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OSRS Crafting Guide 2019

Feb-25-2019 PST

The Ultimate 1-99 Crafting Leveling Guide

In this guide, we'll show you in full detail how to get from level 1 to 99 Crafting. We’ll show you three ways on how you can level your Crafting up all the way to level 99. We’ll give you a cheap, medium, and expensive/fast method so you can  choose what suits you best.

What’s Crafting and what do you use it for?

Crafting is one of the first skills in Runescape, the Crafting skill got released on 8 May 2001. With Crafting you can create items in Runescape such as pottery, jewelry, and armor. It's a free-to-play skill but there are some items which will require you to have membership in order to be able to craft the item.

You can create all sort of items with the Crafting skill. This could be armor such as dragon-hide or snakeskin armor, but that’s not all. You can also craft jewellery such as rings, amulets, bracelets, necklaces, but you can also use Crafting for spinning, weaving, pottery, and the list goes on.

Quests that reward Crafting experience

If you enjoy questing, you can also gain some Crafting experience by completing quests. This can be handy when you’re focussing on questing but also want to gain some Crafting experience. Quest rewards won’t give you tremendous amounts of experience, but it can be beneficial at lower levels. Below you can see all quests that reward you Crafting experience.

The cheapest way to level 99 Crafting

Level 1 - 20 Cutting Opals

At level 1 Crafting you want to start off with cutting opals. You need to use a chisel on uncut opals in order to cut them, when you cut one opal you receive 15 Crafting experience. While cutting opals, you have a chance to accidentally crush the opal into a crushed gem, but nevertheless this is still one of the best ways to get your Crafting up to 20. Uncut opals are about 239 coins right now, and the cut version sells for approximately 308 coins. I recommend buying about 600 opals to get from 1 to 20, and you'll get this in approximately 20 minutes.

Level 20 - 46 Cut Sapphires

At level 20 to level 46 you should cut sapphires. You'll need to cut approximately 1200 sapphires in order to reach level 46. Just like cutting opals, you do this by using a chisel on the uncut sapphires to cut them. An uncut sapphire costs about 859 coins, and a cut sapphire costs about 486 coins. The total costs of getting to level 46 Crafting by cutting sapphires, will be around 400.000 GP. You'll get approximately 125.000 XP per hour.

There are more than one ways to get to level 87 from level 46. Please read them thoroughly so you can personally choose what method you like the most!

Level 46 - 87 Continue Cutting Sapphires

The first method to get to level 87 Crafting is by simply continuing cutting sapphires. You'll need to cut approximately 78.000 sapphires in order to reach level 87. This is a lot more expensive than the next method, unpowered orbs, but you'll get about 1/3 more XP per hour. It'll cost you about 25M to cut sapphires all the way to 87.

Level 46 - 87 Unpowered Orbs

The second method is crafting unpowered orbs from level 46 to 87. The price of an unpowered orb is right now approximately 79 coins. You'll need to craft 70.000 unpowered orbs in order to reach level 87 Crafting. As mentioned before, this is a lot cheaper than the cutting sapphires method, because this method will cost you only 9M, so you'll save 16M when you choose for this method. Though, you'll get less XP per hour, around 80.000 XP per hour when you cut unpowered orbs.

Level 58 - 87 Cutting Diamond Bracelets

The last method to get to 87 is cutting diamond bracelets. I personally recommend this method the most out of the three methods. When cutting diamond bracelets to level 87 Crafting, you need to craft approximately 41.000 bracelets to reach level 87. This will only cost you 6M, so you'll save a lot more GP in comparison with the other 2 methods. The XP per hour rate is around 90.000 XP to 100.000 XP per hour, which isn't too bad as it only costs you 6M GP.

If you want you can continue with this method all the way to level 99, but there's actually a faster and cheaper method than that. Jump to the next method to find out!

Level 87-99 Light Orbs

One of the methods to reach level 99 Crafting is by crafting empty light orbs. You'll need to craft approximately 140.000 orbs in order to reach level 99. This will cost you only 18M from 87 to 99 and will get you about 120.000 XP per hour. You can craft these empty light orbs by attaching a cave goblin wire to molten glass.

Level 74-99 Dragonstone Bracelets

The alternative which is a bit cheaper, is to craft dragonstone bracelets from level 74 to 99, costing you only 10M to get to 99 Crafting and a 140.000 XP per hour. Now you're probably thinking, why not just use this method instead of the light orbs which are double the price almost. Well, the Grand Exchange prices are really unstable for dragonstones, and the supply for them are really low, so it's really hard to get your hands on a lot of dragonstones for a good price.

The medium method to level 99 Crafting

The medium method to level 99 Crafting costs you around 100M, but this method is a lot faster than the methods listed above. It's all personal choice, but if you're willing to spend 100M to get to level 99 Crafting faster, but still don't want to pay the jackpot then you should probably choose this method.

Level 20 - 66 Cut Sapphires

Just like in the other methods you’ll need to cut sapphires too. In order to get to level 66 Crafting by cutting sapphires, you’ll need to cut a bit more than 7500 sapphires by using a chisel. This will cost you a little over 2.7M GP.

Level 66 - 99 Air Battle-staves

Last but not least, this last of what this method consists of is crafting air battlestaves from level 66 to level 99. You'll need to craft about 90.000 battlestaves in order to reach level 99 Crafting. This will cost you approximately 100M GP, so you'll need to have a decent bank in order to use this method. This method gives you about 350.000 XP per hour.

The fast and expensive method to level 99 Crafting

Level 20 - 63 Cut Sapphires

After reaching level 20 Crafting, the fastest way to level your Crafting skill up is by cutting Sapphires. You’ll need to cut approximately 7300 sapphires which you can do by using a chisel on an uncut sapphire. The total costs of getting your Crafting from level 20 to 63 will be approximately 2.5M OSRS Gold. You’ll get around 125.000 XP per hour.

Level 63 - 71 Green Dragonhide Bodies

When you reach level 63 Crafting, you want to continue crafting green dragonhide bodies up to level 71 Crafting. You’ll need to craft approximately 2500 green dragonhide bodies. This will cost you about 4M GP and will get you 300.000 XP per hour.

Level 71 - 84 Blue Dragonhide Bodies

When you’re done crafting 2500 green dragonhide bodies, you want to start crafting blue dragonhide bodies. You’ll need to craft about 10.000 blue dragonhide bodies. This will cost you around 20M GP and will get you 350.000 XP per hour.

Level 84 - 99 Black Dragonhide Bodies

Next you’ll have to craft 39.000 black dragonhide bodies. This is quite expensive but it will give you a lot of experience: 430.000 XP per hour. The costs of crafting 39.000 black dragonhide bodies will be approximately 105M GP.

Where to get the Crafting skillcape?

If you’ve finally reached level 99 Crafting, congratulations! You can now buy your Crafting skillcape from the Master Crafter. You can find the Master Crafter inside the Crafting Guild. Look at the image below to see how to get to the Crafting Guild.