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​OSRS In Search of Knowledge Mini-Quest Guide


​OSRS In Search of Knowledge Mini-Quest Guide


In the following quest, you have to assist Brother Aimeri to uncover the mysteries that lie within the Forthos Dungeon. It involves filling three tomes that are found in the Forthos Dungeon’s Temple Library.

Items Required

· 5x Pieces of Food (Meat, Fish, or Vegetables)

· Slash Weapon/Knife (To cut through the webs)

· Combat Equipment (at least level 45 combat)


First, head to the Forthos Dungeon and start killing monsters to retrieve Tattered Sun, Tattered Moon, and Tattered Temple Pages. You need to gather four of each as they’ll be used later in the quest.

You can kill any monsters you prefer; however, a good suggestion would be Temple Spiders since they have a better drop rate (1/30), and they are quick to kill.

To start the quest, you need to heal an injured monk named Brother Aimeri, who can be found near the entrance of Sarachnis. You need to give him 5 food pieces for him to regain his full health.

Once that’s done, ask him who he is to know the origin of his religion. After that, he’ll ask you to let him know if you come across anything interesting in the dungeon. Finally, when you say that you’ll keep your eyes open, the quest will start. Make sure to complete the dialogue, or else you won’t be able to obtain the tomes.

Now, head west to reach a room with Undead Druids. It’s recommended that you have Protect from Magic prayer active as their attacks are highly accurate.

Next, search all but the north-western shelves in the Temple Library to obtain three tomes: Tome of the Sun, Moon, and Temple.

Bear in mind that if you die within the dungeon, the books will be lost for good. You’ll have to search the bookshelves again to obtain them.

Use the retrieved pages on their respective tomes to fill them. Finally, use it on Logosia in the center of the Arceuus Library to be rewarded with a Lamp of Knowledge. The lamp grants 10,000 XP in a skill of your choice (needs to be at least level 40).

At the end of the quest, if you have any additional pages, you can sell them to Logosia for 1,000 GP OSRS per page. You can stop receiving them by telling Logosia that you’re going to stop looking for Sun, Moon, and Temple pages. And if you need more OSRS gold, you can go to rsgoldfast buy easy.

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