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OSRS Cooking Money Making Methods

Jun-12-2023 PST


Cooking is known to be the easiest 99 in Old School RuneScape. You are required to have little to no investment to train the skill, which is primarily why it is commonly targeted by players as the first 99 to achieve. In the following guide, we will be listing down the best method to make money with cooking.

Ticking Karambwan Cooking

The tick manipulation method is the fastest and the most efficient way to gain levels and make a profit. With cooking Karambwans, you can gain about 1M XP and make about 800K OSRS Gold per hour. However, the profit will entirely depend on where your cooking level stands because you need level stop burning them.

AFK Karambwan Cooking

There are many players who prefer the tick manipulation method, but there are also players who can’t stand the click-intensiveness of it. That’s why the vast majority of the players on OSRS prefer cooking and earning OSRS GP while being AFK, for cooking money making osrs. You need 30 to start Cooking Karambwans; however, level 90+ is recommended so that you don’t burn your supplies. You can make about 230K per hour through this method.

Cooking Dark Crabs

Dark Crabs offer the same profit as cooking Karambwans, but the only difference is that you are required to have a higher level to cook them (level 90). It’s recommended that you first max out your cooking skill and have the skill cape equipped to stop burning Dark Crabs. You can make about 270K per hour through this method.

Cooking Sharks

Old School RuneScape players who want to feel nostalgic during their gameplay and training can consider cooking Raw Sharks, which also offers a significant amount of profit. The method is AFK, and you can make about 165K per hour through it. It’s recommended that you start cooking sharks at level 89, even though you unlock the ability at 80.

Cooking Plain Pizza

Cooking Pizza is entirely different from the other cooking methods, for cooking money making osrs. The reason? Well, it’s because you have to combine various ingredients instead of simply cooking a fish on a range of fire. You’ll need a Pizza Base, Cheese, and Tomato to complete the process, which will leave you with 9 Pizzas per inventory.

The method is not recommended for players who wish to AFK while making training and making money, but it does have the lowest requirement because you stop burning them at level 68.