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​OSRS Mining Guild Overview

Jan-24-2022 PST


The Mining Guild can be found beneath Falador city. It is a place used by expert miners that have 60+ Mining. You can access the guild from either the above-ground complex that is southeast of the city or through the gates at the southern part of the Dwarven Mines. Both the entrances are guarded by Dwarves who stop the players if the requirements are not met. It’s worth noting that the mine is one of the only ten areas in RuneScape that contains three iron rocks that can be mined without moving. In other words, a perfect spot for power leveling.

How to get there?

You can use a Skills Necklace to teleport directly to the underground entrance of the guild. You can cast a Falador city teleport to reach the town square, and then walk northwest towards the guild’s entrance. Lastly, you can use the Keldagrim Mine Cart System to travel northwest of the Dwarven Mine, and then from there, you can follow the southern route to reach the entrance.

F2P (Free-to-play)

The non-member's area of the guild contains 2 Adamantite Ores, 5 Mithril Ores, 37 Coal Rocks, and 4 Iron Ores. You can also find two shops in the center that sells Pickaxes (Yarsul’s Prodigious Pickaxes) and Ores (Hendor’s Awesome Ores). The exit to the east leads to the Motherlode Mine, which is a member-only area, so you need to be in a P2P world to pass through.

P2P (Pay-to-play)

The member's area of the guild contains 2 Runite Ores, 60 Amethyst Ores, 8 Adamantite Ores, 10 Mithril Ores, 20 Coal Rocks, and 8 Iron Ores. You can also find a Bank Deposit Box, Poll Booth, and Bank Chest there.

Within the guild, you are granted a +7-level boost in your Mining Skill. However, the boost is invisible, and it can stack with any of your existing boosts. For instance, the boost within the guild stacks with the +3 boost when using a Dragon Pickaxe’s special attack. The same goes for the +4 boost from the Celestial Signet or Celestial Ring.

You cannot perform any actions that are above your base Mining level, and the respawn time of the rocks is reduced by half. It’s the only area in the game where you can mine Amethyst Crystals, but to use the west mining area, you have to complete the Falador Diary. You have to speak to the NPC named Belona to access the diary-only mining area.

While mining in the guild, you have a chance to obtain Unidentified Minerals, which can in return be exchanged for Mining or Superior Mining Gloves at the Mining Guild Mineral Exchange (Belona’s shop). You can always use the ‘Toggle-Minerals’ option on Belona if you don’t wish to receive the Unidentified Minerals.

Lastly, when you use an Infernal Pickaxe in the P2P area of the guild, the smithing effect that it holds with negates the chance of obtaining Unidentified Minerals.

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