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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide At RSGoldFast

Jun-20-2023 PST

Every player who has taken a short break from OSRS has the same question running through their mind; should I directly jump into the game as a P2P player, or make a new account and utilize the old school methods to purchase a bond.

Such players struggle a lot because making money as a F2P player has its limit; however, for those who still want to run down that road and purchase OSRS membership via in-game gold, we have done some research and listed down the most efficient methods to help.

Note: Any item that you pick from the Wilderness cannot be sold until you have either seven Quest Points, 24 hours in-game playtime, or have upgraded the account from F2P to P2P.

Method #1

Wilderness looting is a very risky method, but the most beneficial one at the same time. As soon as you’re done with the Tutorial Island, you can walk your way to Edgeville and start making money. Since you’ll have to enter the PVP zone, there are chances of being killed by other players, so be careful. A plus point is that there aren’t many player killers who would bother killing level 3’s, thus, your competition is among the other level 3 looters wandering around.

First, switch to world 308, and then head to Edgeville. It’s recommended that you carry some food in your inventory for safety reasons. Once you’ve switched to W308, you can walk across the Wilderness line and pick whatever you see. You’d actually be surprised by what other players leave behind. You can make about 40k to 85k per hour through this method.

Method #2

Once you have a little starter cash to push through, you can start purchasing Woad Leaves. You have to first head to the northeastern part of Falador city and enter the garden area to locate the NPC called ‘Wyson the Gardener.’ Speak to him about purchasing Woad Leaves, and he’ll place an offer for 20 GP. He’ll give you two Woad Leaves for 20 GP, which are worth around 104 GP at the Grand Exchange. You can make about 30k to 60k per hour through this method.

Method #3

After building decent capital on your account, you can visit the Grand Exchange and start purchasing Chocolate Bars. After that, use a Knife on the Chocolate Bar (no requirements) to make Chocolate Dust. For each bar that you turn into dust, there’s a 14 GP margin, and each inventory will take about 15 to 20 seconds to convert. You can make about 65k to 75k per hour through this method.

Method #4

Another method that not many players know about is purchasing food from the Wydins store, which is located in Port Sarim. The items that are sold at the store are lower than the price listed at the Grand Exchange. With a few good clicks and a world-hopping technique, you can make about 70k to 75k per hour through this method.

Method #5

Purchasing Feather Packs is known to be one of the best money-making methods for F2P players. The technique entirely depends on the price of Feather, which is usually at 2GP. You can easily make about 100k to 300k per hour through this method.

Start by purchasing 10 Feather Packs from the NPC named Gerrant in Port Sarim. The cost would be about 200GP per pack, which rounds off to 2,000 coins per 10 Feather Packs, for osrs f2p money make. Now, open the packs, hope worlds, and repeat the process. You can see yourself getting a profit of 1,000 GP per 10 packs that you open. You can also choose to sell the feathers at 3GP on the Grand Exchange, which may take a few days, but they’ll eventually sell.

Method #6

The most efficient money-making method in F2P is Mining. With just a few early levels, you can make quite a lot of OSRS gold by semi-AFKING. At level 30 Mining, you can start mining Iron Ores for a profit of 20k to 50k GP per hour, for osrs f2p money make. After that, you can start mining Gold at 40 to increase the profit to 50k to 125k per hour, depending on your luck and Mining level.

Method #7

Another infamous money maker is collecting Wines of Zamorak from the Wilderness. The price of the win stands at around 1,500 GP, and you can easily use the Telekinetic Grab spell to make a good hourly profit, for make money in osrs. There are chances to be attacked by Player Killers, so hop worlds as soon as you see one approaching towards you.

The fastest route to get there would be walking from the Edgeville bank (north), towards the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness. It’s recommended that you have 37 Magic to teleport to Falador city and repeat the process.

Method #8

With method #2 in sync, you can collect a good amount of Woad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener, and then speak to Aggie at Draynor Village, for make money in osrs. She’ll give you a Blue Dye in exchange for two Woad Leaves and 5 GP. The cost of a Blue Dye in the Grand Exchange is about 240 GP OSRS. You can make about 60k to 80k per hour through this method.