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​OSRS Raids

May-26-2019 PST

OSRS RaidsIn this article, we’ll explore both Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) and Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood). We’ll specifically be looking at their rewards and their requirements in Old School RuneScape. Note that Raids 1 and Raids 2 are not only solo activities but also group activities. Particularly Raids 2 with not many people having completed it solo, because it is incredibly difficult.

Having high stats is more important for Raids 2, as there can only be a maximum of five players. Raids 1 can have a maximum of 100 players. This means incredibly low-level players have completed it and have been carried, because not every member even needs to fight the final boss, The Great Olm. However, if you choose to participate in a free-for-all, you will not get great rewards when you have to split it between 100 people. In addition, you can only get drops based on the number of points you have, which means you have to be an active participant. If you don’t get enough points, you won’t even get a roll at the best items from the activity.

Thus, for this article, we will consider solo/small teams for Raids 1. And for Raids 2, we’ll consider it as normal, a team-based activity of five people. To find teams, simply join a clan once you meet the respective requirements.

Level requirements

These are our recommended requirements:

· 90+ for attack, strength, defence, ranged, and magic.

· At least 70 prayer. The higher, the better.

· For raids 1, you should have 30+ construction and 55+ farming. These requirements are definitely not difficult to get. 78+ herblore is recommended for making items within the raid but not actually required, for potions like overloads. If in a group and someone in your group has these stats, you’ll be fine.

Raids 1 requirements

OSRS Raids 1 has fairly reasonable requirements for something that is considered end-game. An important consideration is the difficulty is not constant, unlike Raids 2. The difficulty is scaling but isn’t balanced for the team. The difficulty is based on the player with the highest combat level.

In terms of gear, it isn’t the most efficient, but you can actually complete it using full Void. It is recommended to have Elite Void. Though, Elite Void can be a huge grind. Here is the gear you need:

· Amulet of Torture is recommended. Or use a Salve amulet (ei). Amulet of Glory if you really have nothing else.

· Ava’s assembler, Ava’s accumulator, all save you lots of money.

· Dragon hunter lance (or abyssal tentacle), Trident of the Swamp and Toxic Blowpipe.

· Avernic defender, or Dragon defender.

· Dragon javelin.

· Void knight gloves are actually better than Barrows gloves, due to the set effect.

· Because there are no Void Boots, use Primordial boots. Cheaper alternatives include boots of Brimstone and Guardian boots.

· Brimstone ring is the best ring. Alternatively, use a Berserker ring or a Ring of Suffering.

· For your spec (special attack) weapon, use a Dragon Warhammer or a Bandos godsword.

· Dragon darts, diamond bolts (enchanted), death, fire and chaos runes are all required. Alongside Zulrah scales. This alone can cost up to 100k OSRS gold per raid.

Raids 1 rewards

The rewards from raids 1 are incredibly high. You are expected to make 3 million per hour, but this is only through the long-run, through getting big drops. The drops could be a Twisted Bow which is worth more than 1 billion gold, or it could be an Arcane/Dexterous prayer scroll which is more common but ‘only’ worth around 100 million runescape gold. Also, note you get a chance at having a cute Olm pet with each raid!

However, you’ll need to put in an investment. While you may get a Twisted Bow, it usually comes later than sooner. You’re relying on some big drops, so long-term profit rather than short-term. Each raid can cost around 200k and you need to invest for initial gear. Not to mention have high enough initial stats.

Focus on getting points for better rewards.

Raids 2 Requirements

Theatre of Blood in Old School RuneScape can have pretty hefty requirements. It is far more difficult and requires team coordination. You will have to understand what you’re doing.

Here’s our optimised setup:

· Elite Void, all pieces. Including Void gloves over Barrows gloves due to set effect.

· Amulet of torture.

· Scythe of Vitur. Can be substituted with Ghrazi rapier or Abyssal tentacle.

· Toxic blowpipe with adamant darts loaded or better.

· Sanguinesti staff or Trident of the Swamp.

· Berserker ring imbued preferably.

· Primordial boots or Dragon boots.

· Avernic defender or Dragon defender.

· Infernal cape or Fire cape. If you can’t get a Fire cape, you shouldn’t be doing Raids 2!

Raids 2 Rewards

Raids 2 has excellent rewards, and is better short-term compared to Raids 1. It also has an excellent drop of the Scythe of Vitur, which is worth over 1 billion GP. It’s also the source of the Justiciar armour set.

However, be careful with the Theatre of Blood in Old School RuneScape! If you die, you will only be able to retrieve your items for 100,000 GP. In Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1), if you die, you simply respawn and lose points. In addition, it is not a safe-death, meaning if you’re a Hardcore Ironman, you will lose your Hardcore Ironman status if you die. This doesn’t apply to Raids 1. We recommend starting with Raids 1 and progressing to Raids 2 later on.