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​OSRS Olaf's Quest Guide

Dec-21-2020 PST

This quest is about Olaf Hradson, who has been travelling around in his boat to find his grandfather’s treasure, but unfortunately, his boat has crashed and you must help him find the treasure to ensure that his family doesn’t think that he’s a failure.

Quest Requirements

- The Fremennik Trials

Skill Requirements

- 40 Fire Making

- 50 Woodcutting

- 57+ Agility (would be an advantage to get to Rellekka through a shortcut)

Items Required

- A Tinderbox

- A Spade

- 6 Ropes

- Any Woodcutting Axe

- 4 Free Inventory Spaces

Items Recommended

- Weight Reducing Clothing

- Food

- Prayer Potions

- Agility Potions or Summer Pies

- Dramen / Lunar Staff

- Polar Eagle for faster travel

- Boots of Lightness

- Stamina Potion

- House Teleport or any other to teleport to Rellekka

Enough combat level to defeat a level 40 Skeleton Fremennik and Ulfric (Level 100). However, ulfric is safe-spottable.

To start this quest, talk to Olaf Hradson who is located by the entrance of the snow hunting area and keldagrim, just northeast of Rellekka. You can use a fairy ring (code d*k*s) to get there, or the polar eagle. Speak to him and he will ask for logs from the wind-swept tree up the mountain path to the east. Follow the bath, go up the hill and cut the tree with an axe that you have, and return to Olaf and give him the logs. He will craft the logs into an artifact and ask you to take it to his wife and son.

Now, make your way to Olaf’s wife, Ingrid Hradson, who is located near the well in Rellekka and his son, Volf Olafson is just further north by the helmet shop. You can take the agility shortcut at the eastern fence which requires 57+ Agility or use an Enchanted Lyre to teleport. Talk to them and they’ll give you some food for Olaf, which you have to save in your inventory as he is going to ask you later.

Head back to Olaf again, and he’ll ask you to make fire using damp planks. Use them on the fire pit and light the pit with your tinderbox. Once you make the fire, he will give you Sven’s last map, and the X on the map will represent the tree on the hill that you cut down. Dig next to the same spot where you cut the tree down, and you will end up falling into a cave.

In case you end up exiting the cave, you can dig by the windswept tree again to re-enter.

Head east, then north in the cave and make sure to kill a level 40 Skeleton Fremennik along the way to obtain a key. If not, you can kill one after you’ve crossed the puzzle door. Now, search the wall that Is far west in the cave to find a puzzle on it. This puzzle must be solved by pulling levers and the pieces must be rotated to get an image of skull and crossbones. The order of the levers is: Right, Up, Left, Down, and then the bottom. Solve it and move into the next room, where you will find ropes and rotten barrels that can be picked up, so pick 2 of the barrels and 6 ropes if you haven’t brought any along with you.

It is recommended that you drink an agility potion or eat a summer pie to boost your levels if you’ve brought one and head to the bridge to the northeast. Running is automatically disabled here, so start walking and whenever you find a broken section, use a barrel on it to fix it and continue.

If you fall off the bridge, you’ll end up next to Olaf. To re-enter, you’ll have to climb up the hill again and dig. This is why stamina potions can be very useful here.

To avoid falling off the bridge, some ways can be very helpful.

- Walking across one step at a time. Waiting five seconds in between each step seems to help significantly.

- Having a high Agility level

- Reducing your weight as much as possible. If you weigh 0 kg or less, this will greatly improve your chances.

- Wearing climbing boots or wearing boots of lightness will help reduce weight.

Before going on the bridge, click on the gate and the player will go on the bridge walking towards the gate, and when they do, just spam-click the gate. After walking through the gate, spam-click the shore on the other side.

Just at the middle of the bridge, you’ll find a locked gate, open it and you will find five different locks. Choose the lock that matches the loop of your key and the gate will then open. In case you lose your key or fall of the bridge before completing the other half of the bridge, you will have to kill another skeleton to obtain a new key, so you can get through the door in the middle of the bridge again.

Once you’re through the gate, go inside the shipwreck and open the chest inside. Upon opening, a level 100 skeleton named Ulfric will appear from a grave. As he only uses melee, you can use his grace to safe-spot and then range him from a distance. Do note that he can teleport to you during the fight, however, he only has 60 hit points even if he’s strong, so there won’t be much of a problem killing him. A suggestion and useful strategy would be to bring runes to cast crumble undead or a salve amulet(i) as both Ulfric and the skeleton you fought earlier are both undead, so you can fight them with no armour equipped and with 'protect from melee activated'. Once Ulfric is defeated, search the chest again and the quest will be completed.

Quest Rewards

- 1 Quest point

- Defence 12,000 Defence experience

- 20,000 coins

- 4 cut rubies

- Access to a cave where you can fight brine rats.

- A piece of parchment telling you of other shipwrecks with more treasure.

Congratulations – Quest Complete!

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