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​OSRS Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide

Jul-06-2020 PST

If you’re looking to complete Shades of Mort’ton in Old School RuneScape, you’ve reached the perfect guide! Unusually, this quest starts with you reading a book in a home located at the south-west of Mort’ton. Mort’ton can be reached by navigating the Mort Myre swamp, directly south of Canifis. Without further ado, we will discuss how to complete Shades of Mort’ton. 


To begin this quest, you must have already completed Priest in Peril. Priest in Peril is rated as a medium quest, with no prerequisites. You simply have to be able to defeat level 30 enemies in that quest, without the usage of Magic, therefore being limited to Melee and Ranged. There are no skill requirements for Priest in Peril.

After you have completed Priest in Peril, or if you’ve already completed it, ensure you have the following: 5 Firemaking, 15 Herblore, and 20 Crafting.

In this quest, you will be expanding on the combat from Priest in Peril. You will need to kill at least five Loar Shades, which are level 40 enemies. You also must understand that these Loar Shades basically fill up Mort’ton during this quest - and they are very much aggressive. Thus, unless you are combat level 81 or higher, expect to be attacked by them regularly. This means you need to prepare in terms of gear and food - you do not wish to die during this quest.

Food can decay whilst traversing the Mort Myre swamp. This means it can be rendered useless by the time you reach Mort’ton. To prevent this, have a fungi-loaded druid pouch before you make any journey with food. The fungi shall be consumed in place of decay on any of your food. To fill a druid pouch, cast bloom using a blessed silver sickle around fallen logs in the Mort Myre swamp.

However, the best way to prevent any decay is by using the Fire of Dehumidification. You will need to have completed Making Friends with my Arm & Nature Spirit. You also need 50 Construction, a Mahogany plank, a steel bar and the following salts: Efh, Te, and Urt. You can build this near River Salve in Mort Myre, however, a Druid Pouch will suffice. Building this fire just makes things a little easier: it’s only worth it if you’ve already completed the necessary quests and meet the requirements.

For this quest, here’s what you’ll need:

· At least 5,000 coins. 10,000 osrs gold is recommended in case you make any mistakes.

· A tinderbox.

· An axe. A Black axe will not take up any weight in your inventory.

· A hammer. If you intend to complete this quest in a solo manner, you will need an extra 13,000 coins to buy a special hammer. Note: there is a world dedicated to completing this quest’s minigame, you usually can find people. Due to lack of banking availability though, it may be best to bring the additional coins just in case. If you are insistent on doing the quest solo, buy 2-3 Flamtaer bracelets or make them using Lvl 2 enchant (requires level 27 Magic) on Jade bracelets. This bracelet makes each action during the minigame more effective but has limited durability.

· Four (4) Ashes.

· You will need your combat gear alongside high-healing food. Unless you’re a very high combat level, you are likely to die to the Loar Shades and need to kill at least 5 of them.

· (Recommended) A Mort’ton teleport, alternatively a Barrows teleport tablet to get directly to the quest location. If you aren’t able to invest in either of those or are an Ironman, ensure you have your Druid pouch whilst heading down the swamp.

· Four (4) Tarromin potions in unfinished (unf) form.


To start the quest, read the book from the shelf at the ruined house (south-west Mort’ton). You must then open the book from your inventory. You must then produce two Serum 207 potions by combining your three Tarromin potions (unf) with the ashes.

Proceed to head to the general store of the town. You’ll see a figure named Razmire, use one dose of the potion on him. Use the fourth dialogue option on him, followed by the first. Now, the game will start tracking your kills against Loar Shades. You must kill 5 of them, and collect their remains. After having done that, speak to Razmire again, and then buy some olive oil. Then open the ‘builder store’ and purchase the following:

1. 25 swamp paste

2. 5 timer beams

3. 5 limestone bricks

4. (Optional) A Flamtaer hammer, which will increase your effectiveness in the minigame.

Head east, and you’ll see a figure named Ulsquire Shauncy in a house. Use Serum 207 on him, then talk to him twice. You must question him on the remains and the temple.

Now you will enter this quest’s minigame. It’s best done with friends, as each person contributes the same as if they were playing alone. Your friends/clan members can do the minigame regardless of whether or not they’ve already completed the quest. Alternatively, world 377 is designated for this minigame, and there are almost always people doing the minigame. Attempting to do it alone is not worth the hassle.

To participate in the game, you’ll need to visit the temple in north-east Mort’ton. Ensure the centre altar is lit, and apply your olive oil on the flame to make it sacred oil. However, you will need 10% Sanctity from the minigame to conduct that action. You can achieve this by rebuilding the temple or killing additional Loar shades. You can then make two more Serum 207s, using the sacred oil on it will produce Serum 208, which will permanently heal anyone you use it on.

Apply sacred oil on any log to produce a pyre log, head to west of Mort’ton. Combine the pyre log and Loar remains on any funeral pyre, then light it using your tinderbox. After this, you’ve completed the quest! If you wish to permanently heal Razmire to have access to his general store and builder store persistently, use the Serum 208 on him.

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