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​OSRS Brimhaven Agility Arena Overview

Oct-18-2021 PST


A minigame that is accessible to players for training their Agility. The course is located beneath Brimhaven, and you can start training here from level 1 onwards. The official world for the Brimhaven Agility Course is world 314. It is possible to gain up to 67,000 Agility XP every hour at level 99 Agility because that way you won’t fail any obstacles as you’re maxed out in the skill. If you’re at lower levels, you can expect about 50,000 to 60,000 Agility XP per hour. However, it entirely depends upon the invested time, mouse click, and concentration level.

The Brimhaven Agility Arena is quite different as compared to the other courses. Rather than running laps around obstacles to achieve Agility Tickets, you will have to set the objective to tag Ticket Dispensers for it. The area is located east of Brimhaven, and it is run by Cap’n Izzy No-Beard, who charges about 200 GP to access the arena.

The course has a total of twenty-five pillars, with adjacent pillars being collected through the obstacles. Twenty-four of these pillars have a Ticket Dispenser, and every minute, one of these Dispensers will be activated, permitting you to find your way through the obstacles to reach the Dispenser as quickly as possible. When you first tag a Ticket Dispenser, you won’t gain any tickets, because you only gain a ticket for every Dispenser that is subsequently tagged. Also, if you don’t tag one in time, then following Ticket Dispenser will not grant you any tickets upon tagging.

You can trade the tickets to the NPC called Pirate Jackie the Fruit in exchange for Agility XP, or various other items relating to the skill. You can achieve the best experience rate by completing the Agility obstacles without stopping and waiting for a Ticket Dispenser to activate.

How do you get there?

There are several methods that you can use to get there. However, the best options are; Using the Achievement Diary Cape to teleport directly to Pirate Jackie the Fruit, traveling to Brimhaven using the Spirit Tree, and then running south, or if you have a POH (Player-Owned House) in Brimhaven, you can cast the Teleport to House spell to reach there, and then run east. Alternatively, you can use a Scroll of Redirection on a House Teleportation Tablet and direct it towards Brimhaven. Aside from that, you can take a boat from East Ardougne, Charter Ship to Brimhaven, use an Amulet of Glory to reach Musa Point, and then head west, or use a Grouping teleport to reach the Fight Caves, and then run east through the outer Mor Ul Rek to leave the Karamja Volcano and run west to reach the location.

Clothing & Inventory

It’s recommended that you wear a Weight-Reducing Outfit or Clothing to drop keep your weight at a steady 0 kg or lower. Thus, giving you the advantage in a lower run energy depletion rate. You will also have to wear Karamja Gloves 2, 3, or 4 to get an additional 10% Agility XP bonus from the obstacles in the arena. Similarly, you have to use Gloves 2, 3, or 4 when you are turning the tickets over to the NPC for an additional 10% XP bonus. You can also get a 10% chance of obtaining two tickets at a given time, instead of one with the help of Karamja Gloves 2 or 3 (yes, you don’t need Karamja Gloves 4).

Store 200 GP in your inventory to pay Cap’n Izzy No-Bear to gain access into the Agility Arena. Carry efficient food to restore the HP that you may likely lose after failing an obstacle. A good recommendation would be Summer Pies or Chocolate Cakes. Finally, bring Energy-Restoring items to keep your energy at full so that you can constantly run around the course without slowing down.

The Route

It is of utmost importance that you quickly make your way through the arena to tag an activated Ticket Dispenser in time. Since it takes up a lot of time to cross an obstacle, the easiest and shortest route is not always the quickest one. To get a better idea of the quickest way, you can look into the image attached along with this section of the guide.

Once you have tagged a Ticket Dispenser, head to the nearest Pressure Pad or Floor Spikes as fast as you can. Once you arrive there, cross the obstacle for Agility XP until the next Ticket Dispenser activates. You can also find the quickest routes for Pressure Pads and Floor Spikes in the image attached. As you can see, the purple line is the quickest route of all on most occasions. If your focus is maintained, it’s not practically difficult to tag a Ticket Dispenser in time, so learn your way through with a few tries and you will eventually get a hang of it.

Additional Tips

When you are at lower Agility levels, the experience that you gain from achieving fewer tickets may end up outweighing the value of saving the tickets for a better exchange rate, and that is because a greater level in Agility decreases the chance of failing. Once you are at a higher Agility level, you may benefit by saving the tickets and waiting to exchange them at a higher level, and that is because you will be granted more experience per ticket at the further levels.


The obstacle Blade offers 0 experience, and it has a 4-6 t speed. The obstacle Rope Swing offers 20 experience, and it has a 5-t speed. The obstacle Low Wall offers 8 experience, and it has an 8-t speed. The obstacle Blade offers 0 experience, and it has a 4-6 t speed. The obstacle Plank offers 6 experience, and it has a 9-t speed. The obstacle Balancing Rope offers 10 experience, and it has an 11-t speed. The obstacle Log Balance offers 12 experience, and it has an 11-t speed. The obstacle Balancing Ledge offers 16 experience, and it has an 11.5-t speed. The obstacle Monkey Bars offers 14 experience, and it has a 15-t speed. The obstacle Pillar offers 18 experience, and it has a 16-t speed. The obstacle Pressure Pad offers 26 experience, and it has a 4-t speed. The obstacle Floor Spikes offer 24 experience, and it has a 5-t speed. The obstacle Hand Holds offers 22 experience, and it has a 16-t speed. The obstacle Spinning Blades offers 28 experience, and it has a 5-t speed. The obstacle Balancing Rope offers 30 experience, and it has a 13-t speed.

The measured game ticks are equal to 0.6 seconds, and there’s a 100% success rate to walk on the right plank, which undoubtedly changes every single minute. You can identify the ‘bad’ planks by looking at the missing wood pieces on the side of the planks. Also, if you have 99 Agility, you can walk on the planks without worrying or figuring out the ‘bad’ planks. However, if you do fail the obstacle, it will temporarily drain two of your Agility levels.

Rewards & Experience

For every pillar that you successfully tag in time while it's active, you will be awarded an Agility Ticket. Also, if you have completed the Karamja Elite Diary tasks, you will get an advantage bonus of 10% in receiving two tickets through a single tagged pillar. These tickets can later be traded with the NPC named Pirate Jackie the Fruit for either; Agility XP or various related items.

If you trade a bunch of tickets at once, the experience that you receive per ticket will increase. Also, if you are wearing Karamja Gloves 2, 3, or 4, you will gain 10% more XP for every ticket. Let me give you an example to clear things out – If you exchange one ticket at a time, you will receive 240 base XP per ticket, and if you do it with Karamja Gloves 2, 3, or 4, you will receive 264 XP. But if you exchange 10 tickets at a time, you will get 272.8 or 248 XP per ticket with or without Karamja Gloves, respectively. In the same manner, 25 tickets at a time will get you 260 or 286 XP per ticket, 100 tickets at a time will get you 280 or 308 XP per ticket, and 1,000 tickets will get you 320 or 352 XP per ticket.

Pirate Jackie the Fruit

Other than receiving Agility experience in exchange for tickets, Pirate Jackie the Fruit also has a few other items in stock, such as Toadflax Herb, Snapdragon Herb, Graceful Outfit Recolor, and Pirate’s Hook, costing 3, 10, 250, and 800 Agility Arena Tickets, respectively.

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