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​OSRS Blast Furnace Guide


​OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

Blast Furnace was a minigame initially designed in 2005, and ever since then, has had a monumental and revolutionary impact. In Old School RuneScape, whether you desire to make money or gain experience in Smithing, Blast Furnace continues to remain the meta method. 

Throughout the guide, we’ll explore the requirements, how to actually do the minigame, and the best pathways for-profit and experience. One of the main advantages of Blast Furnace is that it consumes only ½ of the coal in contrast to the regular smelting process.


The first and most important requirement is that you must have membership! Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no way to access the minigame without being a member. You must also complete the quest ‘The Giant Dwarf’. This quest can be quite long (shorter if you have unlocked teleportation methods such as Fairy Rings) but is absolutely worth it just for Blast Furnace. Here are the requirements for the quest: 12 Crafting, 14 Thieving, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic.

The relationship between The Giant Dwarf and Blast Furnace is quite interesting. You do not have to complete the quest; you must merely start it until you gain access to the kingdom of Keldagrim. From there, you need to speak to the Foreman, and he’ll grant you access from then onwards. The location is the basement of this building in Keldagrim (where the quest takes you to):

Once you have started The Giant Dwarf, you also have access to the minigame teleport that you can use every 20 minutes. This prevents any unnecessary and complicated travel using minecarts.

There’s no strict requirement for a Smithing level. However, if you are below level 60, you must pay the Foreman 2,500 osrs gold every 10 minutes to use the furnace.

Another consideration is that oftentimes, bars will be too hot to extract from the conveyor belt. Therefore, you will need to bring a bucket, and fill it with water from the underground source. That’s pretty tedious though - you can obtain ice gloves, wearing them will provide an infinite and instantaneous source to instantly cool any heated bars. You can obtain ice gloves from the Ice Queen, who’s underground in the White Wolf Mountain. You will need at least level 50 Mining to reach her, and she is level 111. Don’t be fooled by her combat level though: using Protect from Melee allows you to effectively take zero damage.

It goes without saying, but you’ll need to stock up on ores and coal for whatever bars you’d like to smelt. Each ore has a different ore to coal ratio, but this will be explored later on in the guide. You will also need to have 72,000 gold coins for each hour you’d like to use the Blast Furnace. You place this money in the coffers, and it’s automatically deducted by workers who will operate the mechanics on your behalf. If you choose to operate the furnace yourself, it is simply worth pursuing other methods. It reduces both your profit and experience worse and is significantly more complicated to operate. The 72,000 coins will be outweighed by the millions you can make hourly from the profit route. Switch to a designated Blast Furnace world, and the workers will be present there for you.

To be optimal, wearing a Graceful Outfit will help (ores can be heavy), alongside stamina potions. Otherwise, you will have to wait for your energy to recuperate every now and then. That reduces your time actually being able to skill and produce bars. Even if you are pursuing the profit method, use stamina potions, as you will make more in the long run.

How to use the Blast Furnace

Using the Blast Furnace is quite simple. It doesn’t come with many variations, so once you’ve learnt it once, you’ve mastered it The bank chest is located on the east side of the underground location, from there, withdraw the correct ratio of coal to ore. If you don’t have Ice Gloves, you will need to reserve 1 slot for a bucket of water.

Place your coal and ore up on the conveyor belt, then grab them from the dispenser below. Then head back to your back chest.

Profit Route

The profit route is a very fun journey to take. Not only will you be increasing your bank value, but you’ll be gaining experience at a reasonable rate. It’s one of the most rewarding pathways in terms of the balance between profit and experience in OSRS.

· From level 30-70, smith Steel bars. This requires a 1:1 ratio of Iron ore: Coal. You will earn around 500,000 gold per hour and gain 80,000 Smithing experience per hour.

· From level 70-85, smith Adamantite bars. The ratio here is 1:4 for Adamantite ore: Coal.  You will be rewarded with around 900,000 GP per hour and 100,000 experience/hour.

· Level 85-99, Runite bars. Similar to Adamantite bars, the ratio is 1:4 for Runite ore compared to Coal. The profit is roughly 1.5 million GP per hour, and you’ll gain about 120,000 Smithing experience on an hourly basis.

Experience Route

The experience route is actually the simplest route. The way to effectively gain experience is to smelt gold bars. You will need to wear goldsmith gauntlets whilst the experience is being rewarded for smelting to you, and then switch back to ice gloves. The goldsmith gauntlets are what makes this method lucrative in terms of experience. Wearing the gauntlets will more than double the experience gained for smelting gold ore. To obtain the goldsmith gauntlets, you must complete Family Crest and choose the reward of the gauntlets.  You do not need any coal to smelt gold bars.

You will need at least 40 Smithing and will pursue this method until level 99, gaining around 400,000 experience per hour. That means you can effectively reach level 99 within 30 hours - pretty darn quick! Good luck!

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