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​OSRS Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

Sep-13-2021 PST


A very short quest in which you will have to locate the cat named Fluffs. This task will be given to you by the cat over Gertrude, and once you successfully complete the quest, you will be able to adopt a companion of your own! So, let’s begin.


There are no skill or quest requirements needed for this quest since it’s a very short one. However, you will need a few items, such as Bucket of Milk, 100 GP, Seasoned Sardine (Can be bought from the Grand Exchange), or Raw Sardine and Doogle Leaves (Can be bought from Gerrant’s Fishy Business, or picked south of Gertrude’s house, respectively).

Other than that, it’s recommended that you have the following items for quick travel; Skill Necklace (Cooks’ Guild), Varrock Teleport, Lumberyard Teleport, Ring of Charos (a) to choose a colour for your kitten, and an Axe (if you wish to complete the Easy Varrock Diary task in the Lumber Yard).


To start this quest, you must first speak to Gertrude, who is located in a house west of the Varrock City and south of the Cooks’ Guild. She will bring it to your notice that her cat named Fluffs has gone missing, and she will ask you to go speak to her children to find out more. So, go to the Varrock square and speak to any of the two boys there to know about their secret playground. However, they will only tell you the location if you pay them 100 gold coins. Once you know the location, head to the Lumberyard, which is located northeast of the Varrock city, and bring along a Raw Sardine, Doogle Leaf, and a Bucket of Milk.

Once you reach the Lumberyard, climb over the southern fence that is broken and straight away head to the middle of the yard to climb up the ladder. Over there, you will find Fluffs, but when you try to pick her up, she will ‘hiss’ at you. So, you will now need to use a Bucket of Milk on her and try again, and she will do exactly the same thing away. Now, use the Doogle Leaf on the Raw Sardine to make a Seasoned Sardine, and give it to Fluffs. You still won’t be able to pick her up, because it seems that she is afraid to leave the area, and that’s when you will hear a few kittens mewing at a distance.

Climb down the ladder and search the nearby crates that have the ‘Search Crate’, along with the ‘Mew!’ option on them. Keep performing this task, until you find Fluffs’ Kitten. Now, click on continue to place the Kitten in your inventory, and in any case, if the Kitten doesn’t appear, you can log out and log back in to trigger the appearance. Don’t think about dropping the Kitten, because it will run away and you will have to search for it again. Once you have the kitten in your inventory, go back up the ladder and use it on Fluffs, which will trigger them to run back home. Finally, go back and speak to Gertrude to complete the quest.


The rewards aren’t much, but they’re worth it because players complete this quest to obtain the ability to adopt their own companion. The rewards are – 1 Quest Points, 1,525 Experience in Cooking, Own Kitten, Chocolate Cake, Stew, and the perk to purchasing Kittens for 100 GP each from Gertrude herself.

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