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OSRS Nex Guide - Gear Setups and Tips

Jul-29-2023 PST

There is a total of five God Wars dungeon bosses in Old School RuneScape, and the Nex boss is the most powerful boss of them all. She is held in the depths of the God Wars Dungeon. To unlock Nex, you have to kill all the available warring god wars factions. These factions include K'ril Tsutsaroth and Kree'arra Commander Zilyana, and General Graardor. This will help you in assembling the frozen key. Once you have assembled it, you can access Nex in the God Wars Dungeon. You also have to complete a quest called the Frozen Door mini-quest to enter Nex chambers. The final chamber of Nex is located deep down, and it'll be unlocked once you have gathered the Zaros kill count. To get this kill count, you should kill spiritual mages on the game map, as each kill will award you five kill points. To avoid damage from monsters, try to wear Zaro's gear. You should enter the dungeon with a minimum kill count of one hundred and twenty points. Here is the gear setup that you should try to kill Nex in no time. The god wars dungeon features five different zones, including ice, smoke, Zaros, shadow, and blood zones.

Nex recommended Gear Setups

Masori Mask - Helmet

You can create the upgraded version of the Masori Mask by combining an armadylean plate with a simple Masori mask. The process is irreversible, and you need crafting level ninety to craft this mask.

Ava's Assembler - Cape

This piece of equipment provides the best-ranged attack bonus against Nex. You can wear it in the cape slot. If you don't like the appearance of this cape, you can use the Masori crafting kit to match the appearance of the Masori equipment set. The best thing about this assembler is that no ammo will be dropped on the ground.

Necklace of Anguish - Necklace

This necklace provides a ranged strength bonus and a ranged attack bonus when you wear it making it the best necklace for defeating Nex.

Ruby Dragon Bolts - Ammo

If you have simple dragon bolts, you can enchant them using Enchant crossbow bolt spell with level forty-nine magic. Every time you enchant, ten bolts will be enchanted. You need one blood, five fire runes, and one cosmic for this purpose. To fire these bolts at enemies, you need the dragon crossbow.

Zaryte Crossbow

Zaryte crossbow is a ranged weapon that also provides players with a defense bonus. The base attacking range of this crossbow is eight, while you can increase it by two with the long-range combat style. It comes packed with special attacks and passive effects to help players on the battlefield. It is better than the OSRS dark bow.

Masori Body - Armor

Masori's body is part of the complete Masori armor set. It provides players with defense bonuses along with a prayer bonus.

Twisted Buckler - Shield

It is a shield that you can get by defeating the Chamber of Xeric. It offers ranged strength and an attack bonus. Magic defense and melee defense bonuses are also good, but you have other options in that regard.

Masori Chaps - Legs

To create these chaps, you have to combine three armadylean plates with the standard Masori chaps. It also provides players with defense bonuses of all kinds as well as some prayer bonuses. The standard version of Chaps doesn't provide the prayer bonus.

Zaryte Vambraces

If you attack enemies from a distance, these vambraces are the best in-slot option that you have. It is a Zarosian item, so you'll receive various buffs such as protection of god against all the non-playing characters of Zarosian. These characters can be found in the god wars dungeon.

Pegasian Boots

These boots provide the highest ranged attack bonus making them a pretty good option for those who want to defeat Nex. To create these boots, you need to pair Pegasian crystal with ranger boots.

Light Bearer - Ring

This is a rare ring, and you can get it after completing the tombs of amascutx. When you wear this ring, the special energy of the player is regenerated twice for fifteen seconds. To instantly reset the time, you can just unequip and equip the ring.

Nex Tips and tricks

Try to resupply from time to time. Chat with teammates to leave the instance for resupplying. To save time, you can bring an alt to the fight to use it for resupplying. When you fight with minions, stay in the line of sight to reduce damage. You should stand on the right side of the black line when the Nex is on the east-west lane. In this position, Nex won't attack you, and you can easily kill her in a few minutes. During special phases such as smoke, Zaros, ice, etc., you can mitigate some damage. This comes at the cost of DPS.