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​OSRS Farming Guide

Jul-10-2019 PST

Farming is one of the most unique skills in the game since it is trained passively. Some find the skill to be profitable while others spend millions of osrs gold to quickly train it up. Within this OSRS Farming Guide, we will go over a few angles of training until Level 99.

What Do I Need to Know about Farming?

Farming is all about having daily and weekly crop rotations, with most people focusing on fruit trees, wood trees and herb patches for experience. The skill is much more dynamic with recent additions like the Farming Guild, Seaweed patches and the Fossil Island rare tree patches. If you have more money and time to invest, you can add more patches to your rotation to squeeze out more potential experience.

Utilizing The Farming Guild

The farming guild came out in early 2019 and made the skill more dynamic and rewarding. With a mere 45 farming and 60% Hosidius favor, it is quite accessible to most players and more Farming capes are flooding into the game.

This new guild includes several extra farming patches, farming contracts and the Hespori boss. In terms of leveling, this guild will add more potential experience to your daily farming runs. Seed packs are obtainable from contracts, which are amazing for Ironmen.

Recommended Quests

In order to get the most out of Farming, there are a few quests you should unlock. If you plan on gathering Herbs, the magic secateurs from Fairy Tale Part I are invaluable due to the increased herbs from each patch. You might as well do Fairy Tale Part II for access to the Fair Ring Network to make traveling to each patch easier.

Completing My Arm’s Big Adventure and Making Friends with My Arm adds two disease-free herb patches that are relatively easy to access. With the completion of The Great Brain Robbery and the Elite Morytania Diary, an extra herb patch is unlocked on Harmony Island. Using a Harmony Island teleport tab, it is easy to access.

While not mandatory, Bone Voyage unlocks access to two seaweed patches and three rare tree patches. Planting Mahagony trees will give you a whopping 15,720 experience each every 85 hours.

What an Efficient Rotation Looks Like

It would be helpful to keep the Tool Leprechaun well stocked with composts or have a bottomless compost bucket.

Your inventory should contain:

· Teleports (rune, ectophial, max cape, teleport scrolls, jewelry, etc…)

· A Spade, seed dibbler, rake, and magic secateurs

· Seeds and saplings

· Noted fruit baskets and other farmer payment items

Your run order may look something like this:

· Harmony Island for the herb patch (use a Harmony Island teleport tablet)

· South of Hosidius House for the herb patch (use Xeric’s talisman to teleport)

· Weiss for the disease-free herb patch (use the Icy Basalt to teleport)

· Trollheim for the disease-free herb patch (use Trollheim teleport)

· North of Ardougne for the herb patch (use Ardougne Cape 2 to teleport)

· Catherby for the herb patch (use Camelot teleport)

· Canafis for the herb patch (use the ectophial to teleport)

· South of Falador for the herb patch (using the Explorers’ Ring to teleport)

· Lletya for the tree patch (use the teleport crystal to get there)

· Brimhaven for the tree patch (brimhaven house teleport or take the boat from Ardougne)

· East of Catherby for the fruit patch (ideally completed within the same herb run)

· West of the Tree Gnome maze for the fruit patch (teleport using a tree spirit)

· Farming guild for multiple patches, including the fruit tree, normal tree, cactus, bush, Anima and Hespori patches. (teleport using a Skilling necklace)

· Gnome Stronghold for the tree and fruit tree patches (using the tree spirit teleport)

· Lumbridge Castle tree patch (using Lumbridge teleport)

· Varrock tree patch (using Varrock teleport)

· Falador Park tree patch (using Falador teleport)

· Taverly tree patch (using Falador teleport or House teleport)

· Fossil Island seaweed patches and hardwood patches (teleport using a digsite pendant)

· Hosidius Vinery grape patches (use the Tithe Farm minigame teleport)

The Tithe Farm Minigame

For those that are impatient for their crops to grow, the Tithe Farm Minigame is the only significant form of active experience in this skill. A minimum of 34 farming is required, although you would get the most out of it at Level 74 If done with full concentration, it is possible to net over 100,000 experience per hour.

Players will plant their seeds in every patch and it takes only 3 minutues to grow, making it quite fast paced. Plants should then immediately be harvested and put into sacks before they wilt. While you may go between patches in any order you please, going in a zig zag motion would be ideal.

What Is the Most Profitable Herb to Grow?

Herbs are pretty much the main reason why people regularly do farming, especially at mid level. Other seeds are pretty much a drain in favor of fast experience while herbs produce something highly valuable. It is also the most significant way for Ironmen to get herbs to train Herblore.

While prices always vary, Rannar or Toadflax are the go-to herbs to make a profit, albeit being rather low in total experience. It is important to take advantage of the new disease-free patches as you are guaranteed profit since disease is still a risk when planting herbs. Since herb patches take 80 minutes to grow, it is possible to do it multiple times a day for increased daily profit.

Final Thoughts

Farming is a skill that takes patience, but with the help of the Farming Guild, it is still relatively easy to  get Level 99. Many players will opt to get up to a certain level to plant profitable herbs, meet quest requirements or diaries rather than go all the way. Whatever your goal may be, keep this OSRS Farming Guide in mind while planning for your skilling adventure.