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​OSRS Fishing Contest Quest Guide

Feb-22-2020 PST

Hello and welcome to our Old School Runescape Fishing Contest quest guide. This is an important members only quest to complete as it gives access to the following quests: “Recipe for Disaster”, “Forgettable Tale” and “Between a Rock”. It also gives access to the White Wolf Mountain underground tunnel, which is very useful especially if you are a low combat level and wish to avoid the wolves, it can also reduce travel time. This is the 26th released quest, released way back in 2002 and developed by Jagex co-founder Paul Gower

In this guide I will also cover the necessary steps an ironman account should take in order to complete it. The quest is considered novice difficult and has an official length of short. The description of the quest, given by Jagex is as follows: “The mountain Dwarves' home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf Mountain safely. However, the Dwarves aren't too fond of strangers. They will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.”

There is only one requirement for this quest and it is level 10 fishing, with no boosts allowed. The following items are all required: 5 coins (although if you are an ironman or otherwise need to buy a fishing rod from Jack you should bring 10), fishing pass (this non-tradeable item is only obtainable during the quest), garlic (obtainable during the quest), a fishing rod (unless you bring the money for one), 3 red vine worms (also obtainable during the quest) and a spade.

There are a few recommended items that will help speed things up a bit or help lower level accounts, they are: a skills necklace (to the fishing guild located in Hemenster), a combat bracelet (for its teleport to the ranging guild, which is close to Hemenster, the fishing village where most of this quest takes place), food (to deal with some enemies you may face along the way, although none of which are you required to kill), a games necklace or Camelot teleport, fairy ring access which will speed up travel and also a teleport out of the quest location at the end is also not a bad idea.

Starting Off

Unlike with most quests, there are actually two places to start this quest and they are located at either entrance to the tunnel that goes under White Wolf Mountain (to the east and west of it). Attempt to go down it and a dwarf will stop you, telling you that that tunnel is only for use by Mountain Dwarves. Use the dialogue sequence about asking to become the dwarf's friends (“If you were my friend I wouldn't mind it”, “And how am I meant to do that”), the dwarf accepts that if you were his friend then he would let you through. He comes up with a plan, the western town of Hemenster is having a fishing contest and he would like you to win the golden trophy on his behalf, this is because whilst dwarves love gold they aren't that good at fishing. After you agree to help the dwarf will give you a fishing pass, which you can use to enter the contest.

Preparing the Items

Some parts of this section aren't needed if you prepared items beforehand, for example by purchasing them at the grand exchange, although all players will need to retrieve the red vine worm as it is an untradeable it. To get a spade there are a few locations, depending on which side of the mountain you are on will help you choose which to go for. If you are on the east side then visit the building in Falador with the house icon, there will be a spade spawn inside it. For people on the west side you can go to Ardougne farm shop and buy one.

In Seers' Village go to the house just south west of the bank and pick up some garlic, you will find it on the table. Next make your way to the northern side of McGrubor's Woods and squeeze through the part of the railing that has been slightly damaged, you do this because the normal entrance via the southern gate isn't possible as it is locked. Once inside the woods you should be careful around the level 44 guard dogs, especially if you are a low level yourself. Locate the red vine within the woods and then collect 3 worms from it.

The Competition

Leave the woods via the same damaged railing in the north and make you way south to Hemenster, if you wish to use teleports then it is located just south of Seers' Village near the Ranging Guild. If you need a fishing rod then you can visit the house on the north side of Hemenster and Grandpa Jack, who lives there, will sell you one for just 5 gp. Once at the fishing village, locate Morris by the entrance, show him your fishing pass and he will let you enter the competition. When you are inside the main fishing area place your garlic into the pipes along the southern wall near where the Sinister Stranger is planning to fish. Find Bozo and pay him 5 gp to start the contest. Immediately the Sinister Stranger (who is actually a vampire wearing a poor disguise) will complain about the horrible smell of the garlic and choose to move spaces, leaving his space (which is the best) available for you.

Start fishing in the spot the Sinister Stranger was in previously, using the red vine worms as bait, you will eventually catch a giant carp (this is a scripted event, as long as you are fishing here with the red vine worm as bait you will catch it). Go back to Bozo, speak to him and show him your giant carp, he will announce you as the winner of the fishing competition. Once you receive the trophy head back to either side of White Wolf Mountain and hand your golden trophy over to the dwarf at the tunnel entrance. He will be so pleased and allow you to use the tunnel whenever you want. The quest is now completed, aside from access to the tunnel you will also receive: 1 quest point, 2437 fishing experience and the ability to catch minnows in the fishing guild when you have a full angler outfit set and level 82 fishing.

Thanks for reading this guide to the quest Fishing Contest for Old School Runescape. If you'd like to read more guides about many OSRS subjects, including questing, skilling, minigames and much more then please stick around as guides will be uploaded to this site regularly. Also remember, grinding for gp in OSRS can be a dull and tiresome experience and detract from all the exciting content the game has to offer, if you'd like to bypass that process and get to the action you can purchase OSRS gold for a reasonable price here on as well as account training and various other services.