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​OSRS Getting Ahead Quest Guide

Jan-03-2021 PST

An intermediate quest that is first in line in the quest series of Twisted Tales. These quests are short and take place in Great Kourend, as well as Kebo’s Lowlands. In this quest, you’ll have to bring the head of a deadly beast to discover that the beast is actually headless.

Skill Requirements

- 30 Crafting

- 26 Construction

Items Required

- Bear or Grey Wolf Fur

- Soft Clay or a Pickaxe to mine

- Hammer (Can be obtained near the cattle gate)

- Saw (Can be obtained in the shed north of the house)

- 2 Planks (Can be obtained near the cave entrance)

- 6 Nails (Can be obtained from the workbench north of the house)

- Knife (Can be obtained from the kitchen table in the house)

- Red Dye (Can be obtained from the shelves in the house)

- Pot of Flour, Needle, Thread (Can be obtained by heading upstairs in the house)

Recommended Items

- Skills Necklace / Battlefront Teleport / Fairy Ring Teleport (c*i*l)

Enough combat level to fight a level 82 NPC (Beast)

Start the mission by addressing Gordon in his ranch, only south of the Farming Guild. Inquire as to whether he needs a hand with anything, and he'll disclose to you that some odd monster has been taking his domesticated animals, and is looking for a globe-trotter to help them, as the Shayzien warriors are caught up with managing lizardmen to help. Consent to help him, and he'll disclose to you he doesn't have the foggiest idea where the monster is, yet he'll advise you to have a go at asking his better half, Mary, who is in their home. Mary will reveal to you that the monster just comes in the night, so they've never gotten the opportunity to get a legitimate gander at it. She recommends, notwithstanding, that if the monster was covered in flour, it very well may be simpler to find.

In the event that you don't as of now have a pot of flour, go higher up and take one. While here, accept the needle and string also, as you'll require them later. Converse with Gordon once more, who will reveal to you that the monster has been chiefly focusing on their cows, and he had constructed an entryway by their pen to give keeping it a shot. Pour the pot of flour by the southern door; only north of the extension, and you'll start to see a path of flour going toward the south. Prior to following the monster, take the mallet by the entryway to use towards the finish of the journey.

Follow the path of flour, which closes at the Kebo’s Lowlands mine. Prior to entering the cavern, take the two boards by the messed-up paddle boat and mine some dirt, as it will be utilized later. Enter the cavern to do fight with the Headless Beast. The Headless Beast utilizes scuffle assaults and has an exceptional assault where it hammers the ground, bringing about a huge stone smashing on the player. The stone can be tried not to by step away before it hits the ground. The monster can be protected spotted by catching it around the lake, where it will never play out the uncommon assault. 

After slaughtering the monster, search the skeleton close by to get Neilan's diary, uncovering the monster was crafted by a magician from the territory. Re-visitation of Gordon, who won't pay you as you can't demonstrate you've executed the monster.

Converse with Mary, who recommends having you make a phoney head by means of the utilization of mud displaying to trick her better half. Utilize a blade and a bit of delicate mud to make an earth head and re-visitation of Gordon. Still not persuaded, add bear hide to the head to make a hide head and address him once more. He will stay unconvinced, so add a red colour, which can be found via looking the racks close to the steps in the house, to make a grisly head. The grisly head will, at last, persuade him, and he asks that you mount the head in his home. A Mounted Head Space will show up by the flight of stairs in the house. Players will require a sledge, saw, nails of any sort, and two boards.

A sledge can be found by the entryway where you poured the flour, while the saw can be found by the little horse shelter with the antiquated hardware. The workbench inside can likewise be looked for twenty iron nails. Subsequent to mounting the ridiculous head, re-visitation of Gordon again.

Quest Rewards

· 1 Quest Point

· 3,000 Gold Coins

· 4,000 Experience in Crafting

· 3,200 Experience in Construction

· Access to a tannery in the Kebo’s Lowlands. You can speak to Mary to access the tanning services.

General Points

- The name of the mission is a joke, as the player must get ahead, yet a phoney one, to finish the journey.

- This mission is comparative in reason to A Porcine of Interest, which was delivered two months earlier. In the two missions, the player helps an upset rancher murder a monster that is undermining their animals and brings back something to demonstrate their deed.

- Other than the earth head, Gordon can be indicated sure different things to endeavour to demonstrate the bear was executed, bringing about extra discourse where he is unconvinced by them.

- Neilan's diary makes him state anybody might have composed it.

- The enormous bones make him state that the bones might have been from anyplace.

- The ensouled bear head makes him state that the monster was something other than a simple bear, and he advises you to return to work finding the genuine head.

- The Bear head from Mountain Daughter makes him state that the head is important for an ensemble.

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