best osrs gold 2020 on