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​OSRS Best Ranged Weapons

Jan-02-2023 PST


OSRS has shifted back to its roots, and it has become an even better platform to play on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a returning player or a newcomer, because the shift is guaranteed to offer a good time.

Being a popular MMORPG, your gathered weapons, gear, and combat style play a vital role in how you advance in the game. So, if you’re into Ranged, then the guide is perfect for you because we’ve listed down the most powerful Ranged weapons in 2022.

Dwarf Multi-Cannon

What parts fear into the hearts of monsters? A massive cannon that can blast them away. The Dwarf Multi-Cannon is not a weapon that can be wielded but set up on the battlefield. It acts as a supplement to the primary fighting method.

You can obtain a Dwarf Multi-Cannon after completing the Dwarf Cannon quest, which permits you to purchase the parts. It offers a maximum damage output of 30 with normal Cannonballs, and 35 with Granite Cannonballs. It’s worth noting that there are some areas where you can’t set up a cannon.

Dorgeshuun Crossbow

A remarkable weapon with many benefits. One of the major perks of utilizing the Dorgeshuun Crossbow is that you can wield a shield in the other hand (a one-handed weapon). The ammunition isn’t that expensive, and it’s also powerful at the same time.

It has a special attack that lands a guaranteed hit on the enemy. The Crossbow is known to be the lightest one in the game, and you can acquire it by completing the Lost Tribe quest.

Black Chinchompas

Black Chins can be obtained by trapping them through the Hunter skill. You can weaponize these cute critters by wielding them, which is worth the effort because they act like grenades that are thrown as fast as darts. In a 3x3 area, you can hit up to 12 targets at the same time. Since they are living creatures, they run away if you end up dying (you cannot retrieve them).

Magic Short Bow

Even though the requirement to acquire a Magic Short Bow is tedious, it’s worth the time and effort. You can make one by fletching a Magic Short Bow (u), and then attaching a Bowstring to it. You can also obtain it from the Hard Clue chest rewards, or by killing Spiritual Rangers (God Wars Dungeon).

It’s one of the only few Short Bows that has a special attack. It fires two arrows in rapid succession, but at a cost of reduced accuracy. Its true potential can only be brought forward when used with Amethyst Arrows. It’s a popular weapon to use during PVP scenarios.

Crystal Bow

You can only get your hands on this beauty if you’re a friend of the Elves, which means you need to complete the Roving Elves quest to acquire it. Besides that, you need 50 Agility and 70 Ranged.

It holds the ability to attack without needing any real ammunition, and the Crystal Bow is popular for its accuracy and long-range attacks. Since it’s a Crystal weapon, there are chances for the Crystal Bow to degrade.

Craw’s Bow

You can obtain the Craw’s Bow by slaying Revenants within the Revenant Caves. The bow is counted towards an Armadyl weapon within the God Wars Dungeon. Similar to the Crystal Bow, Craw’s Bow can generate its own ammunition, but as long as you keep it charged with Revenant Ether. It holds the same stats as the Magic Short Bow, but it has no special attack.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Dragon Hunter Crossbow is a popular weapon to take down dragons. Dragons are the most dreadful creatures in the game to face in a 1 Vs 1 battle. The Crossbow has a Dragon Bane effect attached to it, which deals additional damage to any creature who is a part of the Dragonkin family. You can’t use Long Kebbit and Kebbit Bolts cannot be used with this weapon.

Armadyl Crossbow

Another weapon on the list that holds the Armadyl trait is the Armadyl Crossbow, for osrs gear. It’s the only bow that offers Prayer bonuses with remarkable Attack Accuracy, Range, and Speed.

It has a special attack called Armadyl Eye which doubles your accuracy for a single shot. Similar to Craw’s Bow, Armadyl Crossbow is counted as an Armadyl weapon within the GWD (God Wars Dungeon).

Toxic Blowpipe

The Toxic Blowpipe holds a 24% chance to venom your targeted foe, and if you’re wearing the Serpentine Helm along with it, then the percentage increases to 100%, for osrs gear. During PVP scenarios, the attack speed of the weapon shifts to 3, while originally holding a speed of 4 against monsters.

Twisted Bow

Twisted Bow can either be obtained in the form of a reward from the Chambers of Xeric raid or by purchasing it from another player, for osrs best ranged gear. The item is the costliest, and most powerful Ranged weapon in the game.

It can fire any type of arrows, with Amethyst Arrows being your best bet as it works perfectly with the Twisted Bow, for osrs best ranged gear. Its accuracy and damage increase as the enemy’s Magic level gets higher, making the weapon stand out amongst the others.