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​OSRS Chaos Elemental Guide

Nov-16-2020 PST

A dark cloud with six tentacles that lurks around in the Wilderness. The Chaos Elemental can be found just west of the Rogues’ Castle and is in the members-only section of the Wilderness. You can easily access the area through the Wilderness teleport level in Edgeville or Ardougne. The NPC is mostly killed for its drops like dragon two-handed sword or dragon pickaxe. As it is immune to venom – any items that can inflict venom will only inflict regular poison.

The Chaos Elemental’s attack is projectile and is in a series of different colours. This attack can either be Ranged, Magic or Melee related damage and it is impossible to figure out the damage that will be dealt. Since its attack deals magic damage most frequently, it is suggested that a player always uses protect from magic to reduce the chance of a higher hit. It also has two special attacks. The first one teleports players a short space or several spaces away from it. The second attack unequips up to four items that players are wielding, forcing them to take time to re-equip. These attacks follow the player until impact and can also travel through walls, this prioritises the players' weapon every time.

Bring food such like a curry that leaves the empty bowl in your inventory. If your inventory is full, the elemental will not be able to unequip any of your equipment’s.

However, this method may give a chance to the NPC to turntables and use teleportation or offensive attack instead. So, you should leave at least one inventory space so that the elemental can unequip one of your wielded items.

Player Killers

Player killers may visit the zone where the Chaos Elemental can be battled, all alone or in groups. A decent method of managing player killers is to adhere toward the western walls of the Rogues' Castle, regardless of whether you are jumping or not. Another approach to set yourself up for player killers is to battle the Chaos Elemental inside the dividers of the Rogues’ Castle, so you can undoubtedly run inside the stronghold to log out. A third method to remain safe is remaining as distant from the manor as could be expected under the circumstances, so player killers jumping to discover players inside the mansion may not see you. Remember, in any case, that the assaults of the Chaos Elemental are delivered for different players, regardless of whether you and The Chaos Elemental are well outside of their sight. They may in any case have the option to detect the battle. Player killers regularly utilize low-level scouts, yet in any event, when they don't, they typically bounce worlds to search for players while remaining in the little shed that is connected toward the western walls of the keep, because the NPCs here are not forceful, and they may diminish the opportunity of being focused on themselves by significantly bigger groups.

At whatever point you recognize a player Killer or scout, run up north of the palace divider. It is conceivable to go around this divider to the Obelisk, however, if you dread the player Killer will meet you there, basically hole up behind the dead tree or skeleton and attempt to jump worlds or log out when you can. On the off chance that the player Killer figures out how to find you, there are at any rate three potential approaches to get away: Initially, distinguish whether the player Killer is utilizing tele block or not. If they are not, just attempt to outlive their attacks and rush to the obelisk to teleport to the safe zone. If the player Killer figures out how to tele block you, take a stab at running inside the castle, and close the doors behind you, while advancing toward the steps. By the steps, move all over the steps in an irregular example to confound the player Killer, until you see a lucky opening to either log out or run back out of the castle.

Whenever planned accurately, you can without much of a stretch shake the player Killer from you and log out, additionally eliminating the tele block spell. On the off chance that a group is assaulting you, and you are being solidified and tele blocked simultaneously, have a go at utilizing a similar strategy, as long as you have enough supplies to keep your health up. On the off chance that you are in danger of losing a fourth important thing, consistently organize ensuring your thing over remaining alive. On the off chance that you have a ton of food left, yet little petition focuses, consider simply tolerating your faith and let the player killers have their murder. If you run out of petition before you run out of food, there is little you can do to spare your fourth thing.


The most secure technique for soloing it would be exploiting the hit-and-conceal strategy with the utilization of the trees nearby. This should be possible by pulling in The Chaos Elemental's attention, and then quickly running behind a tree so it can't attack you. Hang tight for its Hitpoint bar to vanish, hit it once, and run back behind the tree. Repeat this until the NPC is dead. This technique should be possible with any Melee weapon. Verac's gear (Full Set) is suggested for quick kills, however, you will have to risk the gear if you get smited by a clan. If you’re not utilizing the hit-and-conceal strategy, using Karil's leather top, Verac's helm and plate skirt with a Crystal shield or Dragonfire shield and a Rune or Armadyl crossbow with Bolts [Ruby (e)] makes it an extremely simple kill. However, be aware of the risks, as there is a good chance that you may come in contact with a player killer(s), so it would be better is you stick with a lower cost gear that you won't mind risking.


Players battling with Melee should take armour with high Melee and Ranged Defence bonus, for example, Dragon or Barrows items, and use Protect from Magic at all times. As there's a solid chance to cross paths with a player killer.

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