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​OSRS Tribal Totem Quest Guide

Dec-20-2021 PST


The Lord Handelmort of the Ardougne city is known to be a collector of exotic artifacts. There has been a recent addition to his private collection, and it is a strange-looking totem from Karamja that he came across. However, the Rantuki Tribe isn’t pleased about the disappearance of their Totem. What can you possibly do to avoid the clash?

Skill Requirements

· 21 Thieving

To start this quest, you must first speak to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven, who can be found within the Shrimp & Parrot food shop. You can consider using the ship from Ardougne to take you to Brimhaven for 30 coins. Kangai will want you to recover their tribal totem that was stolen by Lord Handelmort. First say ‘I’m in search of adventure!’ and then click on the option, ‘Ok, I will get it back to begin the quest.

Teleport back to Ardougne or use the charter ship again to reach the docks. You can find Handelmort west of the main Ardougne square (he’ll be in his mansion). Go there to find out that the door is locked.

Speak to the gardener named Horacio and ask him about Handelmort. Also, ask him whether he gardens around the back of the house too. You and Horacio will start to briefly talk about the security around the house, and the conversation will end with him telling you that the combination to unlock the door is his middle name.

The only way to get the totem is via the new teleporting system invented by Wizard Cromperty. You can find him in the house northeast of the Ardougne Market. Speak to him about his new invention, and he’ll tell you how it teleports the player next to a teleport block, which is quite similar to a crate. Ask him to teleport you to find the location of this teleport block that happens to be in the GPDT Depot of Ardougne city. Once you successfully teleport, you can find the block in the crate east of where you’re standing.

Simply investigate the northeastern crate to get an Address Label which is addressed to Lord Handelmort. Use the label on the eastern crate to cause the teleport block to be delivered to Lord Handelmort’s mansion.

Speak to a GPDT employee and ask when the block will be delivered. Now, return to Wizard Cromperty and ask to use the new teleport system again to reach the new location of the block (Lord Handelmort’s Mansion).

Within the house, you will come across two doors when you go west. The second door will be locked, and you can open it using the password ‘K U R T’. Now, enter the code using the left and right arrows (K=10 right, U=6 left, R=9 left, T=7 left).

Once the password is set, unlock the door, enter the room, and start investigating the stairs. Make sure that you investigate first before climbing because there’s a trap that will activate as soon as you climb.

If you fall down the trap, go southwest and climb up the ladder. Have Cromperty teleport you back into the house and enter the code again. If you investigate and a message saying ‘You don’t find anything interesting’ pops up, then it’s because you are required to have 21 Thieving to progress further.

Now, climb up the staircase once you have investigated. Go outside and enter the east room to open the chest and obtain the Tribal Totem. Finally, head back to Brimhaven and return the totem back to Kangai Mau to complete the quest.

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