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​OSRS Plague City

Dec-09-2022 PST


The western section of the Ardougne city has been closed due to deadly plague sweeps; however, there’s a young woman who went through to try and help the people struck with the illness. She has now disappeared and her parents are worried. Plague City is a part of the Elf quest series, and in this quest, you need to investigate the west Ardougne plague and uncover its mystery.


You are required to have Dwell Berries, Rope, Spade, 4x Buckets of Water, Bucket of Milk, Chocolate Dust, Snape Grass, and a Picture of Elena to successfully complete the quest. Ironman accounts have the concern of obtaining the Hangover Cure, which can be made by combining Milk, Chocolate Dust, and Snape Grass before the quest to conserve inventory space.

Starting Off

You can start the quest by speaking to Edmond, who is located next to the wall that is surrounding West Ardougne (north of the Castle). You need to ask him about his daughter and offer your assistance. He’ll now speak about how his wife, and how she is trying to find a way to be protected against the plague.

Alrena can be found wandering outside or inside the house. She’ll bring it to your notice that she can make a Gas Mask if you get her a few Dwell Berries. If you already have them in your inventory, give them to her and she’ll make the mask for you. You can get spare masks in the nearby cupboard.

Makes sure that you grab a Picture of Elena from the house before leaving.

Speak to Edmond again, and he’ll tell you about his master plan to dig under the wall and get into West Ardougne. So, use Buckets of Water on the mud patch behind the house to soften the ground (you can refill the bucket from the sink in the house), and then use a Spade to fall underground.

Walk south to locate a pipe that is blocked by a grill. Use your rope on the pipe and speak to Edmond to pull the grill off the pipe. Now, equip your Gas Mask and climb inside to reach the western part of Ardougne.


Speak to Jethick, who is located to the east, and show him a picture of Elena. He’ll ask you to check the Rehnison House while handing you a book that was borrowed from them. So, head north towards the house that is located against the edge of the wall. You can indicate it through the grey planks of the building.

You can gain access to the building by mentioning that you have the borrowed book. After that, speak to Martha or Ted Rehnison, and then head upstairs to speak to their daughter named Milli Rehnison. She’ll tell you more about the disappearance of Elena, as well as her whereabouts.

Leave the house and head south to locate a house with a black ‘X’ on the doors. There will also be a stairwell in the middle that leads downstairs (it’s marked with a black box on the map). Now, attempt to open the doors and the Mourners won’t allow you to enter because of the plague. Tell them about the kidnapped girl that you’re looking for, and they’ll ask you to get permission from Bravek to enter.

Final Part

Head back to the town square and walk into the northern large building (north of the manhole), for osrs plague city. Ask the clerk through the door and select ‘This is urgent though! Someone’s been kidnapped!’ to get inside the building.

Speak to Bravek, who can hardly speak because he is badly hungover; however, he’ll give you a Scruffy Note that holds the recipe for a Hangover Cure, for osrs plague city. You’ll need to add Chocolate Dust into a Bucket of Milk, and then add Snape Grass into it to make the cure. Give him the cure and tell him about the situation to get a Warrant to enter the area.

Go back to the house and attempt to enter it. You’ll be stopped by the Mourners again, but when you give them the Warrant, you’ll have an opportunity to sneak inside. Now, look for a barrel to the west of the staircase and search it to find a Small Key.

Head downstairs and unlock the locked door to release Elena. Finally, return back to Edmon through the manhole in the center of the city, and then climb up the Mud Mile. Speak to him to finish the quest and get osrs gold rewards.