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​OSRS Mage Training Arena Guide

Oct-03-2021 PST


A member-only minigame that is located north of the Duel Arena. Here, players can earn points by playing various minigames, and through these points, they can purchase a number of items from the shop located on the top floor of the arena. Don’t get confused with Mage Arena, because these are two different minigames, located in two different areas.

To proceed further with the activities, players need to bring Nature Runes, Law Runes, Cosmic Runes, and each of the Elemental Runes in the game, or at least the respective staff to take their place. You will need a Magic level that allows you to cast – Telekinetic Grab, High- & Low-Level Alchemy, enchants; level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, Bones to Bananas, and Bones to Peaches spells.


You will need level 7 Magic to begin participating in the minigame. However, a higher Magic level is required to participate in others and cast Telekinetic Grab at level 33, and Enchantment Spells at level 93 (Enchant Zenyte). Obtaining the mentioned levels will allow you to participate in all 4 of the minigame activities. Also, the higher the Magic level that you have, the more experience points you will obtain.

Other than that, you will need to equip or at least have a Progress Hat in your inventory. This hat can be obtained from the Entrance Guardian, and it also helps to get the Pizazz Point Totals for each of the rooms by speaking to it. Keep in mind, that you cannot bring along Clue Scrolls and Caskets within the rooms. Similarly, Coins cannot be brought within the Alchemists’ Playgrounds, and Bananas & Peaches cannot be brought within the Creature Graveyard.

The Rooms

There are a total of four rooms offered by the Mage Training Arena, where players can practice their Telekinetic, Alchemy and Enchantment spells. Apart from Pizazz Points, you can also earn Coins and Runes by participating in the activities, and do remember, that you can purchase an item from the Reward Guardian only after you have acquired the appropriate number of points from each of the rooms.

You can access the rooms by heading north of the arena, and each of the portals will be placed in the opposite direction. Telekinetic Theatre on the south platform, Alchemists’ Playground on the north, Enchanting Chamber on the west, and Creature Graveyard on the east.

Telekinetic Theatre

When you access this room, you will have to use the Telekinetic Grab spell to move a Maze Guardian, who is stationary, through the entire maze. Upon completing every maze, you will receive 2 Telekinetic Pizazz Points, and if you tend to solve five in a row, then you will receive eight points, ten Law Runes, and a thousand experience in Magic. Once you get a hang of it, you can expect to complete fifty mazes every hour, which is around 180 points an hour. If you look at the average, it may take you about 20 seconds to earn a single point.

Alchemists’ Playground

When you access this room, you will have to use the High- & Low-Alchemy spells to convert various items into coins. You can find the items within one of the eight cupboards present in the room. Do remember, that the location of the items and the number of coins change every 42.2 seconds. Upon successfully completing, you will receive one Alchemist Pizazz Point, along with ten coins, which is deposited directly to your bank. This happens once you deposit a hundred coins in the deposit box, and for every coin that you deposit, you will receive two Magic XP.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, you cannot bring Clue Scrolls, Reward Caskets, and Coins into the Alchemists’ Playground.

Enchanting Chamber

When you access this room, you will have to use Enchantment spells to enchant different shapely objects that are located in the corners of the room. Doing so, will grant you Pizazz Points and transform the shapely objects into Orbs. To obtain double points, you can occasionally pick up a Dragonstone. If you successfully complete the task, you will receive one Enchantment Pizazz Point, depending upon which level of enchantment you have cast. For instance, level 7 enchant will reward you with seven points, and you can double it by casting it upon a Dragonstone. You will also find a Chute in the middle of the room, where you can deposit the converted Orbs to receive extra rewards. If you deposit twenty Orbs, you will be rewarded with 3 Death, Cosmic, or Blood Runes.

Creature Graveyard

When you access this room, you will have to collect bones and then use Bones to Peaches or Bones to Bananas spell on them to convert them into fruits. You will find four types of bones here, and these bones can be collected from the nearby piles. It will basically be a cycle from bone no.1 to bone no.2, which will provide you with four of each bone just before you advance further. The number of fruits that the bones will provide upon conversion will entirely depend upon their tier, and once you convert them, you will need to deposit them in the wall slots of the room to receive Pizazz Points. Now, for the important part – you will keep taking total damage of two when you’re in the room, and this will happen every six seconds. If you end up dying, you will lose ten Graveyard Pizazz Points.

A good strategy would be to fill your inventory appropriately with each of the tier bones and then click food Chute. Once that’s done, quickly cast the preferred spell (Bones to Peaches/Bones to Bananas), and if the process is done correctly, then your character will process in the following flow – Run, Spell, and Fruit Deposit.


You will have the option of purchasing Infinity Robes, Mages’ Books, Bones to Peaches spell, and Runes from the stop that is located on the top floor of the arena. This can only be done through the Pizazz Points that you’ve earned during your participation in the activities. If you’re having trouble with getting a hang of the arena, then you can purchase an Arena Book from the store, which costs about 200 Pizazz Points.

The prices that are listed for the Teacher Wand, Master Wand, and Apprentice Wands, are actually upgraded versions. In other words, you will have to spend your points, as well as exchange a below-tier want to obtain the item.

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