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​OSRS Freeing Skrach Uglogwee Guide

Jan-25-2021 PST

Skarch Uglogwee needs to be protected from the Culinaromancer and to do that you’ll have to feed him a cooked jubbly bird. This bird is the most delicious Chompy in the Feldip Hills.

Skill Requirements

· 41 Cooking

· 20 Fire Making

Quest Requirements

· Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Items Required

· An axe

· A Raw Chompy (Multiple if you have a low cooking level)

· An Iron Spit (Can be made on an anvil with an iron bar)

· A log

· A tinderbox

· A pickaxe

· Ogre bellows

· A ball of wool

· An ogre or comp ogre bow with ogre arrows

Recommended Items

· A Dramen or Lunar staff (To access the fairy ring)

· A Feldip hills teleport

· Amulet of glory (To access Karamja)

· Anti-Poison

· A chisel, knife, feathers and a weapon if you are making your own ogre arrows


Make your way to the Lumbridge castle and inspect Skarch Uglogwee. Gypsy Aris will tell you that to unfreeze him, you’ll have to feed him a jubbly chompy bird. She will also suggest you talk to Rantz in Feldip Hills.

Rants lives east of the Feldip Hills, near the water. Just look for him in the north-eastern part, outside the cave. An easier way to get to the hills is using the fairy ring (a*k*s). Talk to him and he’ll agree to help you under one condition, that is to help him travel to Karamja to make some type of a potion.

At the end of the conversation, he’ll ask you to meet him south-east of the cave. So just follow the coastline towards the south and then east from where you first talked to him. Upon reaching, you’ll come across an old tree just at the water’s edge (right next to the willow trees). Talk to him again, and he’ll ask you to cut down the old tree to turn it into a boat. Use your hatchet on the tree twice and a crude boat will be ready.

Make sure that you have both raw chompies and logs before heading to Kramaja. The items can be bought from the Grand Exchange or you can kill some chompies near to where you’re standing, as well as cut willows using your hatchet for some logs.

The quickest way to karamja is using the fairy ring (c*k*r) or using a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport scroll. Once you’ve reached, head north-west of the village (Tai Bwo Wannai) and south-west from the general store. You’ll come across a beach, where you’ll have to look for a small palm tree with an ogre arrow on it (The area will be marked with a transportation sign on your mini-map). Now you’ll follow the below steps: Start a fire under the palm tree

1. Use the iron spit on the chompy

2. Cook the chompy on the fire

If it is successfully cooked, the Rantz’s kids will bring the boat and take you back to Rantz.

Talk to Rantz, and he’ll ask you to make a balloon toad use as bait. So, first, go to the swamp just west of Rantz and fill your Ogre Bellows with Swamp Bubbles. Now, find a swamp toad nearby and use the bellows on it to get a bloated toad item in your inventory. Next, head west of the swamp just next to the fairy ring and mine one of the 3 piles of rocks. In the end, when you have all the items in your inventory (rock, toad and a ball of wool), use the bellows on the bloated toad once more to get a balloon toad.

Make sure that the ogre bellows is filled with swamp bubbles or else it won’t work.

Go to the south area of Rantz’s cave or the area east of the gnome glider and drop the balloon toad. In any case, if no bird spawns in those areas, you can place the toad next to the blue flower in the grounds just like in the quest ‘Hunting Chompy Bird’. Once placed, wait for a Jubbly (level 11) and kill it once it appears with your ogre bow. Pluck it, take the meat and then cook it on Rantz’s spit just outside his cave.

Once you have the cooked jubbly meat, go back to the Lumbridge castle and give it to Skarch which will result in the quest being completed.

Quest Rewards

- 1 quest point

- 1,500 Woodcutting experience

- 1,500 Cooking experience

- 1,500 Crafting experience

- 1,500 Ranged experience

- Able to use the boat trip to travel between Karamja and Feldip Hills. (You must pay a fee of chompies or exotic herbs that can be found on Karamja, such as rogue's purse.)

- (Further) access to the Culinaromancer's chest

- The ability to hunt Jubblies. (Counts for 1 point when hunting Chompies, though provides more range experience when killed, and Big Bones as a drop when killed, and the Raw jubbly gives more experience when cooked than a Raw chompy).

- 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

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