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​OSRS Elemental Workshop I Quest Guide

Jan-06-2022 PST


Decades ago, a mineral that had the ability to alter the property of Magic was found. The magicians feared that the effect that it might have on their profession would be bad. So, they sealed the mineral in a workshop forever. In this quest, you will come across a mysterious book in Seers’ Village, which guides you to the discovery of a lost magical mineral known as Elemental Ore.

Skill Requirements

· 20 Mining

· 20 Crafting

· 20 Smithing

Items Required

· A Knife or a slashing weapon that has no poison-related properties.

· A Pickaxe

· A Needle

· Thread

· Leather

· A Hammer

· 4 pieces of Coal

Recommended Items

· Camelot Teleport

· Combat Equipment (If your combat level is low)

Ironman Concerns

· 30 Mining (to mine Coal).

To start this quest, you need to head to the Seers’ Village and walk into the house that is southwest of the bank (indicated by a Quest Icon on the map). Search the bookcases that are on the eastern wall to obtain a book called The Elemental Shield.

The book is about an ore that was found in the Fifth Age. It had the ability to concentrate elemental energy. That’s primarily why a workshop was created in Seers’ Village, where every one of the Craftsmen in Gielinor was called and asked to invent new devices utilizing the elemental ore. But when the destructive potential of the ore was discovered, the workshop had to be closed down, and every detail related to it was destroyed in the process.

Read the book before you use a bladed weapon, such as a Scimitar, Knife, or Dagger to obtain a Battered Key. The reason is that the book will turn into a Slashed Book. Don’t drop the book though, hold onto it. Now, enter the building north that has an Anvil icon, and then use the key on the ‘odd-looking wall’ with a crack. After that, climb down the staircase to enter the workshop.

You need to now head into the northernmost chamber, where there are two water controls (east & west of the water wheel). Turn the eastern one to display green, and then the western one as well. Pull the level near the water wheel to start it.

If you don’t have leather and a needle on you, you can find the leather in the north-western crates (central room), and the needle in the western room crates. Once you have the items, make your way into the eastern chamber to fix the bellows using thread and leather. After that, pull the lever that is next to it so that the bellows can start pumping air.

Go to the western cavern now and try to mine an elemental rock. That’s when the rock will spring to life and attack you. Kill the Earth Elemental creature and pick the remains (elemental ore). If you want to save time while you do Elemental Workshop 2, then you can stay and kill two more. Kill three if you want a Mind Shield after the quest is completed.

You can only awaken an Earth Elemental when you attempt to mine it. Also, one of the Kandarin Dairy Easy tasks is to kill one of each elemental, so that’s optional if you’re willing to complete it. You need to kill a regular Earth Elemental and not the ones that awaken when you attempt to mine them.

Finally, go back to the central chamber and search the north-eastern boxes to obtain a stone bowl. Fill the bowl with a lava trough located within the southern chamber, and then use it on the furnace to the east. The furnace should now glow orange. The furnace doesn’t operate as the regular ones as it’s specifically used to smelt elemental bars.

Use the elemental ore, along with four pieces of coal on the furnace to get Elemental Metal. If a message pops up saying that the furnace needs to be hotter, then go back to the northern and eastern room to check if the water wheel is spinning and the bellows are pumping.

Go back to the centre and use the metal on the workbench to make an Elemental Shield (you need to have the Slashed Book in your inventory). If you can’t make one, then destroy the book and get a new one from the bookcases.

You can make as many shields as you want if you have the battered key, slashed key, 4x coal, and elemental ore on you. These shields can be sold for about 885 gold coins at the Grand Exchange.

Quest Rewards

· One Quest Point

· 5k Crafting EXP

· 5k Smithing EXP

· Unlimited access to the Elemental Workshop.

· Ability to make and wield an Elemental Shield.

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