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OSRS Misthalin Mystery Guide: the Secrets of a Curious Crime

Feb-26-2024 PST

The Misthalin Mystery quest in Old School RuneScape invites players to become amateur detectives and solve a perplexing crime. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary quest and skill requirements, as well as provide a step-by-step walkthrough to successfully complete the quest and unmask the culprit.

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Guide: the Secrets of a Curious Crime

Quest Requirements:

Before embarking on the Misthalin Mystery quest, you must complete the following quests:

Ernest the Chicken

Rune Mysteries

The Restless Ghost

Skill Requirements:

To undertake the Misthalin Mystery quest, you need the following skill levels:

Crafting: 20

Thieving: 15

Items Required:

Make sure to have the following items ready before starting the quest:




5-10 coins (to purchase a bucket of milk)

Bucket (can be obtained during the quest)

Shears (can be obtained during the quest)

Tinderbox (can be obtained during the quest)

Starting the Quest:

To initiate the Misthalin Mystery quest, speak to the cook in Lumbridge Castle's kitchen. He will inform you of a mysterious murder that has taken place nearby.

Investigating the Crime Scene:

Head to the murder scene, located just south of Varrock's east entrance.

Examine the crime scene and gather any relevant clues.

Speak to the surrounding NPCs to gain more information.

Interrogating the Suspects:

Return to Lumbridge Castle and question the suspects. They include the cook, the gardener, and the maid.

Use your dialogue options to extract information from each suspect.

Pay close attention to their statements to uncover any inconsistencies.

Gathering Evidence:

Search the gardener's shed located south of Varrock's east entrance.

Inside the shed, you will find a diary. Read it to gain valuable insights.

Proceed to the maid's room on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

Search her room thoroughly and find a hair clip hidden behind a painting.

Crafting the Magnifying Glass:

Take the hair clip to the crafting table on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle.

Use a chisel on the hair clip to craft a hairpin.

Combine the hairpin with the shears to create a makeshift magnifying glass.

Solving the Mystery:

Return to the crime scene and use the magnifying glass on the muddy footprints.

Follow the footprints to the south-east and search the bushes until you find a hidden tunnel entrance.

Enter the tunnel and navigate through it until you reach a small room.

Examine the room and interact with the objects to piece together the events leading to the murder.

Confronting the Culprit:

Exit the tunnel and return to Lumbridge Castle.

Speak to the cook and present your findings.

Confront the true culprit with the evidence you have gathered.

Engage in a brief dialogue to resolve the situation.

Quest Completion:

Once you have confronted the culprit and resolved the mystery, return to the cook in Lumbridge Castle to complete the quest.

Congratulations! You have successfully solved the Misthalin Mystery and brought justice to the victim.

The Misthalin Mystery quest in OSRS offers players an intriguing detective experience. By following this guide, you can navigate through the quest's various stages, interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and ultimately solve the perplexing crime. Enjoy the thrill of being a detective and unraveling the secrets of Misthalin! You can seek RSGoldFast's help, get the best fire cape service osrs and osrs gold, helps you complete tasks quickly. Good luck!

RSGoldFast Team