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​OSRS Cooks' Guild Overview


​OSRS Cooks' Guild Overview


The Cooks’ Guild or some would like to call it the Cooking Guild, is a guild for master chefs. It is located in a windmill that is west of Varrock. You’ll need at least 32 Cooking to enter the guild, and you must wear one of the following items – Golden Chef’s or Chef’s Hat. Cooking Cape, Cooking Hood, or Max Cape. Varrock Armor 3 or 4. Once you’re inside the guild, you are free to remove the mentioned items.

How do you get there?

You can walk from Varrock city or the Grand Exchange. You can use the Skills Necklace to directly teleport outside the guild. You can use the Skull Sceptre to get to the Barbarian Village and walk east. You can use an Amulet of Glory to get to Edgeville and head south, and then east. Finally, you can use the Chronicle teleport to teleport outside the Champion’s Guild and then run north from there.

The Exterior

Right behind the Cooking Guild, there’s a wheat field accessible by players. You don’t need to have entry privileges to the guild to enter the fields. There’s also a crop circle that can be used to teleport to Puro-Puro.

The 1st Floor

The Head Chef is located on the first floor of the guild, and he’s the NPC that provides you with all the information about it. Members who have 99 Cooking can buy their Accomplishment Cape here for 99,000 GP.

You’ll also come across Romily Weaklax, who is the owner of a Pie Shop. You can speak to him to receive tasks for which you’ll be paid upon completion.

There’s a sink on the first floor, and the flour bin right next to it contains 30 ground grains. It can fill up to 30 Empty Pots, which then results in Pots of Flours.

Besides that, there’s a bank and a range that is accessible to members who have 99 Cooking or have completed Varrock Diary (Hard). Members who have already unlocked the access can use the range in F2P (Free-to-play) worlds. Lastly, you can pick up spawned Chocolate Bars from the northern table on the first floor.

The 2nd Floor

There are two ranges and tables on the second floor that contains Pie Dish, Bowl, and Cake Tin, and spawns 2 Cooking Apples. There’s a Churn near the eastern wall that can be used by P2P players to make dairy products like Cheese, Cream, and Butter.

The second floor is popular for its apples. The primary reason why players love to cook Apple Pies here is that it contains every item requires to make it from scratch.

The 3rd Floor

The third floor has a hopper that you can use to add your grains and make flour. You need to pull the nearby level to operate it. You cannot ground it anymore if the bin on the first floor is full, so make sure you frequently empty it.

There are tables on the third floor that spawns Grapes, Pot, Jug, and Cooking Apple. The floor is primarily used to make flour, but it’s also popular among the Win makers as it has every item required to make wine.

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