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​OSRS Elemental Workshop II Quest Guide

Dec-28-2021 PST


Among the papers and ancient scrolls that are held at the Dig Sit’s Examination Centre, more references to the elemental ore were discovered. A beaten book was uncovered with uses for the ore, but it needs to be decrypted. The decryption will lead you to the depths of the elemental workshop. This quest is a follow-up to the quest ‘Elemental Workshop 1.’ You’ll be discovering many mysteries about the workshop as you solve the puzzles ahead of your journey.

Skill Requirements

· 20 Magic

· 30 Smithing

Quest Requirements

· Elemental Workshop 1

Items Required

· A Pickaxe

· A Hammer

· Elemental Metals x2 (x3 if you want to smith the Mind Shield). Or, you can opt for 2x Elemental Ores and 8x Coal Pieces.

· Battered Key (Elemental Workshop 1).

If you don’t already have elemental bars, then you need enough combat levels to defeat two level 35 Earth Elementals.

To start this quest, you need to visit the Examination Centre that is located south of the Digsite. When you’re there, search the north-facing bookcase (east wall of the south-eastern bookcases) to obtain a Beaten Book that contains a scroll in it (bookmark). Read the scroll and make your way to the Seers’ Village. You’ll need the book further in the quest to make the helmet, so hold onto it.

If you don’t already have the Battered Key, go southwest of the Seers’ Village bank, enter the building, and search the northeast bookcase to obtain a Battered Book and a Battered Key. Now, go to the Workshop that is in the building with the Anvil Icon (the same way you entered in the Elemental Workshop 1).

Once you’re in, go to the northern water elemental room to search the machinery (southwest) and obtain a key that can be used to unlock the main room’s hatch. You won’t get the option if you don’t read the scroll, and before you head down quickly mine two Elemental Ores from the west room (if you don’t already have some). Also, smelt them into Elemental Metals in the south room.

Now, go to the middle of the room and use the key to open the hatch. Climb downstairs to fix the machinery. You need to first go to the Schematic Crate that is to the south and then take the Crane and Lever Schematics. After that, head back upstairs to use one of the bars on the bench and make the Crane Claw. Don’t make the helmet! Now go downstairs again and pull the southwestern lever near the Old Crane, and then use the crafted claw on the crane.

Take the small stairs to your west to reach the upper level, and then open the Junction Box to your west so that you can work on the pipes. You’ll need to arrange them as shown in the picture.

For the other two parts, you’ll need to search the creates in are downstairs and upstairs. The pieces that you’ll find are Small Cog, Medium Cog, Large Cog, and Piece of Pipe (located randomly for every player). Only certain crates contain the items, such as the double-stacked crates near the large exit staircase on the bottom floor, the single crate northwest of the down stairwell, the double-stacked eastern crates that are west of the water valve, the southeast double-stacked crates, and the ones near the schematic’s crate. On the upper levels, search the double-stacked crates that are southeast above the Old Crane, and the double stacked crates northwest of the Junction Box.

Once you have the three cogs and piece of pipe, you can stop looking. Also, if you lose an item, you can get it back from the very same crate you found it in first.

Now, use the pipe on the broken pipe area upstairs (northernmost scaffolding point), and then take the Cogs back down to the Wind Tunnel room (East of the track). On the side of the Wind Tunnel, you will notice three pins, so use the cogs on them. The small one goes on the upper-left pin, the medium one on the lower-left, and the large one on the right.

Here are the steps to operate the machine.

Step 1: Place the Elemental Metal on the Jig Cart.

Step 2: The western lever of the crane will raise and lower it, and the east one will rotate it. So, raise the crane, rotate and lower it to dip it into the lave, and then raise it back up. The bar should be glowing orange now.

Step 3: Rotate the crane back, and then lower it down and raise it again to deposit the bar on the jig.

Step 4: Pull the level that is behind you (yellow sign) to move the cart onto the next station.

Step 5: Now, go to the station yourself and pull the eastern lever (northwest of the yellow sign). This will flatten the bar with the help of a steam press.

Step 6: Go back to the yellow sign level and move the cart onto the next station.

Step 7: If you haven’t fixed the pipe already, go upstairs and use the Piece of Pipe you found in the crates; on the northern pipes. After that, go back downstairs.

Step 8: At the water tank, you will notice an old lever, corkscrew lever, and two water valves. Pull the old level, and then turn the corkscrew level to open the door and pull the cart into the tank. Close the door again with the old lever.


Step 9: Now, open the western valve to notice that the bar has turned blue (cooled down by the water). If it doesn’t happen, then the eastern valve is open.

Step 10: Close the wester valve again, open the eastern one so that the water can pass out, and then close it again.

Step 11: Use the old lever to open the door, turn the corkscrew twice and deposit the cart back on the track. Close the door again and you’ll notice that the cart won’t move forward now while the door is open.

Step 12: Pull the yellow sign level to move the cart onto the next platform.

Step 13: Pull the level next to the sign to turn the fan on, and then turn it back off once the bar turns white.

Step 14: Finally, go back to the advancing level to move the cart again, and then pick up the Primed Bar.

You need to do it twice if you want the Shield.

Now, go down another level to where the two doors are located (mind and body symbol doors). Get into the mind room and place the Primed bar on the Extractor Gun, and then use the Extractor Hat next to it. The bar will now turn into a Primed Mind Bar, and it’ll temporarily lower your magic by 20 levels.

Pick the bar from the Extractor Gun, head back upstairs to the workshop, and then smith a Mind Helmet to complete the quest. Congratulations!

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