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​OSRS Monk’s Friend Quest Guide

Dec-04-2021 PST


A short novice quest is about a monk’s child who had his blanked stolen. So, what you need to do is locate the thieves’ den and get the stolen blanked back. You also have to help Brother Omad organize the drinks for the kid’s birthday party. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Items Required

· Jug of Water

· Regular Logs or Planks

Recommended items

· Fast travel to the Ardougne Monastery. You can use Fishing Trawler Minigame Teleport, Ardougne Clock, or the Fairy Ring Network (code: D*J*P).

You can start this quest by speaking to Brother Omad, who can be found at the Ardougne Monastery that is south of Ardougne city. Teleport using any of the teleportations means mentioned in the ‘Recommend Items’ section above. He will ask you to retrieve a kid’s blanket from some thieves who had stolen it. They are located in a secret den that is west of the monastery, under a ring of stones.

Quickly make your way west after you exit the monastery, and just east of the Gnome Battlefield and southwest of the Clocktower, you will notice a perfect circle made from grey stones. When you enter the ring, a ladder will appear out of the blue, so climb down to enter a dungeon. Take the path down south to enter the last room where you will find the kid’s blanket. It will be on a table that is guarded by two level 14 Thieves and a Head Thief of level 26.

Use whatever means to retrieve the blanked and head back to Omad. He will be pleased to know that you got it. So, you have to speak to him again, and he’ll tell you that he wants to organize a party for the child. However, he needs the wine from Brother Cedric, who seems to be lost in the forest that is south of Ardougne city.

It’s time to leave the monastery again and take the path north. You can find him by the camel cage in the Ardougne Zoo. But you need to give him a Jug of Water since he’s very drunk and needs to sober up. If you don’t have a Jug of Water, you can grab one from the general store in Port Khazard, or the cooking shop in Yanille. There’s a well next to Cedric, but you can’t use it to fill the Jug; however, you can use an empty bucket to fill water, and then transfer it to an empty jug. Alternatively, there’s also a sink south of the monastery.

Once you have the Jug of Water, give it to Brother Cedric so he can sober up. Now what he needs is a Plank or Normal Logs to repair his cart. Quickly cut a tree nearby and give it to him, and in case you don’t have a Woodcutting Axe, there are Planks that spawn in Port Khazard (southwest of the bank chest).

Finally, he’ll ask you to return to Brother Omad and inform him about his arrival. So head back to the monastery and speak to Brother Omad to get the party started! Quest complete! And get more cheap OSRS Gold quickly & safe, go to, 100% legit~