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​OSRS Ranged Guide

Dec-05-2022 PST


Ranged is widely known among the players of OSRS as it is a common but essential skill to train. It ranges from safe-spotting dreadful mobs for loot, to defeating Melee combat style players in PVP scenarios. That’s why it's important to keep track of the best Ranged training methods in the game. In the following guide, we have listed down the most efficient F2P and P2P ways to train Ranged.

Why should you train Ranged?

In Old School RuneScape, there are a total of three combat styles that you can choose to fight with. Among them, the safest approach is Ranged, which is for obvious reasons. Even though it's easy to pick up, the grind to maxing out is not familiar to most players. Besides that, it’s a great skill to make money.

Ranged Attack Styles


Accurate attack style grants +3 bonus to the Ranged level. It increases the accuracy of the attack, and for every point-damage dealt, you earn 4 XP in Ranged and 1.33 XP in Hit Points.


Rapid attack style has the highest rate of fire but at a cost of accuracy. It means that there are higher chances for you to miss. The experience gained is the same as the Accurate attack style.

Long Range

Long Range attack style increases the distance from which you can attack. It offers a +3 Defense bonus to Ranged, and for every point damage dealt, you earn 2 XP in Ranged, 2 XP in Defense, and 1.33 XP in Hit Points.

F2P Ranged Training


F2P Players only have access to three weapon types – Short Bow has an attack speed of 6. Long Bow has a slower attack speed but increased range. And, Crossbow also has a slow attack speed but you can equip a shield with it because a Crossbow is only one-handed.

Speaking of the ammunition, you have Arrows & Bolts, which are both consumables. So, you need to make each shot count while training Ranged, especially if the ammunition is rare or expensive.


The best recommendation would be to start off with a Training Bow, and then switch to the best available weapon as you advance in levels. Short Bows are ideal for training Ranged as their fire rate is high and they deal a decent amount of damage.

From levels 1 to 4 or 1 to 20, you can use a Training Bow. From levels 5 to 19, you can use an Oak Short Bow. From Levels 20 to 29, you can use a Willow Short Bow. And, from level 30+ onwards, you can use a Maple Short Bow.

Similar to Weapons, you can start off with Training Arrows, and then switch to the best available ammunition as you advance. Iron Arrows are relatively cheap and deal a good amount of damage upon foes; however, if you’re willing to speed up the process, then you can switch to Steel Arrows. In terms of a Crossbow, F2P players should consider using Bronze Bolts, which work the same as Iron Arrows. Also, you don’t have to use Mithril or Adamant Arrows while training Ranged because they’re best suited for PVP or Bosses.


Armor is vital while training Ranged, and you should pick it carefully to optimize the Ranged and Defense bonuses. Doing so will grant you the best experience rates during your journey.

From levels 1 to 9, you can consider wearing Leather Chaps, Vambraces, and Body. From levels 10 to 19, replace the normal Body equipment with Hard Leather Body. From levels 20 to 39, wear Coif, Leather Vambraces, Studded Body, and Studded Chaps. Finally, to cover the levels after 40+, you can target Coif, Green Dragon Hide Chaps, Vambraces, and Body.


Amulet of Power would be considered as the best-in-slot for training Ranged. It offers an extraordinary offensive boost for F2P players. You can also consider equipping the Amulet of Accuracy or Amulet of Defense, which also provides a fair enough boost in Ranged attacks and Defense, respectively.


From level 1 to 4, you can kill Goblins and Chickens at Lumbridge. From levels 5 to 6, you can skill Monks at the Monastery. From levels 7 to 19, you can kill Wizards at the Draynor Village. From levels 16 to 19 (Optional), you can kill Barbarians at the Barbarian Village. From levels 20 to 34, you can kill Minitours at the Stronghold of Security.

From level 42 onwards, you can skill Moss Giants at either Crandor Isle, Wilderness, or Varrock Sewers. From level 65 onwards, you can kill Lesser Demons at either Karamja Island or Crandor Isle. Finally, from level 76 onwards, you can kill Ankous at the Stronghold of Security.

P2P Ranged Training

Ranged training as a P2P (Pay-to-play) member is quite different. The first and foremost advantage is that you have a wider range of weapons and ammunition at your disposal. For instance, Dwarf Multi-Cannon, Throwing Knives, Darts, etc.


You need to utilize Ranged equipment to get the best bonuses, which in turn, results in the best experience per hour. Here’s what we recommend:

From levels 1 to 9, you can wear Leather Cowl, Body, Vambraces, and Chaps. From levels 10 to 19, you can wear Hard Leather Body (requirement: 10 Defense), Leather Cowl, Vambraces, and Chaps. From levels 20 to 29, you can wear Coif, Studded Chaps & Body, Leather Vambraces. From levels 30 to 39, you can wear Full Snakeskin Armor and Ava's Attractor. From levels 40 to 49, you can wear Green Dragon Hide Armor w/ Archer Helm (requirement: 45 Defense) and Ava's Accumulator.

From levels 50 to 59, you can wear Blue Dragon Hide Armor. From levels 60 to 69, you can wear Red Dragon Hide Armor. From levels 70 to 79, you can wear Black Dragon Hide Armor and Ava's Assembler. From level 70 onwards, you can wear Armadyl Armor (requirement: 70 Defense). From level 90 onwards, you can wear Void Armor (Pest Control minigame).


There is a selection of Amulets that you can consider wearing while training Ranged. These Amulets will help you boost your Ranged bonuses and increase the XP rates per hour. Amulet of Glory offers +6 Ranged attack bonus (Affordable), Amulet of Fury offers +10 Ranged attack bonus (Expensive), and Necklace of Anguish offer +15 Ranged attack bonus (requirement: 75 Hit Points).


1 to 32

Start off by completing Death to Dorgeshuun, Shadow of the Storm, and Horror from the Deep quests to cover the early Ranged levels. The mentioned quests will boost your Ranged directly from level 1 to 32 without much of an effort.

33 to 55/77

From level 32 onwards, you can start killing Rock Crabs near Rellekka. It’s recommended that you either use Darts (up to Adamant), Dorgeshunn Crossbow (requirement: level 28 Ranged), highest-tier Throwing Knives or Rune Crossbow with Broad Bolts.

45 to 99

Throwing Chinchompas at Maniacal Monkeys is the quickest way to level up your Ranged in Old School RuneScape. They can be found in Ape Atoll, and it is suggested that you wear good Ranged equipment to boost your skill and max out in no time, in this osrs complete 1-99 ranged guide.

75 to 99 (Alternate Method)

There are players who often get bored while performing the same action every day. So, instead of Throwing Chinchompas, you can switch to cannoning Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island. Alongside the use of Dwarf-Multi Cannon, you can use a Toxic Blowpipe to gain about 175,000 XP per hour.

75 to 99 (Alternate Method)

Another good and affordable alternative from level 75 onwards would be using a Toxic Blowpipe and Steel Darks at the Nightmare Zone. If you use a Necklace of Anguish and Steel Darts with Sharp Eye prayer active, then you can gain about 110,000 XP per hour.