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​OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide

Oct-06-2020 PST

Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped by the scheming Lady Keli. He needs to be saved and you’ve been hired to stage a rescue mission.

Combat Requirement

· Enough combat stats to get past aggressive level 26 jail guards.

Items Required

· Soft clay

· 3 balls of wool

· Yellow dye or 2 onions and 5 coins

· 1 Redberries

· Ashes

· A bucket of water or a jug of water

· A pot of flour

· A bronze bar

· A pink skirt

· 3 beers

· Rope (can be bought during the quest at Ned for 18 coins or 4 balls of wool)

· At least 100 coins

Recommended Items (Members Only)

· An amulet of glory (Teleports to Draynor Village and Al Kharid)


· A ring of dueling (Teleports to Al Kharid via Duel Arena)

· A necklace of passage (Teleports to Draynor Village Via Wizards’ Tower)

By using the Minigame Group Finder, which is in your quest log, you can teleport to Pest Control then take the boat back to Port Sarim to get to Draynor Village.

You can skip this part if you have all the required items.

Ash – You’ll need an axe for Woodcutting, and a tinderbox to light the logs. You may find ashes from someone else’s fire. If you can’t, then cut a tree, light the logs, and then wait for it to burn out. Once the logs burn out, you can pick up the residuals (ashes).

Pink Skirt – You can buy the pink skirt at the clothes shop in Varrock square.

Beers – Buy the beers 3 beers at the Blue Moon Inn, or take some from the ‘longhall’ in the Barbarian Village for free.

Bronze Bar – At the South – east Varrock mine, you can mine one tine and one copper ore to make a bronze bar. Take the road south towards Lumbridge, cross the north bridge to the forge, and smith a bronze bar there.

Clay – At the South – west Varrock mine, you can mine one clay. You can wet the clay with a bucket of water, which is obtainable in the basement of Lumbridge Castle.

Redberries – Just near the mine, you can find bushes. Pick one bunch of redberries from them.

Balls of wool – North – east of Lumbridge there is a sheep pen, head there and shear 3 sheep to obtain wool. Go to Lumbridge Castle and spin all the wool.

Bucket of water/Jug of water – Take the jug from the kitchen in Lumbridge Castle and fill it with water.

Onions – Head towards the road north out of Lumbridge, then go to Fred the Farmer’s house. Behind his house there is a garden with onions, pick two of them.

Pot of flour – Now head back to the road for the grain field and mill to make a pot of flour.

Once you’ve obtained all the necessary items. You can begin your quest by talking to (The Chancellor) Hassan in the Al Kharid palace. He will ask you to speak to a shifty looking fellow outside the northern perimeter of the palace, the fellow goes by the name Osman. Speak to him and he will ask you to speak to his daughter Leela, who you can find strolling east of Draynor Village just south of the wheat field.

Once you’re done talking to Leela, look west from where you stand and you’ll see the door to Ned’s house. Speak to him and ask him to make you a wig from the balls of wool in your inventory.

If you don’t have a rope in your inventory, you can ask Ned to make you one for 18 gold coins.

Now head into the house just west of Ned’s, there you’ll find (the witch) Aggie. Ask her to make you skin paste (The items required are already in your inventory).

If you don’t have a dye, you can ask Aggie to make you one, requiring two onions and 5 gold coins. Dye the wig, and go in to the jail directly east of Draynor as quickly as possible, or just attack the level 26 jail guards (they’ll be aggressive towards you). If you have a good defence gear, it is recommended that you avoid attacking them as their max hit is a mere 3 damage. There’s another alternative – ask a friend to accompany you and have them either attack the jail guards to distract them, or help you kill them.

Once you’re inside the jail building, you’ll see Lady Keli. Speak to her and tell her that she’s famous all over Gielinor, then ask her about her latest plan. While buttering her up, eventually ask her if you can see the key and then touch it for a short amount of time. When she hands it over, you can make an imprint in the soft clay that you have. After that, head back to Osman with a bronze bar and 20 gold coins, and he’ll make you a bronze key.

Now, the final part of the quest begins where you’ll have to save the prince using the bronze key.

Talk to Leela about the plan, and she’ll recommend that you talk to the witch for the paste. If you already have all the ingredients and talk to Leela once again and then head towards the jail. You’ll find Joe there, talk to him and offer him a drink, keep offering until he passes out. Use the rope on Lady Keli, the key on the cell door, and then talk to Prince Ali. He will end up using the disguise and escape. Now, go back to Hassan in the Al Kharid palace and talk to him to claim your reward.

You can now pass through the gate that connects Lumbrdige and Al Kharid for free, and members have access to the Sorceress’s Garden Thieving minigame.

A way out of Al Kharid to Port Sarim:

- Go south to Shantay Pass and talk to Shantay.

- Choose "What is this place?", and then "I am an outlaw".

- Refuse to pay the 5-coin fine, twice, and you will be transferred to the "high security" jail south of Port Sarim, pick the lock to the door, and walk out past the sleeping guard.

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