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​OSRS Lizardman Shama Guide


​OSRS Lizardman Shama Guide

While it’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, the Lizardman Shaman is the only source of the coveted Dragon Warhammer (with a very rare chance at that). Ironmen particularly need to farm this boss thousands of times (on average) to get this drop. This means you need to know the ins & outs of this boss to successfully farm it.

Attacks To Look Out For

Like most other newer bosses in the game, a Lizardman Shaman has a wide variety attacks with all attack styles. Some of which need to by constant movement or by staying in a certain safe spot.

The regular melee and ranged attack is the same as normal , although it scales for their combat level. Be mindful that their ranged attack can also inflict poison damage.

The acid spit is one of the harshest special attacks that a player needs to avoid. with unavoidable damage if you are standing in the same square, although it with Armor.

He also has a stomp method in which he will go up in the air and smash down on the poor player. This is very easy to avoid by staying away from his shadow.

He also tiny spawns that will approach the player and explode when close by. It can hit up to 10 for each spawn, so stay on the move.

Picking Gear

Assuming you are on a main account (and likely on a task) there isn’t much of an alternative than killing them with melee and high-level weapons. Since they are large creatures, the Scythe of will hit multiple times, along with the Crystal Halberd special attack.

Since it provides damage reduction from their  powerful attacks. get a tier 5 set, you must get 100% Shayzien favor and complete each fight in the combat arena.

If you have a slayer helmet, be sure to use it on a slayer task. Otherwise, just use a 5 helmet for damage reduction.

A fire cape, infernal or Mythical cape will be the best things to put in the cape slot for strength and prayer. If using a stab weapon, like the rapier, you can also opt for an cloak for additional accuracy.

Your best defender (Dragon or ) is the only thing you should have in the shield slot. Otherwise, you can use whatever you have available as an Ironman.

An imbued berserker ring would be best for the strength bonus, but there are few others to consider. If using a slash weapon, an imbued Warrior Ring would work. For a stab weapon, an imbued Treasonous ring would be equally acceptable.

On top of this, I highly recommend a cannon for killing these in mass, for both DPS and engagement purposes. The best spot would be towards the North West if you are killing them in the Lizardman Canyon.

Your inventory should be  basic, with combat potions, prayer potions, teleport runes and high-healing food (like sharks). Chances are you will have to restock and return during a slayer task, so a Xeric talisman would be invaluable for that.

Fighting Them

You will normally want to fight in the northwest corner of Lizardman where there are three spawns. This will be the fastest way to kill them, although it’s harder to avoid damage.

Up your cannon to engage in combat, taking into consideration the fight stages mentioned above and deal melee damage. If you want to partner up with another player, you can kill them safer and faster.

The other viable alternative spot would be the Lizardman Caves that during a slayer assignment. You can enter each room for a private fight with 2 Shamans, making it less complicated and less likely to . This spot is safer but less efficient since you cannot set up a cannon in the cave, making in a pure melee fight.

There used to be a safe spot in another location on the way to the Raids 1 location, but since it introduced too in the game. It may be possible to with the mechanics using range, but Shamans no longer lose aggression and cannot like in the past.

Wrapping Up

To more modern content, Shamen are not too difficult and rewarding if you  do them for slayer tasks (then get more gold for runescape). Nowadays, most of the people you see camping them are Ironmen going for their Dragon Warhammer, which is essential for soloing other end-game bosses. As long as you take the safety precautions mentioned, there isn’t a high chance of dying during the fight.

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