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​OSRS Daddy's Home Guide

Aug-25-2022 PST


A mini-quest was released with the Mahogany Homes minigame update. In this quest, you need to help Marlo’s Father refurnish his disastrous house.

Items Required

· 10 Planks (Oak, Teak, Mahogany Planks won’t work)

· 5x Bolts of Cloth (You can purchase some from the Sawmill for 650 GP)

· 16x Nails (100x if you’re at Construction level 1)

· Hammer

· Saw

· 3x Waxwood Planks (Made during the quest)

Recommended Items

· Varrock Teleport

· Stamina/Energy Potions

· Lumberyard Teleport


You can start the quest by talking to Marlo, who is located in the house (same as the Varrock Estate Agent) in northeast Varrock. He’ll ask you to do an off-the-books favor for him by helping his father refurnish a recently acquired house.

He will later direct you to speak with Old Man Yarlo in southeast Varrock (southwest of Aubury’s Rune Shop). You can grab the saw on the ground before leaving the building where Marlo is located.

Yarlo’s House

Speak to the Old Man, and he’ll ask you to remove the old furniture in the house (chair, carpet, two tables, two stools, and his camp bed). Right-click for the remove option to appear.

Once that’s done, talk to him again and you’ll be given an option to view a cutscene that shows the wonders of the Construction skill. After that, the Old Man will ask you to make him a piece of new furniture.

You can build everything except the bed as it required a special type of wood. Search the crates in the kitchen to get three Waxwood Logs, and take them to the Sawmill to convert them into planks.


Capet requires 3 Bolts of Cloth, 2 Wooden Stools require 2 Planks & 4 Nails, 2 Wooden Tables require 6 Planks & 8 Nails, Wooden Chair requires 2 Planks & 2 Nails, and lastly, Waxwood Bed requires 3 Waxwood Planks & 2 Bolts of Cloth.

Wrapping Up

Since the Sawmill Operator knows the Old Man Yarlo well; he won’t charge you a fee for converting the logs into planks.

Now, head back to the Old Man’s house and build the remaining furniture. After that, speak to him again and he’ll thank you for your service.

Finally, return to Marlo to complete the quest and claim your reward.


· 400 XP in Construction (additional 544 while building the furniture).

· P.O.H (Player-Owned House) in Rimmington, or 1,000 OSRS GP if you already own one.

· Marlo’s Crate, containing 25x Planks, 50x Mithril Nails, 5x Steel bars, 10x Oak Planks, 8x Bolts of Cloth, 5x House Teleports, and a Falador Teleport. If you round off the value, you’ll get about 25,000 GP worth of 07runescape items.