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​OSRS Desert Treasure Quest Guide

Feb-08-2020 PST


Desert Treasure is a master level quest, with an official length of very long. The Ancient Magicks spellbook is unlocked on completion of this quest. If you have a high magic level, and the protection spells this quest is relatively easy. It is focussed around 4 bosses which each have unique mechanics and weakness', they can be defeated in any order after the first part of the quest is completed. When you defeat each boss you will receive a diamond, you need all 4 diamonds to enter the final pyramid to complete the quest.


The following skill levels are required: 53 thieving, 50 firemaking, 10 slayer (unless you have the gas mask from the Plague City quest) and 50 magic. Only slayer and firemaking levels may be boosted. 43 Prayer is required to make this quest much easier, without it the boss fights can become very complex and may involve needing help from other players.You must have completed the following quests: The Dig Site, Druidic Ritual, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Priest in Peril and Waterfall Quest.

There are many items required for each part of the quest you can either get it all ready now or between each boss as you progress through the quest. This is a list of all items needed for the quest:

12 Magic logs, 6 steel bar, 6 molten glass, ashes, charcoal, a blood rune, bones, chocolate cake, spiked boots, climbing boots (Unless you have the Trollheim Teleport or have completed Eadgar's Ruse then another pair of boots will be needed), garlic, lockpicks (you should bring a few depending on your thieving level), a silver bar, spice (just normal spice, other types will not work), a pestle and mortar, a facemask, slayer helmet or a gas mask, a tinderbox, about 1000+ osrs gp which will include fees for the magic carpet. It's worth knowing that when.

Depending on your skill level/ magic/ combat level some of the following items may be helpful to you, along with some strong recommendations for everyone. High healing food, antidote or antiposions, stamina potions (there is a lot of running in this quest), prayer potions (strongly recommended as many of the boss battles are made much easier with protection spell), super restore potions and ice gloves.

Start of the Quest

Required items: 850 gp, ashes, blood rune, charcoal, bones, 6 molten glass, 12 magic logs, and 6 steel bars.

Recommended items: some waterskins (to protect from heat damage), ring of dueling, stamina potions, 2 shantay passes, antidote or anti-poisons and a digsite teleport.

Once you have your inventory ready head through the shanty pass south of Al-Kharid and travel to the Bedabin Camp using the magic carpet. Talk to the archaeologist when you arrive and once to receive the etchings travel to the dig site, go inside the exam building and talk to the archaeology expert, talk to him twice to receive a translation of the etchings, then return to the archaeologist in Bedabin Camp and give him the translations. Next, remove any “god” items (like zamorak clothing) or you will be attacked, go south to the bandit camp and buy a drink in the pub for 650 gp, then talk to the bartender again, he will tell you about the diamonds of Azzanadra. Go to Elbris afterwards and ask him about the four diamonds, he tells you he needs some items to create the scrying glass. Give him all the required items you bought with you (except the gp). Then head south east to the mirrors on the hill and talk to Elbris there. Now starts the main part of the quest, defeating the 4 bosses and collecting the 4 diamonds. You can defeat the bosses in any order you like.

Ice Diamond

Required items: Chocolate Cake, climbing boots, Trollheim teleport, Spiked boots, food and combat equipment, runes for fire spells (choose the highest fire spell for you magic level), you should also bring many super restore potions, prayer potions and some stamina potions, the area where you fight Kamil is dangerous and will constantly take your health and lower other skill levels.

Starting with the ice diamond, and the boss kamil, which is often considered the hardest boss. Make your way to Trollheim and head north-west, you will find a troll child by a gate, talk to him and then give him some chocolate cake for him to let you through. Once through talk to an ice troll and then you must fight and defeat 5 ice trolls of increasing combat level, using a fire spell is effective here. If you have low health after the battle you can bank and return as the cave entrance to the north that opens will now remain open. Go through the cave entrance and follow the path round, flicking melee protect prayer on and off when wolves are near. You will arrive at an wide opening and Kamil will approach you, using protect from magic initialy will force him to teleport near you, then use protect from melee and manually cast fire spells on him, using super restore, prayer pots and food when needed, Once defeated, follow the path round, equip spiked boots and climb the icy path, go through the gate and then smash the ice which contains the two parents of the ice child. Talk to them and you will receive the ice diamond.

Smoke Diamond

Required Items: 200 gp, tinderbox, facemask, energy/stamina potions, Shantay Pass or gp for it, ice gloves and/or runes for water spells, combat equipment to cast spells and prayer pots for protect from melee.

Make your way to Pollnivneach and making sure you have your facemask equiped enter the smoke dungeon which is located west of the town (make your way around the south side of the mountain then head north to find the entrance). Quickly run to each of the dungeons four corners and light the torch using your tinderbox, you must do this before any other torch goes out. Open the chest in the centre to receive a key then use the key to open the eastern gate where you will face the boss Fareed, fight him using water spells (you must have ice gloves equipped to wield any weapon). Once defeated, take the smoke diamond and leave the dungeon.

Shadow Diamond

Required items: Lockpicks (more the better, especialy if you have a low thieving level, prayer pots, runes for magic attack (unlike other bosses Damis has no weakness to a specific elemental-based spell)

Recommended items: skill necklace to teleport to the fishing guild, amulet of glory to Al-Kharid, shantay pass, antipoisons/ antidotes, good food.

Travel to west of the fishing guild and you will find Rasolo walking around, he will offer you a ring of visibility in exchange for a gilded cross. The ring is needed to enter the shadow dungeon and face the boss Damis. Return to the Bandit Camp with many lockpicks and some anti-poisons (you can bring noted lockpicks and un-note them with the exchange merchant in the town), use the lockpicks on the secure chest in the southern most tent, if you fail you will occasionally be hit with poison. Once opened retrieve the gilded cross and return to Rasolo who will exchange it for the ring of visibility. Once you equip the ring a ladder will appear to your east, go down it and follow the path to the east. Use protect from melee often as there are many monsters down here, eventually you will arrive at Damis, he has three forms and you must defeat all 3 to receive the shadow diamond.

Blood Diamond

Required items: garlic powder (use a pestle and mortar on the garlic), silver bar, spice.

Recommended items: you should also bring some good food for the boss fight and runes for air spell, a few prayer potions and a teleport to Draynor.

Talk to Malak in the Canifis pub. He will agree to give you the blood diamond if you defeat Dessous. Also ask him how to kill him before leaving for Draynor, once there go down the trapdoor just east of the bank next to the jailhouse to enter Draynor sewers, travel north until you find Ruantun and he will make you a silver pot using your items. Next, with the pot travel to Entrana (no weapons or armour are allowed here), enter the church and get your pot blessed. After that return to Malak in Canifis pub, to get the pot filled with blood, which turns out to be your blood, and it will damage you for 5 hp. Add the garlic powder and prepare for battle. Make your way to Morytania graveyard. Use the pot filled with blood on the tomb, when Dessous appears quickly run back behind the fence and safespot him with an air spell, he can't hit with melee attacks so you can just use protect from magic if you have safespotted him correctly. Once defeated return to Malak and receive the blood diamond.

The Pyramid

Required items: All 4 diamonds.

Recommended items: waterskins, anti-poisons, shanty pass, some prayer pots, stamina pots, teleport out of there.

South east of the mirrors (from the first part where you last saw Eblis) you will find a large pyramid and 4 obelisks at each of its corners, place the diamond on their colour-corresponding obelisks, then walk to the top and enter the pyramid. There are four levels of the pyramid each containing a maze and some dangerous, often poisonous enemies inside, you should find a ladder and climb down to the level below, the trick to completing the mazes is to know the direction to run as you end, which from level 1 to 4 are north, east, south and west. When you arrive at the final room in the middle of the fourth maze, speak to Azzanadra who will give you your reward. Congratulations you have now completed the Desert Treasure quest.

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