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Jun-03-2019 PST

The King Black Dragon in Old School RuneScape can certainly be a formidable foe. It is usually one of the player’s first bossing experiences, due to the fact it is mid-game content, which is when the real bossing starts. Even if you’re extremely high-level, you’ll still need to understand what you’re doing, the strategies and gear you’ll need which is why this guide exists.

The King Black Dragon can yield you anywhere from 200k to 1 million OSRS GP per hour, depending on current market rates. Also, you have a chance of getting the pet! The prince black dragon is certainly an amazing pet to carry around. Let’s move onto the requirements.


The requirements for the King Black Dragon boss are certainly not low, but they are not outrageously high. An additional note is that if you have friends or join a clan, you don’t need such high requirements, at the cost of splitting rewards which can highly reduce profits but also results in faster kill times. It is recommended to solo this boss if you’re intending on farming it for rewards. If you’re looking for the pet, it can actually drop to one of your friends – even if they already have the pet (it just isn’t an acknowledged drop).

Hence, soloing the boss is recommended unless you just want to get a few kills while lower level. If you are lower level (less than 60/60/60), there is a much higher risk of you being killed by player killers. The boss is actually relatively safe, but you need to access it through the wilderness. It is only relatively safe because you only have to run for a few seconds, but that is enough for pures to absolutely demolish you if you’re in their combat range and additionally lack defence levels. They manipulate the game by having incredibly high attack and strength, whilst having no defence (but still, some defensive gear and bonuses and are well-equipped). This means they can demolish you in a matter of seconds, in a couple of attacks, especially with a spec (special attack) used against you. While it may take more time and more gold to level higher to the requirements, it is recommended rather than just leaning on a group. 


Ranging this boss is the recommended method. KBD has impeccable magical defence, and as we know from the combat triangle, ranged is effective against magic. Here are the requirements:

· 70 Ranged. Any higher is a bonus.

· 44 prayer. The higher the better in this case.

· 70 hitpoints. Attack and strength don’t really matter aside from it affecting your combat level which could put you in the combat bracket of pures.

As for your inventory:

· 2 Prayer potions.

· 1 Range potion.

· Antifire potion.

· Super anti-poison, because KBD may occasionally hit you with poison. An anti-poison is acceptable but may make trips shorter.

· The rest of your inventory should be food that restores a high amount of hitpoints. For example, sharks, pineapple pizzas, monkfish (for tick-eating).

· A looting bag is optional. Increases the number of drops you can store, but you will need to leave the KBD lair (which is non-wilderness). You hit a lever to store your drops in the wilderness but can also be attacked.


· Blessed d’hide or the best dragonhide you can wear. Karil’s can replace d’hide. If you want to be extremely optimal and have wealth, Armadyl gear can be used.

· Amulet of glory, or amulet of fury and necklace of anguish if you’re extra-wealthy.

· Ava’s assembler or Ava’s accumulator is a given.

· Barrows gloves or blessed vambraces/d’hide vambraces.

· Blessed boots, or ranger boots. Use Pegasian boots if you’re extra-wealthy.

· Archers ring or ring of life can be used if you don’t have an Archers ring.

· Order of crossbows (worst to best): Rune, Dragon, Armadyl and Dragon Hunter crossbows can all be used.

· Anti-dragon shield or the Dragonfire ward if you have it.


Melee is perfectly acceptable but does have higher requirements.

· 80+ attack. 80+ strength. 70+ defence, 70+ hitpoints.

· 44+ prayer, 70+ recommended.


· Super combat potion.

· 4 prayer potions.

· 2 extended anti-fires.

· One or two super anti-poisons.

· Food such as pineapple pizzas, sharks and monkfish (for tick-eating).

· Looting bag can be used, same as the ranging method.

As for gear:

· Simply wear the best gear you have. Whether that’s Rune or Dragon.

· Amulet of glory is fine; you can also use the amulet of fury or amulet of torture if you have them.

· Barrows gear is optimal or Bandos if you have it.

· Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield are needed.

· Weapons (worst to best): abyssal whip, abyssal dagger (p++), Ghrazi rapier and the Dragon hunter lance.

You can also substitute melee gear for prayer gear if you have high stats.


Use the burning amulet to teleport to the Lava Maze and run west. This is a short run but only bring three or four expensive items as you can get killed here. This may mean using budget gear such as dragonhide rather than full Armadyl.

Always have an anti-dragonfire potion active. Protect from Magic will not offer much resistance against dragon fire attacks which can hit up to 65.

Always attack from a melee distance, even if you’re ranging. You will take less damage as fewer attacks will be used against you (particularly the dragon fire attacks), additionally, always use ‘Protect from Melee’.

Other than this, it is mainly down to having the correct gear. Also, ensure you’re aware the respawn time of KBD is nine seconds.

Conclusion & rewards

We hope this guide has been informative for you! The King Black Dragon should be an easy boss for you to defeat now that you’re well-equipped with information. You will also have the chance of drops like the draconic visage which is worth five million RUNESCAPE Gold and the pet. Best of luck and have fun bossing out there!