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OSRS The Garden of Death Quest Guide: Unraveling Mysteries and Reaping Rewards

Nov-13-2023 PST

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) with "The Garden of Death" quest. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will lead you through the mysterious journey, helping you solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and ultimately claim your rewards. With careful navigation and a little bit of farming expertise, you'll complete this quest and earn 1 quest point along with 10,000 Farming experience. Let's dive into the guide and unveil the secrets of the garden!

OSRS The Garden of Death Quest Guide

Starting the Quest:

To begin "The Garden of Death" quest, search the tent in your vicinity for Kasonde's journal. Once found, read the journal and search the camping equipment nearby to obtain a pair of secateurs, an essential tool for your adventure.

Teleporting to the Starting Point:

Use either your Book of the Dead or Kharedst's memoirs to teleport to the quest start point conveniently, saving you time and effort.

Obtaining the Stone Tablet:

Within the starting area, search the northwestern crate to discover a stone tablet. Pick it up for further use.

Translating the Stone Tablet:

Take the stone tablet and use it on the lectern nearby. Translate the words inscribed on the tablet to acquire a translated version.

The Ruins and the Translated Tablet:

Head southeast until you reach the ruins. At the ruins, use the translated tablet on the lectern to uncover hidden information.

Acquiring a Grappling Hook:

Move east from the ruins and search the easternmost barrel. Inside, you'll find a rope. Combine the rope with the anchor to craft a grappling hook.

Crossing the Chasm:

Use the grappling hook on the rocky outcrop to create a makeshift bridge, allowing you to cross the chasm safely.

Discovering the Secret Passage:

Enter the northeastern room and search the bookcase to find a book. Read the book carefully to obtain the secret passage code: "DEATH."

Revealing the Secret Passage:

Return to the western room and investigate the bookcase. This will reveal a hidden passage, opening up a new path for you to explore.

Unveiling the Burial Charm:

Follow the secret passage until you stumble upon a sarcophagus. Search it to discover a burial charm, a vital item for the quest.

Clearing the Farming Patch:

Exit the tomb and head northeast to the farming patch. Utilize the secateurs obtained earlier to clear the vines from the patch.

Planting the Burial Charm:

Now, plant the burial charm on the cleared farming patch, ensuring its proper placement.

Completing the Quest:

Return to the quest start point and seek out Kasonde. Speak to him to deliver the news and complete "The Garden of Death" quest successfully.

Congratulations on completing the challenging "The Garden of Death" quest in OSRS! By following this step-by-step guide, you have conquered mysterious ruins, deciphered enigmatic tablets, and uncovered hidden secrets. As a reward, you've earned 1 quest point and a generous 10,000 Farming experience. With your newfound experience and RSgoldfast OSRS Gold, prepare for your next adventure in the vast world of Old School RuneScape. Happy questing!