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OSRS Guide to Crystal Equipment

Aug-13-2019 PST

One of the most anticipated features of Song of the Elves is the new crystal equipment, especially the full armor set. Just like with legacy crystal items, items will have charges and will degrade over time. Using crystal shards from various activities around town, these new osrs items can be recharged or created using crystal singing.

What is Crystal Singing?

Crystal singing was taught to the elves by Seren and it’s the source of their crystal equipment. Singing bowls are found throughout Prifddinas and players will use it to craft or repair their gear. Crystal singing is also found in The Gauntlet to create fantasy items that cannot be taken outside.

Crystal shards will be used in combination with every seed or component and award players with crafting and smithing experience. There is also a minimum requirement for each piece of gear, although it isn’t too high for mid-level players.

Crystal Armor

Requirements: Level 70-74 Crafting & Smithing, Song of the Elves

Crystal armor consists of a helmet, plate body, and plate legs. Since the armor isn’t too unique compared to other high-level options, it was designed with giving accuracy and damage bonuses to crystal weapons. A full set equipped will give 15% damage and 30% accuracy to the crystal bow and partial bonuses are given if players choose to only equip one piece.

The crystal helmet only requires 1 seed to create, while the plate body requires three and the plate legs require 2. For someone just looking for a slight damage boost, or an alternative to a dragonhide coif, this may be the more economical option.

Crystal Tools

Requirements: 76 Smithing & Crafting, Song of the Elves

Crystal tool seeds may be attached to the dragon axe, pickaxe, and harpoon into new crystalline skilling tools. Charges may be brought up to 20,000, and it will degrade while in use. It has still yet to be determined by efficient players if the charges are worth the money over the slight increase in performance.

The axe is 5% more effective than the dragon axe and retains the same boost with its special attack. The pickaxe is 25% more effective than a rune pickaxe while retaining the same special attack. The harpoon is a whopping 35% more efficient and also retains the same special attack boost.

Crystal Bow, Halberd & Shield

Requirements: 78 Smithing & Crafting & Song of the Elves OR Roving Elves

These three weapons are the first featured in the game and do not require Song of the Elves to use. While it is more economical to create them via singing bowls, crystal weapon seeds can be recharged by Ilfeen for mere coins (starting at 750,000 and progressing lower each time).

The bow is unique as it doesn’t need ammunition and can be used until it runs out of charges. Considering it has a long-range attack, it is ideal for boss fights needing a large distance like the Lizardman Shaman safe spot. The damage is the equivalent of Runite arrows, but with higher accuracy and slower firing speed.

The crystal halberd is a very powerful 2-handed weapon with a 118 strength bonus, although it is rather slow. This weapon is commonly used for its special attack, which can hit up to 10 enemies at once. It is useful if training slayer in multi-combat, such as Dust Devils.

The crystal shield isn’t very exceptional compared to other end-game shields, but it does offer the highest ranged bonus in the game. It is useful for taking Armadyl or possibly used by range tanks in PvP. Since crystal singing offers a new means to recharge it, ironmen may be tempted to use it more often.

Enhanced crystal key

Requirements: 80 Crafting & 80 Smithing, Song of the Elves

Crystal shards may be combined with regular crystal keys to open up the Elven Crystal Chest. This chest has similar rewards as the regular crystal chest, but it also gives the chance to drop the new Dragonstone armor. Shards also have the chance to drop, acting as a source to create new keys or to recharge your crystal weapons.

Final Thoughts

Considering that crystal shards are not tradeable, this encourages even main accounts to join in on activities in Prifddinas. This may include training agility at the new course, competing in The Gauntlet, or making money from the Zalcano boss. Singing is also a viable way to recharge crystal bows and shields instead of paying the hefty osrs gold price from Ilfeen.