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​OSRS Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & More Overview


​OSRS Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & More Overview


Today, we’ll be discussing the recent changes in Equipment Rebalancing and Poll No. 76. There’s also an exciting announcement regarding the Jagex Launcher.

Equipment Rebalance: Tier Changes

The RS development team has been adjusting the required skills for specific weapons. The last change that took place for ‘The Scythe of Vitur’ was back in December. But now, they have made the item a Hybrid weapon that requires 90 Strength and 80 Attack. It will allow pure accounts to utilize the weapon for an additional combat level.

Let’s have a look into what is being worked on:

Ghrazi Rapier, Blade of Saeldor’s, and Inquisitor’s Mace’s will now require 80 Attack to wield. Trident of the Swamp, Sanguinesti Staff, Kodai Wand, Nightmare Staff (Base), and Nightmare Staff (Orb Attached) will now require 78, 82, 80, 72, and 82 Magic, respectively.

Similarly, Dragon Hunter Crossbow will now require 70 Ranged, Twisted Bow will require 85 Ranged, and Bow of Faerdhinen will require 80 Ranged and 70 Agility. Other OP items like Dragon Hunter Lance will require 78 Attack, while Scythe of Vitur’s requirement will be replaced with 80 Attack and 90 Strength.

Poll 76 Changes

Clue Scroll

The rarity of 3rd-Age items from Elite Clues will be changed to fit proportionally between the Hard and Master Clue Rewards. This change will affect the existing Clue Caskets, so you may as well hold onto them for now and open them later.

You can also now obtain Clue Scrolls from the Hallowed Sepulchre: Easy Clues (1/50) on Floor 1, Medium Clues (1/50) on Floor 2, Medium Clues (1/25) on Floor 3, Hard Clues (1/50) on Floor 4, Elite Clues (1/60) on Floor 5, and Elite Clues (1/30) from the Grand Coffin.

Bryophyta’s Staff

There’s a huge change made to Bryophyta’s Staff. It is now a F2P (Free-to-play) item, and so are Bryophyta’s Essences. You can craft it by taking the required Essences and 50,000 GP to Zaff, who owns a store in Varrock Square. Another big change is that Mossy and Giants’ Keys are now stackable.

Minor Changes

V’s shield no longer has any negative bonuses to magic or ranged attacks. Its magic defence bonus has been boosted by 5 points. You can now easily toggle the smoke overlay in the Desert’s Smoke Dungeon by clicking the Smoky Well.

Jagex Launcher

RuneLite is now available in the official Jagex Launcher. It’s a convenient way to remember your account details and automatically log into the game. You can switch between the original and RunLite client with ease.

First, visit the following link: and log into your OSRS account. Second, click on the drop-down menu next to the Play or Install Button. Finally, select RuneLite and enjoy!

DMM Re-Run Second Beta

While preparing for the DMM Re-Run Closed Beta, the RS development team encountered issues with player save profiles taken during DMM Reborn. So, to solve the issue, they had pushed the date a little further to May 13th, 2022.

Other Changes

The Revenant Maledictus won’t de-spawn in the middle of the fight anymore. The clapping issue in the Dust Devil Slayer Area, as well as the Player-Owned House Tool Storages, has been fixed.

Toxic Trident’s charge text is replaced to read ‘Toxic Trident’ instead of ‘Weapon.’ The weight of holiday items that are over 1kg has been reduced. When discussing the Desert Achievement Diary, Jarr will no longer speak about the old Pharaoh’s Sceptre max chargers.

Finally, an option has been added to purchase additional bank slots from more Bankers. For instance, Vampyre Bankers in Ver Sinhaza and Darkmeyer, Odovacar in the Larid of Tarn Rozolor, Emerald Benedict at the Rogues’ Den, and Gundai at the Mage Arena Bank.

RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game

RS has partnership-ed with Steamforged Games to bring the magical world of Gielinor to the tabletop. It starts on May 31st, and it’ll only run for 10 days. You can sign up through this link:

Besides that, you can join a Facebook Group to read weekly blogs, get an idea of new cards and minis, as well as chat directly with the developers of the game.

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