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​OSRS Deadman Mode Seasonal

Apr-15-2019 PST

Deadman mode is a completely different style of play for Old School RuneScape, and Seasonal Deadman mode awards tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. All player stats and items are reset every three months, with the top 2000 players (XP wise) are invited to the Seasonal Deadman mode tournament. Practically every area of the game is a PvP zone, and dying effectively resets your account. You must be a member to participate in Deadman mode. Read further on in the article to understand more about OSRS Seasonal Deadman mode.

What are the prizes, what’s the point?

First of all, you may think it is harsh to continually reset accounts and simply wipe away your progress. However, the experience gained in Deadman mode is at least 5x (multiplied by five times) the usual you’d get, so the grind isn’t the same at all.

The winner of the tournament will receive a grand prize of $20,000, of real money, which is a life-changing amount. The runner-up will receive $10,000. The third and fourth players will receive $1,000 each. The fifth to 16th players left alive will receive 12 months of membership added to their accounts.  This is all subject to anti-cheating checks (which are done after you’re ranked), if you don’t pass those, you receive nothing. This is, after all, a prize pool of $32,000. And this competition is being run every 3 months continuously, every Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

How do I qualify?

Every few months, the Seasonal Deadman mode world is reset. Everyone starts from a level 3 account. Only the top 2,000 participants are invited to the tournament. All dates will be announced by Jagex and they tend to use different time periods as they feel best.

If you are invited for the tournament, you have less than a week to build your account, from level 3 again. Only a few players (streamers) actually play on-stage. This means huge grinding and a lot of time investment is required to build an account worthy to win, or at the very least, a clan/friends to help you. Barrows is also usually only open on the last day/last few days of the week. Once it’s time for the tournament, fog will be added to the game. If you are in the fog, you will continuously take damage, similar to Battle Royale games. This fog covers more and more of the map, eventually, it gets players to a certain area of the map. During this time, players are trying to kill you. If you die to players or fog (or even monsters) you’re then out of the tournament. The goal of the fog is to get players condensed into one area and fight it out, forcing them to interact and kill each other to have a victor.

How are experience rates modified exactly?

First of all, there is an XP cap present. To explain this, it is best to use Jagex’s own words:

“There is a combat XP cap of 525k per day in Defence, a cap of 700k XP in Ranged, a cap of 1050k XP in Magic OR a cap of 1050k XP per day in Attack and Strength (averaged). Each day resets/begins at 00:00 UTC. This XP cap is cumulative e.g. if a player hadn't earned any combat XP by day 4 they would be able to gain 4 days worth of XP.”

Training non-combat skills in a guarded area (a city) will give you 5x XP. Training combat skills in a guarded area will give you 10x XP. For dangerous areas, add +5 to those multipliers aforementioned. You will receive a 50x rate multiplier if you are retraining any stats you lost on death.

How does PVP in Deadman Mode Seasonal work?

In OSRS Deadman Mode Seasonal, everything revolves around PvP. You can actually attack any player, anywhere, outside the wilderness. There are ‘safezones’, being cities and towns, where 1337 level guards will attack you and ice barrage freeze you, should you attack another player or even enter as a skulled player.

Once you die, you lose all your stats, aside from 5 protected stats. You can protect 2 combat stats and 3 non-combat stats, of your choice. You can insure your hitpoints level at 25, 50, and 75, so you’ll keep those levels.

In addition, on death, you will also not only lose items on your character, but also from your bank (key drops to your PKer who can also be PKed for that key). You will lose the 10 most valuable stacks of items from your bank and everything you have on you (the 3 protected items rule doesn’t apply). You will only lose 80% of an items’ stack if you have more than five of the said item.


As you can tell, OSRS Seasonal Deadman mode is unlike anything else you’ll have seen in the game. It requires completely different strategies and for you to be able to PK and escape from those trying to PK you as necessary. As long as you have a plan and your friends, you should be fine and have plenty of fun! By the way, RSGoldFast offer Seasonal Deadman mode gold, RuneScape gold and other products, enjoy here.