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​OSRS Fairy Ring Overview

Feb-12-2022 PST


Members of RuneScape unlock the Fairy Ring Network after the quests ‘Fairy Tale 1 & 2.’ They need to get permission from the Fairy Godmother herself to use it. There are a total of 45 teleportation rings that are spread across the game. They offer fast travel services to remote locations around the world.

You need a Dramen or Lunar Staff to gain access to the teleportation system, along with a set of letter codes that direct you to the location you desire to travel to. If you’ve completed the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary, then you don’t need any staff to use the rings.

There are several rings that cannot be used until or unless a set of quests are completed. Players who have a Construction level of 85 can build a Fairy Ring of their own in their Superior Garden.

When you use a Fairy Ring, a travel log pops out, which shows the recent locations you’ve visited. It’s quite useful if you’re planning to travel to the same area more than once in a given set of times. You can mark up to four codes as your favorite ones.

Locations: Fairy Ring Quick Access

P.O.H (Player-Owned House), where the fairy ring is placed in the Superior Garden. Quest Point Cape teleport to get to the Legends’ Guild, where the fairy ring is nearby. Slayer Ring to get to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, where the player stands east of the fairy ring. Achievement Diary Cape teleports to get to Le-Sabre, where the player stands east of the fairy ring.

Salve Graveyard Teleport, where the player stands west of the fairy ring. Arceuus Library Teleport, where the player stands south of the fairy ring. Necklace of Passage to get to the Wizard’s Tower, where the player stands north of the fairy ring. Ring of Wealth to get to Miscellania, where the player stands southeast of the fairy ring.

Take the Yanille Teleport, go through the western gates, and then travel north to locate the fairy ring. Ardougne Cloak to get to the Monastery, and then head east past the Tower of Life to locate it. Ring of Wealth to get to the Grand Exchange, and then head northwest, followed by south to reach the fairy ring.

Amulet of Glory to get to Edgeville, and then cross the bridge east, and go south to find it. Ectophial teleport, where the fairy ring is southwest. Skills Necklace/Farming Cape to teleport to the Farming Guild, where the fairy ring is northeast.

Locations: Fairy Ring Closest Banks

The bank in Shayzien through the Chasm of Fire (d*j*r). Players who have both a Fairy Ring and Spirit Tree in their P.O.H can use the Farming Guild for quicker bank access; however, it required level 85 in Farming and a Spirit Tree planted in the guild.

Locations: Fairy Ring Closest Altar

The altar in Mudskipper Point (a*i*q). Or, the P.O.H Chapel/Pool through d*i*q if a network has been built in the Superior Garden. Alternatively, you can use the code: b*i*p to get to the altar in Nature Grotto (requirement is 50 Agility). The altar in this area boosts your prayer by 2 points over your existing level.

Fairy Ring Combination Codes

A Combinations

Asgarnia: Mudskipper Point(aiq). Islands: South-east of Ardougne(air). Dungeons: Cave south of Dorgesh-Kaan(ajq). Kandarin: Slayer cave south-east of Rellekka(ajr). Islands: Penguins near Miscellania(ajs). Kandarin: Piscatoris Hunter area(akq). Feldip Hills: Feldip Hunter area(aks). Islands: Lighthouse( alp). Morytania: Haunted Woods east of Canifis(alq). Other Realms: Abyssal Area(alr). Kandarin: McGrubor's Wood(als).

B Combinations

Islands: South-west of Mort Myre(bip). Kharidian Desert near Kalphite Hive(biq). Kandarin: Ardougne Zoo - Unicorns(bis). Other Realms: Realm of the Fisher King(bjr). Islands: Near Zul-Andra(bjs). Feldip Hills: South of Castle Wars(bkp). Other Realms: Enchanted Valley(bkq). Morytania: Mort Myre Swamp, south of Canifis(bkr). Other Realms: Zanaris(bks). Dungeons: TzHaar area(blp). Kandarin: Legends' Guild(blr).

C Combinations

Islands: Miscellania(cip). Kandarin: North-west of Yanille(ciq). Kebos Lowlands: South of Mount Karuulm(cir). Great Kourend: Arceuus Library(cis). Kandarin: Sinclair Mansion (east)(cjr). Other Realms: Cosmic entity's plane(ckp). Karamja: South of Tai Bwo Wannai Village(ckr). Morytania: Canifis(cks). Islands: South of Draynor Village(clp). Islands: Ape Atoll(clr). Islands: Hazelmere's home(cls).

D Combinations

Other Realms: Abyssal Nexus(dip). Player-owned house Superior Garden(diq). Other Realms: Gorak's Plane(dir). Misthalin: Wizards' Tower(dis). Kandarin: Tower of Life(djp). Great Kourend: Chasm of Fire(djr). Karamja: South of Musa Point(dkp). Misthalin: Edgeville(dkr). Fremennik: Polar Hunter area(dks). Kharidian Desert: North of Nardah(dlq). Islands: Poison Waste south of Isafdar(dlr). Dungeons: Myreque hideout under The Hollows(dls).

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