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​OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide


​OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

This quest is about an archaeologist who is in search of her next big thing. She has a belief that there’s an entrance that leads to ancient underground ruins, located west of the Ice Mountains. However, the entrance is sealed and she needs the help of her old crew to break it. But she cannot leave the entrance area, as she needs to lay claim on it, or someone else will. So, you’ll have to help her get the group back together for this one last gig. The crew consists of three other people, Burntof who is an old dwarf expert in demolition, Checkal, who is a heavy weight lifter, and Marley, who is a cunning thief that can disarm traps.

They can together easily break into the ancient ruins, but persuading them to do so is not an easy task because the gang isn’t comfortable working with each other again, and there’s no telling what the archaeologists’ real intentions are. Let’s see how this works out!

Quest Requirements

· 16 Quest Points

Items Required

· Cooked Meat (You can obtain it during the quest)

· Bread

· 3 Gold Coins or a Beer, which can be obtained during the quest. Alternatives to the beer include Asgarnian Ale, Wizard’s Mind Bomb, or a Dwarven Stout. The following will not work: Bandit’s Brew, Cider, Asgoldian Ale, Chef’s Delight, Gnome Cocktails.

· Knife

· A Pickaxe and at least 10 Mining.

Recommended Items

· Combat Bracelet

· Teleports to Falador

· Weight Reducing Clothes

· A good weapon

· Amulet of Glory

· Teleports to Varrock

· Skull Sceptre

· Energy / Stamina Potions

· Defensive Gear (If your combat level is low).


Enough combat level to defeat a level 25 NPC called Ancient Guardian. However, it is optional.

To start this quest, you must first speak to Willow, who can be found south of the Dwarven Mine, just by the entrance of the Ice Mountain. She is an archaeologist, and she will bring it to your notice that she has found several doors under a tonne of rocks. She will then ask for your help because she cannot leave the area, as someone else may find it and take all the credit for themselves. Agree on helping her, and she’ll ask you to talk to the members of her old crew. They were called the excavation team and were falling out because of Willow herself. The team included Burntof, Checkal and Marley. You can talk to them in any order, it doesn’t matter.


Checkal is a strong weight lifter, who is located in the centre of the Barbarian Village. The village is located south of Edgeville, east of Falador, and west of Varrock, so you can reach there by teleporting to any of the nearby areas. Speak to him, and he’ll agree to join on one condition, which is to prove your strength by training with one of his old mates called Atlas. Atlas is located in The Long Hall in the Barbarian Village. Speak to him, and he’ll agree to train you. Now, a cutscene will begin showing the training regimens, and once it ends, you’ll unlock the Flex emote. Before you go back to Checkal, grab a beer and meat from one of the tables if you don’t already have those items. Speak to Checkal, and when you’re promoted, simply use the Flex emote and he’ll agree on helping Willow out.  


Burntof is a master of explosives, who is located in the Rising Sun Inn in the city of Falador. Speak to the drunk dwarf and he’ll ask you for a drink. If you haven’t picked up a beer from the Barbarian Village, or if you don’t already possess one, then purchase it from the nearby bartender and give it to Burntof. He will agree on joining you, only if you beat him in a game of rock, paper and scissors. There’s no strategy to this, so use any sign that you feel fit. He’s going to agree to help Willow out in the end anyway because he’s too drunk to notice who wins.



Even though Willow suggests that you talk to Charlie the Tramp, near the southern entrance of Varrock to find out where Marley resides, you can just skip the conversation and head to the ruins, south of the Edgeville Bank to find him. He will demand a Steak Sandwich from the Blue Moon Inn in exchange for helping Willow out. He can’t go there himself because he has been banned from the Inn and the cook will never make one for him again. Blue Moon Inn is located in the south-central area of Varrock. Go there and speak to the cook, located in the eastern room of the Inn. He will straight refuse to make a Steak Sandwich because of some stealing issues that had occurred recently. However, he will tell you the art of making a Steak Sandwich, which having bread in your inventory while using a knife on some cooked meat. Once you have the sandwich, go back to Marley and he’ll agree on helping Willow.

The Ruins


Once you have assembled all the crew members, head back to the entrance of the Ice Mountain, where you first talked to Willow, and speak to her. The crew will now begin their operation, Checklal will move the debris, Burntof will blow up the rocks and Marley will start disabling all the traps. Now, a turn in the story occurs where Willow reveals that they’re not a crew of Archaeologists, but grave robbers, who are in the hope to find some valuable loot. You cannot risk telling the authorities about it, because then they’ll have to kill you, so you choose to keep quiet about it. During your conversation with Willow, Burntof accidentally sets off a trap and awakens the Ancient Guardian. A cutscene begins, where all the four members flee, and once the cutscene is over, get ready to defeat the guardian.

The Ancient Guardian is only level 25, so it's easy if you have a good combat level, armour and weapon. But if you lack the levels, mind the four pillars in the corner of the room to cause rocks to fall from above. This will damage the golem, and help you defeat it. Another way is to use the safe-spot near the exit of the ruins (East wall). Once you defeat the guardian, loot the items from Willow’s bag that was left behind. Suddenly the door that leads deeper into the mountains start to open and a dwarf named Ramarno appears from within. Ramarno is one of the dwarves who has survived the Rune Crafting Crusades and has been living inside the Ruins of Camdozaal ever since. And with that, the quest will be complete!

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