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​OSRS Recruitment Drive Quest Guide

Mar-29-2021 PST

The first quest in the series of “Temple Knights” where Sir Tiffy Cashien makes his first appearance. He is the one who recruits them, but to complete the process, one must solve puzzles to show that you’re worthy of the rank. These knights are under the god Saradomin and have been a secret organisation for several ages that are now looking to expand their army. You are one of many who has been invited to apply, but that all depends on how well you do during the tests.

Quest Requirements

· Druidic Ritual

· Black Knights’ Fortress

Items Required

· 3,000 Gold Coins (If your gender is male)

Ironman Concerns

· HCM (Hardcore Ironman) status will be lost if you lose to either Sir Leye or Sir Kuam Ferentse.

· It is not recommended for HCM beginners as the quest requires an empty inventory with no items equipped.

Enough combat level to defeat a level 20 NPC named Sir Leye.

You can start this quest by talking to Sir Amik Varze that can be found in the western part of the Falador castle, just above the two flights of stairs. To begin being tested, you’ll need to bank all the items in your inventory, as well as the items you’re equipped with. So now on your way to Falador park, talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien and he’ll ask you to go through a test. For this, you will need to be a female character, so go to the makeover mage to change your characteristics.

Do keep in mind that you first have to talk to Sir Tiffy as a male to get a makeover voucher, and if you’re already a female when you talk to him, you will not receive a voucher.


Once all that is done, Tiffy will take you to a place where there are seven different testing rooms. Each room will have two yellow portals, one at the starting and one at the end. This portal will help you travel across rooms once the test is cleared. You will only have to clear five rooms, and the rooms that are allotted to you will be at random. At the end of the test, you will have to defeat Sir Leye, and if you fail to do so, you will be sent back to Falador to start it all again. You will find the following characters below when you start the test, talk to each one of them upon entering the room through the portal and complete their tests.

Sir Kuam Ferentse

Being a female character is important because when you fight Sir Leye in the end, the final blow will only hit if the player is of the opposite sex. If you’re a male character, you will not be able to land the final blow on him. Another requirement is to defeat him without any armour, weapon, potions and food. A good but difficult to perform strategy for a low-level player is to trap Sir Leye in the corner of the room, attack him, run back, wait for his hp bar to disappear and then hit him again. Although the strategy takes time, it is said it be very useful for players who only focus on skilling.

Sir Spishyus


Here you will find the following items; 5kg chicken, 5kg bag of grain and a 5kg fox. You will need to take these items across the bridge that only supports 5kg at a time. Now comes the tricky part, if you leave both the chicken and fox alone, the fox will eat the chicken, and if you leave the chicken and the bag of grain alone, the chicken will eat the grains. It’s simple if you put your mind to it.

Just take the chicken to the other side first, leaving the fox and the grain behind. Come back, grab the bag of grain and take it to the other side. Now, before heading back grab the chicken, drop the grain and leave the chicken back at the starting point. All that’s left is the fox and chicken now, so grab the fox, leave it to the other side with the fox and the bag of grain being alone. Head back to the starting point, grab the chicken and cross the bridge.

Lady Table

If you’re not good with remembering things, a suggestion would be to take a picture of the statues when you enter the room and do it swiftly as you’ll only have a few seconds.

This room will test your memory, you will have 11 statues of knights placed in an order. There are 12, but one is missing and will return when the test starts. What you have to do is touch the missing one once it is returned. You can either take a screenshot quick or follow this strategy. Memorize that there should be four statues of each colour; bronze, silver and gold. Now, look for the colour that is missing one out of the four. Once that is figured out, remember that there should be four weapons; sword, halberd, great axe and a mace, and when you figure out which of these four weapons are missing, simply go and touch that statue to complete the test.

Miss Cheevers

In this room, you will find many bookcases and crates consisting of various items. Search all of it and collect the items. Now, you will see two doors, one is locked and the other one is missing a handle. Using the items, you must make your way through the doors.

The first door

Use the spade in your inventory on the burner to remove the attached wood on it and then use the metal on the door. Now, use the chemical cupric sulphate on the metal and then use a vial of liquid on it for the metal to expand. This will jam the hole and allow you to open the door.

The second door

Use a vial of liquid on the item that looks like a cake tin and then uses gypsum on it. Use the tin on the key south of the portal you came from to get an imprint of it. Now, use tin and cupric ore powder on it and make use of the burner to make a duplicate bronze key. For the end part, use a knife, bronze wire or a chisel on the result to obtain a bronze key that will help you open the door.

Sir Ren Ichood

Sir Ren will be speaking in riddles which you will have to decipher. The answer to this riddle is four-letter words that are made up of the first letter in each of his spoken riddle. Use the word to unlock and complete the test. The possible word combinations can be BITE, LAST, RAIN, FISH, MEAT OR TIME.

Miss Hynn Terprett

Miss Hynn will give you questions of multiple choices, so simply follow the answers to the questions given below.

If you were sentenced to death, what would you rather choose - being drowned in a lake of acid, burned on a fire, thrown to a pack of wolves that have not been fed in over a month or thrown from the walls of a castle, many hundreds of feet high.

A. Thrown to a pack of wolves.

I have both a husband and a daughter. My husband is four times older than my daughter. In twenty years’, time, he will be twice as old as my daughter. How old is my daughter now?

A. 10 years old.

I dropped four identical stones, into four identical buckets, each containing an identical amount of water. The first bucket was at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the second was at 33 degrees, the third was at 34 and the fourth was at 35 degrees. Which bucket's stone dropped to the bottom of the bucket list?

A. Bucket A, the first one.

Counting the creatures and humans in RuneScape, you get about a million inhabitants. If you multiply the fingers on everything's left hand by zero, how many would you get?

A. Zero.

Which of the following is true? The number of false statements here is one. The number of false statements here is two. The number of false statements here is three. The number of false statements here is four. How many false statements are there?

A. The number of false statements here is three.

What would be the number you would get if you multiply the number of fingers on everything’s left hand to the nearest million

A. Zero.

Sir Tinley

Talk to him, click continue and simply stand there for a while without clicking on anything else. This is a test of patience and you will fail if you do so.

Once all the tests are completed, you will be transported out and the quest will be completed.

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