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​OSRS Melee Training Guide

Dec-12-2022 PST


Melee is known as one of the most important skills in the game. Besides training your combat level and skills, it’s also the most efficient way to make money. It requires you to participate in various PVM activities and social events that are melee-based. In the following guide, we have listed the best ways to train your melee. So, let’s begin.


The best method is to train your combat stats through the Slayer skill. It involves leveling up your Slayer and Melee stats, alongside Ranged and Magic if you appropriately utilize your foe’s weaknesses. For instance, you can use Magic Burst attack spells on Dust Devils and Nechryaels.

You need to use the best available weapon at your level, and for most scenarios, it’s a Scimitar, which is until you can use an Abyssal Whip or Ghrazi Rapier. It’s worth noting that certain monsters have a weakness against low-level weapons. For instance, stab weapons for Dragons.

Make the most out of Potions to speed up the entire leveling process. There are a few expensive potions like Super Combat Potion, but you can always use an alternate variant, for osrs gear. A good suggestion for Ironman accounts would be to utilize the special attack effects of the Dragon Battle Axe, as it offers the same effects as a Super Strength Potion, but with a cost of lowering your other combat stats.

Prayers are also an excellent source to boost your offensive bonuses, for osrs gear. For instance, Piety offers immense melee bonuses to a level where you can speed kill your foes with ease.


When you’re choosing a weapon for your character, you need to consider whether it is the best possible option available to you. There are some cases (as mentioned above) where specific weapons are used because of the monster’s weaknesses, for osrs best melee gear. You also need to consider the weapon’s attack speed, and that’s why at lower levels, Scimitars work the best.

Speaking of armors, you need to have the highest-tier gear equipped for the best defensive bonuses, osrs best melee gear. Some of the armors may cost more than the other or have a specific quest or skill level requirement to equip.

The key factor to maximizing the experience rate per hour is your Melee Strength Bonus. It helps control the damage that you inflict upon your enemies. So, that’s primarily why we have listed down weapons and armor pieces that offer the best Strength bonuses throughout the game.


Iron Scimitar at level 1, Black Scimitar at level 10, Mithril Scimitar at level 20, Adamant Scimitar at level 30, Rune Scimitar at level 40, Dragon Scimitar at level 60, Abyssal Whip at level 70, and Abyssal Tentacle at level 75.


HEAD: Slayer Helm/Black Mask (on task) (+16.67%), Serpentine Helm (+5), or Helm of Neitiznot (+3). CAPE: Infernal Cape (+8), Fire Cape (+4), or Mythical Cape (+1). NECK: Amulet of Torture (+10), Amulet of Strength (+10), or Amulet of Fury (+8). WEAPON (1 Handed): Ghrazi Rapier (+89), Abyssal Tentacle (+86), or Abyssal Whip (+82). BODY: Fighter Torso (+4), Bandos Chest plate (+4), or Obsidian Plate body (+3). SHIELD: Avernic Defender (+8), Dragon fire Shield (+7), or Dragon Defender (+6). LEGS: Bandos Tassets (+2), Obsidian Plate legs (+1), or Fremmenik Kilt (+1). HANDS: Ferocious Gloves (+14), Barrows Gloves (+12), or Dragon Gloves (+9). FEET: Primordial Boots (+5), Dragon Boots (+4), or Spiked Manacles (+4). RING: Berserker Ring (i) (+8), Berserker Ring (+4), or Brimstone Ring (+4).


Once you have your preferred equipment sorted out, you can begin your training phase. It’s worth noting that you can switch your attack style to train either your Attack, Strength, or Defense. It’s best to prioritize Attack & Strength over Defense.

You can start by completing quests that offer combat Exp, such as The Grand Tree, Fight Arena, Waterfall Quest, Tree Gnome Village, and Vampire Slayer. Completing these quests will help you skip the early boring levels.

Level 1 to 30

Completing the Waterfall quest will straightaway get you to level 30 in Attack and Strength. It’s highly recommended to complete it so that you don’t have to grind the early levels. Another plus point is that there are no real requirements for it, and the quest is pretty easy to complete.

Level 1 to 10

Alternatively, if you don’t want to complete the Waterfall quest, you can start killing Chickens from level 1. Chickens are located in the eastern part of Lumbridge (Farmer’s Pen). It won’t take you long to reach level 10, and you can also pick up their Feathers for profit.

Level 10 to 60/70

From level 10 onwards, you can start training at Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island. They have a total HP of 100, but with low Attack and Defense. You would barely need to use any food here; however, it can get a little crowded sometimes because there are a few AFK spots where players stand.

You can also consider killing Sand Crabs in Zeah, which is on the coastline of Hosidious. Alternatively, you can head to Crab-Claw Island, but it requires you to have 5,000 OSRS GP to reach there. They have a total of 60 HP with low Attack and Defense, making it another zone that is often crowded.

Level 60/70 to 99

When you’re at either level 60 or 70, the best source to max out would be the Nightmare Zone. It’s a safe minigame that offers several rewards in exchange for killing monsters that you have already encountered before during quests. Players often approach this method for its XP rate per hour.

The best strategy is to lower your HP using a Dwarven Rock Cake and then use the Dharok’s Armor Set to drastically increase the damage. You can use Absorption Potion while doing it as it offers the best support.

Alternatively, you can use the Obsidian Armor set with an Obsidian Sword and a Berserker Necklace. It’ll greatly increase your experience rates, and you won’t even have to worry about the repairing costs for the Dharok’s Armor.

Alternate Method

If you don’t wish you head to the Nightmare Zone to train your combat skills, you can always train at Yaks, located in Neitiznot, or you can play the Pest Control Minigame. Pest Control offers cash rewards after every round, along with points that allow you to purchase the Void Knight Armor set, which is known to be useful throughout the game and you’ll eventually purchase it at some point.