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​OSRS The Hand in The Sand Quest Guide

Mar-15-2021 PST

This quest is about a severed hand found in the sandpits of Yanille. Bert the sandman had spotted it and he wants you to find out who the hand belongs to, as well as how it got there.

Skill Requirements

· 17 Thieving

· 49 Crafting

Items Required

· 150 Gold Coins

· Redberries

· Lantern Lens

· Bucket of Sand

· Regular Beer

· Two Empty Vials

· White Berries

· Earth Rune (5)

Recommended Items

· Teleportation Tablets to Yannile

· Watchtower Teleport (To get you north of Yanille)

· Explorer’s Ring for Port Sarim Teleport

· Ring of Charos (a) to get a free fare to Brimhaven

· Access to the Fairy Ring can be a big help

· Ring of Duelling & Amulet of Glory can save running back and forth

· Scrolls of Redirection to get to Yanille / Brimhaven swiftly

· Nightmare Zone Teleport can also be used.

Ironman Concerns

· White Berries can be obtained through 59 farming, drops from NPCs or by picking them up from the Wilderness Lava Maze. You can also grab them from Isafdar, just north of the Elf Tracker.


You can start the quest by talking to the NPC named Bert in Yanille. He is located just east of the POH (Player Owned House) portal. When you talk to him, he will give you a sandy hand as he is scared that it might be a problem if he holds on to it, and he will also want you to investigate further on this matter. Once you’re done talking, make your way to the captain of the guards who can be found in the Yanille inn.


For this, you will need to take the hand that you received from Bert, as well as a beer before you talk to him. He can be found in the Ye Olde Dragon Inn located south-west of the city. You can buy a beer from the bartender there for 2 gold coins. Give him the beer, listen to his rambling, and once he notices the hand, he will suddenly drop his beer, turning the item into a “Beer-Soaked Hand”. Now, head to the wizards’ guild located just east from where you stand and ring the bell to make Zavistic Rarve appear. You can also enter the guild if you have the required level (Level 66 magic). Showing him the hand, he will tell you that it belongs to one of his wizards named Clarence and he will then ask you to check up with Bert for his working schedule.

Speak with Bert again to know that Clarence works at Sandy’s Sand Corp firm which is located in Brimhaven while handing you his daily working schedule. You can get to Brimhaven by going to Ardougne and paying 30 gold coins for the fare. Upon reaching, head north-west of the dead man’s chest bar, straight into sandy’s office. You can either talk to him first or simply check his desk to find Bert’s old schedule. Compare both the schedules that you have to find out that Bert has been putting in a lot of hours. Since you’re there, pickpocket sandy and you will find sand in his pocket.

Head back to Bert and he will tell you about a magic scroll that has appeared in his house. Take the scroll over to Zavistic to learn more about it. He will tell you that it is a mind-altering scroll and it was used on planning to change Bert’s working hours without him noticing. Since it is confirmed that sandy is the one behind it, all you need is a truth serum from betty who is located in Port Sarim. You will also receive a magical orb from the wizard to record Bert’s statement.

Take the following items; two vials, lantern lens, pickpocketed sand, red and white berries to Zavistic for him to teleport you to betty’s shop. Betty will be found in the house with the magic shop icon on the mini-map. Speaking with her, she will take your empty vial and give you bottled water, in which you will have to make a redberry juice by adding redberries. Once you have the juice, add white berries into it to make a pink coloured dye, and then use the lantern lens on it to obtain a rose-tinted lens as a result.

Finally, talk to her again, stand at the doorway of the shop with the door opened and shine your lens by clicking on it to obtain the truth serum in your empty vial. Now, talk to her once more to add the sand that you pickpocketed into the vial full of truth serum. Before you leave, make sure to buy five earth runes from her in case you don’t have any in your inventory.

Now, go talk sandy and try to get him distracted so that you can add the serum in his coffee when he’s not looking. After that, activate the orb and talk to him. He will confess that he asked a wizard to make him a mind-altering scroll so that he can manipulate Bert into working extra hours with the same pay. After that, he killed the wizard who made the scroll and buried his body parts in different sand pits around Gielinor.

After the confession, head to Zavistic with the recorded orb and a bucket of sand so that he can cast a spell on Bert’s sandbox to compensate for all his troubles. Once that’s all done, head to Entrana, talk to the NPC named Mazion to get the dead wizard’s head and had it over to Zavistic to complete the quest.

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