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​OSRS Tale of the Righteous Quest Guide

Dec-28-2020 PST

A novice quest that was announced on 21st March 2018 a polled in OSRS content poll #58. This quest is about King Shayzien VII, who ordered an expedition to Mount Quidamortem thousands of years ago. The expedition had never returned and assumed that they were all dead, however, that Phileas Rimor is the descendant of the very expedition leader and he is eager to know the truth. Join him on his journey and unfold the conspiracy that took place thousands of years ago.

Skill Requirements

- 16 Strength

- 10 Mining

Quest Requirements

- Client of Kourend

- 20% Shayzien Favour

Items Required

- A Pickaxe

- A Ranged Weapon (with ammunition)

- Runes for any magic combat spell

- Rope

Recommended Items

- Stamina Potion

- Antipoison or Shayzien Armour Tier 5

- Food

- 50 Gold Coins to get to Mount Quidamortem

- Xeric’s Talisman

To start this quest, talk to Phileas Rimor who is located just north of the Shayzien bank. He will tell you that his ancestor, Magnus Rimor led an expedition to Mount Quidamortem thousands of years ago and the expedition has never returned. He will also mention that he received a package from an unknown person that contains an old journal that was written by King Shayzien VII. The package had a note that claimed that the journal was stolen from the Tower of magic during the uprising against Xeric in the earlier decade. He did manage to find an extract that stated “Quidamortem's creatures are compatible. The experimentation is proving successful and we will soon be ready to mass-produce."

The date on the extract was a decade earlier, which made Phileas question to why the king wrote about Quidamortem a decade after the failure of the expedition. He will then ask you to help him unfold this mystery and discover the truth about what happened. Agree to help him and he’ll ask you to visit the Library Historical Archive to gain some intel.

Head to the Arceuus Library, and transport to the Archive using Archeio on the first floor. Address Pagida, who has been researching King Shayzien VII's increases to the Tower of Magic. Address Pagida, and he will disclose to you that King Shayzien VII invested more energy in the Tower of Magic than some other lord, and directed development of different new areas, including a jail, which was worked around a similar time as the campaign, however, has been surrendered for a long time. You will inquire as to whether you can get to the jail, and he will consent to do as such. The jail contains a bizarre gadget in the middle that can be pushed towards the north, east, south and west. The goal is to have all the precious stones purged to open the north jail entryway:

- Push the gadget as far west as you can, at that point remain on the north side of the gadget and assault the gadget utilizing magic.

- At that point, remaining on the south side of the gadget, attack it utilizing melee. You can also use your fists

- Push the gadget as far as possible east, and assault the gadget using ranged from its south side.

Re-visit Phileas, and let him know of your revelation. He will ask that you endeavour a similar campaign to discover what the first group found, and requests that you address Lord Shiro Shayzien in the war tent on the second floor discovered only west of Xeric's Lookout. Address Lord Shayzien higher up in the war tent. You will inquire as to whether you can go on a campaign to Mount Quidamortem. He will concur on the condition that any disclosures made are to be brought to him first, as King Shayzien VII was his progenitor and he needs to be made mindful of any revelations that may introduce him in a terrible light.


After strolling near the enchantment entryway, a Corrupt Lizardman will show up and assault you. Annihilation it, and examine the shaky special raised area past the door. You will hear a Mysterious Voice shouting "Rickard! Turn away! Don't do this!", yet you will be not able to sort out it. Re-visit Duffy and let him know of your revelations in the cavern. The gallery undertaking will at that point travel into the cavern; follow them. 


Once inside the cavern, address Duffy. He will reveal to you the cavern originates before Xeric, and contemplates whether it was King Shayzien VII who made the lizardmen.Head to the highest point of Mount Quidamortem. You ought to bring food and some kind of against poison as you will run past different forceful, poison-dispensing lizardmen on the outing to the mountain paying little heed to your player level.

After you show up at the pinnacle, address Historian Duffy only east of it. You will let him know of the floor writing found in the jail, persuading that the lizardmen were not of the characteristic starting point and have existed before Xeric did. He will reveal to you that a hole toward the west of the mountain was as of late uncovered and that it might prompt what you are looking for. Advance toward the west of the mountain, and use your rope on the hole. Enter the cleft to end up in a red cavern. Mine the main stone with a pickaxe, and push the subsequent rock.

Speak to Gnosi who is close by. She will reveal to you the explanation Xeric governed Great Kourend unopposed was a direct result of the intensity of the Dark Altar, and that he came to Mount Quidamortem to develop the Chambers of Xeric after his outcast. Gnosi accepts the explanation Xeric made due in Quidamortem is the shaky special raised area close by, which seems to radiate a similar force as the Dark Altar. She further expresses that it was made to intensify the Dark Altar's capacity, permitting it to arrive at zones it already proved unable. As it is as yet giving out force, Gnosi contemplates whether Xeric had utilized it to broaden his life expectancy. She will at that point advise you to report these discoveries to the Library, yet you reveal to her that Lord Shayzien requested that you report to him initially should any revelations be made.

Now, return to Lord Shayzien and inform him about what you’ve discovered. He will ask you to visit Phileas for the journal. Return to Phileas and you’ll find out that his tent has been destroyed and he has gone missing. Head back to Lord Shayzien, and he will open up an investigation about Phileas’ disappearance. Once the conversation ends, the quest will be completed.

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